Sky Part 1 [VanDerHagen]

A light blue and plump mare was nestled haphazardly into a moist cardboard box behind some fast food joint. The soon-to-be mother, affectionately named Sky by her mom, had plopped herself down in the “house” before she got too big to move at all. Normally fluffies still have some range of motion while pregnant, but Sky was practically bursting at the seams. Her special friend, a dark green stallion named Ball, yes really, had wandered off to find something sweet for his partner instead of the greasy trash she had been eating. That was a while ago though, and Sky could feel the pangs of hunger in her stomach.

“Huuuu… Pwease come back speshew fwien… Babbehs am hungwy…” Sky mumbled, looking into the treeline where her mate had disappeared. A pimple-faced guy came through the backdoor to take out the trash and walked by the fluffy. He had told his manager about it, but she was some old bat with a soft spot, so she said just to ignore the rat. As he walked by he could hear the rodent cry softly to herself. Good.

He tossed the trash and headed to go back inside before feeling a tug on his jeans. The little pest had wiggled her way forward and bitten his pants. Just before he could rip his jeans out of her teeth, and hopefully take some teeth with them, the bitch let go and started her begging.

“Pwease nice mistah, babbehs am su hungwy… Pwease gib Sky sum nummies, eben bad nu-taste-gud nummies…” Sky pleaded with big eyes and a pouting lip. It was a genuine plea for help but that is not how to teenage dirtbag saw it. He saw it as just another rat fluffy begging for something stupid. He would kick her head in if it wouldn’t get him fired, and he was saving up for a car. So Sky was just met with a sneer. Sky went back to crying on her fat cheeks.

“Am su sowwy babbehs, mummah wub babbehs, bu am bad mummah.” Oh my god, this shit was unbearable. The teenager gritted his teeth and thought of ways he would kill this rat if he could. Suddenly, a thought occurred to him. When he got back inside he took a bathroom break and fished out his iPhone 7.

“Mummah wub babbehs… Babbehs wub mummah… Babbehs gon gwow up big an stwong…” Sky was still mopping behind the shop an hour later. Not much else she could do. Her big litter was taking most of her nutrients and if she didn’t eat soon the kids would come out fucked up. She didn’t know that, she was just hungry and lonely. While Sky was preoccupied with feeling sorry for herself another man had made his way to her box. He bent down into a squat on her level.

“Aw, hey fluffy, why are you here all by yourself?” He asked and planted a pet on her dirty head. Sky looked up to see another nice man in front of her, a lot nicer than the teenager. He was a little older than that man, and he had sunglasses and a black coat on. Despite being an adult his smile revealed a shining set of braces. It is never too late to get dental work. Sky perked up instantly and began to wag her matted tail.

“Hewwo! Fwuffy am Sky! Sky mummah sayed Sky was pwetty wike da sky! He he…” Sky babbled to the man, who was rolling his eyes under the shades.

“Sky speshew fwiend goin to get bestest nummies fow tummie babbehs an soon mummah! Dat am Sky… Bu, Baww been gone fow foweva…” The man perked up at that. He had just met a fluffy who said his name was Ball. What luck he was having.

“Well, I didn’t want anyone to know this, buuuuut I’ve just so happen to got some sketti and a nice safe room at my house. And, sadly, it is so empty.” The man tried to sound sad about it. “I could really use a nice mama and some new babies to lighten it up!”

“WEAWWY! Oh, babbehs an Sky am su happies!” The big round ball of fluffy threw her short legs around in celebration. Suddenly she stopped and looked sad. “Bu, speshew fwiend am gowne. Babbehs nee a daddeh…” The man had seen this before, a very rare case of fluffy empathy and awareness. There was an easy solution, which was actually true at this point.

“Wow, you’re Ball’s special friend! Holy cow! I just took him home with me so he could bring you the best nummies!” The man forced a wide smile. Sky had totally forgotten she told the man Ball’s name, and she was instantly hooked.

“Yesh! Fwuffy am su happie! Babbehs wiww hab bestes nummies, bestes housies, nices daddehs, su many toysies…” Sky continued to list off nonsense as the man picked her and carried her to his car. Sky didn’t even notice until the engine started and made her jump. The man expected the dumb bitch to whine the whole way home, but she was actually fairly quiet. She just sat quivering with her tail wrapped around her fat backside and mumbling to her fetuses.

The man and Sky stop in front of a dilapidated house on the edge of whatever town you imagine this story in. The man gets a much more lively Sky out of the car and carries her inside. A harsh chemical smell assaults the fluffy, causing her to recoil. The smell of bleach burns her nose, but she doesn’t say anything to the man. That would be rude. The carries the mare down the dark hallway into a side room. It is barren, the carpet ripped up exposing the glue-ridden floor underneath. A few dinky beds lay against a wall, a cheap litterbox, and other necessities. The man had even recently thrown some second-hand dog toys in the room. Sky’s eyes immediately went to one of the patchwork beds.

