Small-ish delay. (Mexi)

I’ve mentioned that the current project I’m working on is going to take a bit of time to work around an issue with the two characters being in the same shot.

Good news, I’ve managed to find a solution.

Bad news, at the time of typing this post I’ve been rendering the first frame with the new character for 3 hours and the program is estimating it’ll still need another hour to go.

For ONE frame.
There’s about a dozen of them.

So until then I wanted to see if I could get any ideas from you guys about what you wanted to see from me after this. Whether it’s something fluffy related that I haven’t made yet, a story I still need to finish (or add a new chapter to), something completely new you think would be interesting.

Leave an idea and I’ll try making some plans, I sure have the time to do so.


What you should create next is a five hour long cinematic fluffy epic with chariot races!

We’ll call it, Ben-Hurties!


Render your stuff using GPU.

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