Skettis? (BadLuck)

Brought to you by someone with personal experience with tummy hurties.

Once again, this is a mockery of a trope, not an insult to writers or artists.


It’s weirdly wholesome. Now I’d like a fluffy mummah educating her daddeh in fluffspeak. Not even her knowing why she knows that.


I love this too much, especially because of the simplified drawing, I don’t know, it fascinates me.

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That fluffy sure knows how to suck the little joys out of life.

She should consider this:


Personally I go for pasta made from cornflour. But zucchini, carrots and other veggies slided thinly like spaghetti is also a great choice for tummies with IBS and other bowel issues. That goes for both humans and fluffies I reckon.

Love the verbal information slap, @BadLuck :grin:

May I ask why no tomato sauce or meatballs?

Tomatoes are a FODMAP, and most meatballs are made with red meat, a known intestinal irritant (plus fluffies are generally accepted to be herbivores, so meat would be bad for them anyways)


In my head the fluff speak is still there, but this is what the intended message is. If fluffies spoke normally, not only would I hate them a lot less, they would also be very uninteresting to me.

These comics are a happy medium.

May I suggest the alicorn fear trope next?

Fucking, KICK!

(… sry, just my reflex for most things…)


i am not letting you near my lego collection


Oddly specific, who hurt you dude?

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Look at the comments on the abuse version they did. People got hella offended and threw temper tantrums



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Not really hurt, more like annoyed. Several people got butthurt and tried to accuse me of being a rabid abuse hater when I made fun of a trope that shows up in abuse stories.


Everyday I learn something new in this community.
For example what the hell FODMAPs are.

Its funny and part creepy, imagine your fluffy start talking clear words informatively.


“This is a recorded message from Hasbio. We have been trying to reach you about your fluffy’s extended warranty.”


wasn’t your very first comic about you saving a pillowfluff by almost killing an abuser? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
and wasn’t the whole reason that picture exists is you getting angry at OC for enjoying the denial of gilbert’s needs too much?

First of all. The Meta is largely meant to make fun of community clichés, including the prominence of overpowered self-inserts, so my persona being a violent hugboxer is kind of the point. It’s supposed to be ironic.

Secondly, the incident you’re referring to reminded me of a similar trope, which inspired me to make the initial image. There was no “getting angry” involved in its creation, even if there was a bit of a skirmish in the comments. It was a “this thing reminded me of a related thing”… thing.


“This message will now self-destruct.”

“Wait what-”