Some fun (InfraredTurbine)

Nothing else to say here, you know what’s going on xD

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When I was a kid, I was a model rocketry enthusiast.

There’s two types of model rocket engines.

Normal engines have a propellant fuel, that when it finishes burning, ignites the ejection fuel. Basically, something that doesn’t have a lot of heat, but produces a lot of gas.

There’s also stage engines, for rockets meant to go hire by burning a stage and then igniting the next stage. These engines are pretty much all fuel, and a shaped cone near the front that puts a focused flame on the next engine stage, be it another stage-engine, or a normal engine. Effectively, when these engines are about burnt out, they fire a jet of intense flame out their other end.

Make of these facts what you will in relationship to fluffy rocketry.

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Trouble brewing.

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It looks like someones going to the moon.

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be sure to use adhesive on the car floor so your fluffy can experience the entire ride!

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Where that rocket go?

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Up the fluffies ass.


Fluffy gonna twy bweak wand speed wecowd!

Super sanic racing ?

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Oh god, fluffies and sanic are not two great tastes that taste great together. Urgh.

…I regret nothing.