Slop Dump and Goodbye For Now (FreshlyPillowed)

Hello Everyone! ⊂( ・ U・)⊃

Its been so much fun over the past year and a half learning about this community and how deep it actually goes, i discovered fluffies back in 2012 through /b/ and tbh never knew this community of artists even existed, i never new about the /mlp/ side of things or the buuro or the huge variety of boxes and styles that i have come to enjoy. on /b/ if i saw a fluffy imagine it was either mcgonnagall, bad roomie or carp. looking back i wish i could of been more involved and dug deeper and got to know you all better.

Anyway bla bla dont care didnt ask.

Its been so much fun, some of you are so incredibly talented whether it be art or storytelling and i look at some of your works knowing with people taking so much time and effort into what they do i know this community will only thrive.

However if im being real with myself after a year and half of checking out everyone’s work in awe ive started to become jaded, not with the art but just the concept of fluffies in general. tbh its burnout more then anything else i have devoted more time on checking out this community than i would like to admit and i think i just need a good long break and come back in a couple months refreshed and eager to see what new and exiting ideas you all come up with :glee:

So thank you for all your kind words in regard to the slop of content i dish out and a shoutout to some community member who i have always rated highly from the sidelines @Brayatansempai @DummehBabbeh @rapidshipper @Ace as well as many others i wont flood everyone’s notifs :smiling_face:

Heres a dump of images that either just didnt make the cut or i just didnt get around too.

Thanks Again Everyone See You All Again Soon!


Awww, thank you! I have a particular fondness for your fluffy drawings. They’re immediately recognisable, and can be either sweet or assholes. :sparkling_heart:

Take your time. Burnout happens, and you have to take care of yourself first. We’ll see you when you’re ready to be back. :slight_smile:


Like i always say. Your art have a certain charm that i cannot explain…

Thanks for sharing with us, take all the time you need. You know that we will welcome you back with open arms



A long break is good for the soul.

See you around, man.


Take care out there! Your artwork is absolutely adorable and always makes me happy to see. Taking care of yourself is top priority, however, so take as long as you need and come back refreshed whenever you feel you want to.

Especially adore your pillows, they’re among the cutest on the site! :black_heart:

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The whole subject of fluffies is pretty weird; For so many people it has to be All-Or-Nothing. They fully immerse themselves in the lore and the culture and the community until their interest fizzles out.
At least for a while.

I’ve seen dozens of such cases.
Hell I’ve been such a case.

If you ever feel that interest rekindle, you know where to find us.

Take care!