Smokey's Adventure - Chapter 3 - By BloodyBoots

Smoke’s Adventure
Chapter 3

Smokey woke up to the lights clicking on and Onion licking his face.

“Come on Smokey!” Onion said excitedly. “It bweakfas time!” The chubby little fluffy galloped as fast as his little legs could carry him.

Smokey stood up to yawn and stretch, forgetting about the previous day for a moment. He reached his food dish and looked around for his sister in the crowd of hungry fluffies scurrying around Janet’s feet, eager for food.

It was then he remembered that Rosie was gone.

His heart sank as he fought back tears.

“Dummeh hoomans take sissy away. Nu faiw.” He grumbled to himself. “Smokey miss Wosie.”

He finished his kibble and headed over to his usual spot under Janet’s desk. But this time she stopped him.

“We’re going outside, Smokey. Stay with the group please.” Janet gently commanded.

“Dummeh ouwside. Nu wan.” Smokey muttered as he returned to the group. He was greeted by Jester, a colorful earthy with green, purple, and yellow fur and mane. He was the leader of the group being the oldest and biggest fluffy there.

“What wong, Smokey?” Jester asked with a cocked head. “Why ou nu happies today?”

“Smokey miss Wosie.” Smokey huffed, stomping his little marshmallow hoof on the carpet. “Smokey sad dat sissy gone.”

“Oh no!” Jester said sadly. "Smokey need huggies!

“Nuuu!” Smokey protested as he was swarmed with hugging fluffies. But eventually his shyness gave way to love and laughter. He felt a little better now that his playmates had cheered him up.

Janet laughed at the sight of it all happening before her. She was always pleasantly surprised at the fluffies’ cuteness.

“Ok fluffies, it’s potty time!” Janet said with a clap of her hands. She turned on the heavy duty exhaust fan above the litter boxes in the back of the room. “Everyone go make good potties and then you can go outside to play!”

The little fluffs ran over to their litterboxes and did their business. Soon they were all out in the backyard playing. Janet did her cleaning routine inside before coming out to join them.

She threw the ball for them to chase for a while before finally relaxing in her chair to read her book.

That was when she heard the front door bell telling her that someone had come in to the front lobby. She got up and opened the back door, leaning out as she walked inside.

“Jester, keep an eye on everyone ok?” She instructed the fluffy who perked up at his name.

He saluted her with his hoof. “Otay Janet!” He then began sniffing each fluffy one by one to do a head count.

Janet made her way to the front of the center to be greeted by the same old woman from the day before.

“Oh hello again!” She said politely. “What can I do for you?”

“Well, it’s about the fluffy I bought yesterday.” The old woman explained. “It seems to have run away last night.”

“Oh no that’s terrible!” Janet exclaimed.

“Yes, my granddaughter is quite upset.” The old woman sighed. “Do you have another pink fluffy you can sell me?”

“Yes I have one left.” Replied Janet. “Her name is Daisy. She’s pink with yellow mane, very pretty and loves playing.”

“I’ll take it.” The woman nodded, hanging over her credit card.

Janet told the woman to wait a moment before exiting out into the back yard. She scooped up Daisy and carried her back inside. She failed to notice the furry black shadow creeping behind her. It was a curious Smokey.

He followed Janet to the front desk to see another fluffy being sold. He quietly watched as Daisy was put into her carrier. He recognized the old woman and wondered why she was back again.

“I just don’t understand why Rosie would run away like that.” Janet said, shaking her head. “She never tried anything like that while she was here.”

“Well hopefully she comes back.” The old woman sighed. “In the meantime, this fluffy will stop Angie’s crying.”

Janet helped but the fluffy in the woman’s car. She returned to the store to see Smokey sitting by the front desk with a worried look on his face.

“Wosie… wun away?” He asked.

“Apparently, yes.” Janet replied. “But don’t worry, I’m sure she’ll come back safely. And you should be outside, mister!”

The woman shooed the fluffy to the back door an outside. He quickly ran up to Jester.

“Hi Smokey!” Jester said happily. “Whewe ou go?”

“Smokey find out Wosie am missing.” Smokey explained. “Smokey need to find way to bweak outta dis joint!”

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I like how Smokey talks!

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Glad to see Jester making an appearance! In case anybody wants to know, I’m gonna have it so Rosie ran away to find Smokey!

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