Smarty trouble Pt.2 (Fluffy_consumes_u)

It’s been two days since that smarty appeared, an I still ponder his actions and thoughts that caused said actions. Atleast my owner gave me spaghetti as a reward for scaring the smarty away. As I lay down to sleep, a loud thud breaks the silence and startles me awake. " Can anywun heaw me!" A fluffy’s voice calls out, echoing with a sad tone. As I approach the door, the voice calls out, quieter than before. “Pwease hewp! Mah hewd weft me to go fowebew sweepies!” Opening the small doormy owner made, a familiar face is standing in the doorway. The smarty, almost instantaneously, goes into a defensive position. As we stand face to face, he slowly eases into a calmer position. “I hab an offew, fwuffy. Ib yu hewp make fwuffy hab hewd again, I wiw spawe u.” The smarty offered in a sly, boring voice. I feel anger and a feeling of offence course through my veins. For what feels like the first time, I speak,“I don know who you tink you awe, but you awen’t in a bawgaining position.” The smarty’s face turns from arrogance to fear. My voice is just like a normal fluffy’s voice, so I didn’t think about why he is scared. Then I herd a tapping behind me, I turned around and saw my owner with a baseball bat with nails and thumbtacks shoved in. He slowly raises his bat, with pure malice in his eyes, and swings. The smarty tries to run, but the bat connects with his side. The smarty shits and pisses everywhere, his guts and bones flying everywhere. I tried to hide, but I still got barraged by bodily fluids and chunks of flesh, albeit very small bits. As i stare, the smarty’s herd surrounds me, plants and other food items. One foal, a runt, walks up to me and says something I barely can believe. “Hewwow, new smawty!”


Please, give us more!

im working on part three right now, so dont worry

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