On it lay a pathetic-looking fluffy, dark green and shaking violently. The man sets Sky in a bed next to him as she continues to stare. It takes her a moment, but she bolts up when she releases who it is.

“BAWW! Speshew fwiend, it am Sky!” She squeals, bouncing on her fat stomach. The labored breathing from the fluffy calms ever so slightly. He raises his head to reveal a bloody bandage placed over one of his eyes. A patch of fluff is missing from his chest and a deep stitch up gash replaces it. If Ball was bald you would be able to see extensive bruising and welts, as well as many tiny cuts. If Ball was translucent too you would be able to see broken ribs and fractured legs.

“Baww! Baww hab su many huwties! Huggies wiww hewp make it aww betta!” Sky cries, extending her hooves towards Ball. It takes a minute and lots of whimpers, but Ball limps his way over to Sky and collapses into her. Sky begins to lick his ear and hug him with her stumpy legs.

“Wha am happen tu Baww? Baww hab wowestest huwties!” The man was amazed how many “wowestest huwties” there were. Every single fluffy claimed anything above a pinch was the worst pain possible. The man helped them broaden their horizon. Take Ball for example. The man did a number on the runty stallion, in his trademarked mask. It was some Halloween City trash but it scared fluffies frozen. He threw Ball around a little, beat him up some, then brought out a box cutter and got Ball’s eye. Ball finally spit out that he had a future family and the man stopped his attack. He had wanted to try something new. He changed identities and nursed Ball back to some sort of stable condition. He was about to go look for his family when some kid he had sold weed once called him. He offered him 20 bucks to pick up a trash fluffy. It was pure luck that he killed two fluffies with one stone.

“Ball can’t talk right now, it isn’t good for him. A horrible monster attacked him but I scared him off.” The man lied to Sky. Her eyes filled with tears and she squeezed on her deflated Ball even harder, as if it was mending his bones.

“Tank you nyu daddeh, you am bestest daddeh eba!”

“Please don’t call me daddy,” The man interrupted,” my name is Ringo.” Technically it was a nickname but all the fluffies that came into this house knew him by it.

“Tank you daddeh Wingo, daddeh Wingo am bestest an most nicest mistah eba!” Sky sputtered out. Ringo gave her a thumbs up and scooted the litterbox with his foot in the general direction her backside was facing. Based on the stupid names a fluffy probably named these two, so they were ferals, so they needed the rules. Ringo clapped and all three eyes were on him.

“Alright fluffies, I love to have you here, but there must be some rules. These are pretty basic, so you must NOT break them or the punishments will be severe. One, all poops and pees go into the litterbox. When the babies are born I’ll give them an exception until they can be trusted to do it. Two, no begging. If you ask for something and I say no, do not ask again. Three, don’t be annoying. This is subjective so this’ll have a warning, but only one a day. Got it?”

The two fluffies stewed on the instructions for a moment then shook their heads. Good. Ringo was going to be mean and cruel, but he was looking for long-form content. He had kept a fluffy for at most two weeks, and that was a lot of constant work. This family would hopefully be a little more independent. Plus, he would be able to fuck with them in small or psychological ways. He could barely wait. Ringo went off down the hall, leaving the door open. Neither of them could walk, so it was fine.

Sky was incredibly happy. She just got every feral’s dream, a loving and warm new home. She could hardly wait for her little babies to be running around her and Ball, and daddy Ringo giving them beautiful names. Sky was worried about Ball though. He hadn’t said a word. He just lied there and took shallow and labored breaths. A wet gurgling sound escaped every couple of exhales. He would be fine, Daddy Ringo and huggies would fix it, but it still hurt to see him so sad and hurt.

Sky lulled Ball into a restless sleep with her soft fluff and sweet perfume while Ringo sat in his messy room thinking of ways to inflict pain. Would he hurt the babies right away? Probably not, no. Maybe one. He would like to pick them off one by one too. That wouldn’t be fun until they talked. Oh, this was a lot of work. Ringo put his head in his hands as he realized that this was going to take months of waiting. Maybe he should get a job.

The evening ended with Sky singing.

“Babbehs wub mummah, mummah wub babbehs, babbeh gwow big an stwong…” And then the whole house went into an uneasy sleep.

I don’t know what I’m gonna do with this. I’m trying to write a book but it isn’t easy writing one idea for that long. It is good to take breaks to explore something else. I’ve been reading a lot of Ace and I liked them so I wanted to do something cool too. Ideas are welcome.


Looking forwards to see what happens with Sky and Ball. If it takes time, it takes time.

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Following! I hope they get the worst.