Slowpoke makes a friend (chonkyhonky)

This follows on from my first story ‘Slowpoke’ which tells the amazing origin story of our hero. You can read that first, but if youre too ‘wazy’: Slowpoke used to be a fast boi but broke his legs during a race and is now an obese pillowfluff. Enjoy!

“Hey Slowpoke, ive noticed youve been down in the dumps lately. I have a suprise for you”

“Supwise? Swowpoke get weggiea back? Becum fastes wunny fwuffy fo daddeh gain?” Slowpoke asks daddy hopefully

“Not quite Slowpoke.” Daddy chuckles. “Daddy has decided to get a new fluffy”

“Nyu fwen?”

out of a crate walks a yellow stallion with a red mane. Daddy lifts the fat over Slowpokes eyes so he can see

“This is Lightning. He is the fastest fluffy ever!” Daddy introduces him.

“Daddeh… why dat fwuffy nu hab weggies? Wear stinkeh diapie an dummeh hewwmut? Wook funneh!” Lighting giggles as he looks at Slowpoke, who flinches at the meanie words.

“Slowpoke broke his leggies being a dummie who didnt love daddy enough to go fast and win the race for him” daddy tells Lightning, much to Slowpokes dismay. He mutters “sowwie fo be dummeh” under his breath.

“Wightning wub nyu daddeh. Nu be dummeh wike Swowpoke! Am be fastest wacy fwuffy eba fo daddeh!” Lightning says proudly.

Daddy cleans up the saferoom, dusting off the old fluffy treadmil and toys. Lightning happily runs around the room with glee. Finally, daddy brings out a bowl of sketties.

“S-sketties?” Slowpoke grunts, lifting his head up from his mush filled bowl and sniffing the sweet ambrosia of pasta and meatballs.

“SKETTIES! DANK YU DADDEH” Lightning says as he dances around the bowl. He then slurps up every single noodle greedily.

“Swowpoke wan sketie too. Nu can wawkies, nu can see. Bwing sketties hewe” Slowpoke begs

“Dummeh Swowpoke am bad fwuffy. Nu deserb sketties.” Lightning says as he enhales a meatball

“Have fun with your new friend!” Daddy shouts as he leaves the saferoom.

“N-nuu” Slowpoke sulks.


Typical Hugboxers, ruining a perfectly fine Abuse ending!


And that’s how Slowpoke became a combination litter pal and enfie pal. It’s what he gets for being lazy. He just sits there!

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A Pillow Princess Pal, as it were.



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I love your art style, this little fluffy is so charming.


Thank you! I wanted to base my fluffies off pigs so theyre kind of still cute, but kind of ugly