Some More Sketches (Pastry_Knight)

A bunch of sketches that I didn’t feel like finishing but want to share anyway. Most are on my old paper so I can’t even line them :frowning:

Practicing faces and angles

Buggeh Munsta am wowstest mummah, I think this was after someone said they wanted to see a fluffy traumatised about being next to a goliath birdeater, I just couldn’t get the spider eating to not look crap. Might have been @DZMeatball ?

Don’t fuck with geese

Buh am widdwe babbeh… nu am yoof-in-asia

Sometimes nothing is the worst cruelty. Folly of hope tribute

Had an idea for a story about a microfluffy that hangs around with normal fluffies and fakes being their babies to get taken care of and to fulfil their weird fantasies, I drew this and knew I needed to try again.

These weeds are pretty loud…

Fwuckies, I went to the park with a friend and fed some wild birds, felt really bad for the smaller birds/chicks that were bullied by the ducks

I think its clear why I didn’t continue any further with this, that fucking expression.

This was tribute to an infraredturbine image Selfish Choices 2 - Blue unicorn ending (Cmss for DoubleRip) (InfraredTurbine) - Fluffy Image Self-Posting - FluffyCommunity (

Poopie Couple, Poopies Go in Poopies Come out, might redo this on the newer paper which is much nicer to work with


The micro idea sounds honesty very good, a small smarty thinking they got the genius plan… how long until the mare realise her “babbeh” isnt growing? Or worse the micro tries to enf the foals? Tho would be ironic karma when he’s the one that gets enfed


that would be the basic premise yeah, I think it would be interesting but fuck drawing that one really made me lose interest for whatever reason


Holy shit these are great

Last one is fucking sick

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Dis am fwuffies fedish


I don’t care for poopie fluffies, I just wanna kill the adult fluffies who decided to keep dedicated shit cleaners/eaters and torture the baby, maybe give those two a decent life and then kill them after some time in a painless way idk.

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