Small tribute to Kerry's Story, story by differential_Sloth art by FosterFluffy89

I’ve recently picked up Kerry’s Story once again, since I had a time away from it (around chapter 22) about a year ago. It’s definitely one of the best stories out there in my opinion, with a little bit of everything and a fascinating herd with its own unique inner workings and culture.

Might make a little bit more fanart for it in the future.


They are lovely, it’s a great tribute and you’re right, it’s one of the best sagas in the community.


Love this by association.

I kinda pictured Big Red as a bit more introverted and truculent, but here he looks naive and open to the world. Nice to see your vision for him.


I simply love the idea of darwinism gradually selecting fluffies who are smarter and smarter about living in the woods and slowly developing a culture. The herd in that story was very interesting because the more intelligent fluffies in it, instead of making silly assumptions and running with them, were extremely aware of everything they >didn’t< know, as small talking chimaeras with the minds of a 3 year old kid. They were able to take precautions against their own ignorance by caunting on it. Very interesting stuff.

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This looks brand new! Yeah, I don’t remember this being on the booru.

It is! It’s from last month. I might also draw some of the other characters later on, as I keep reading.

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