Some early headcanons (Artist: Carpdime) (FB id: 19500)

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A quickie. What a relief from those epic fluffly pen drawings that take forever to draw and color.

A depiction of some early headcanons. May have been taken from some of the fics and ideas floating around at the time. In the archived page, a Biotailor goes into detail on his own headcanon. It should be noted that Biotailor’s headcanon is not the same as Carpdime.s

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That second one is still widely used

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Still active headcannons for the most part, though people seem to jump between “defective” and “disabled” for exxample is a SBS foal while having a disability would still be classed as defective? :shrug:

i dunno, words and stuff

I titled this as “early” headcanons because ( a) this was made in 2014, two years after Fluffybooru started and still early within the larger fluffy fandom and more importantly ( b) this is early Carpdime canon. Carpdime’s art and ideas evolved over time. Its important to note that Carpdime joined in 2014 as a non-MLP fan unfamilair with the origins of fluffies within the brony community on 4chan, and thus, wasn’t aware of some of the canons that formed. Also, it is possible that he wa sinfluenced by canons that were forming in 2014 - when more non-MLP people were joining fluffies.

And again on ( b) - what Carpdime may have as canon in the past may not be the same as now. For instance, the Avocadoverse has an approach on Hasbio thats different from most fluffy headcanons, even when compared to now.

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I kind of dislike some of these earlier “headcanon” pieces. They feel a bit prescriptive which was certainly not the intention. I kind of understand how different variations of headcanon pieces can be useful for those starting out with Fluffies, so I guess they do have some value.

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