Someone's trash is someone's else tresure. By: Neku-chan

Seriously, the black and white one looks good. I would have called them “Domino”

What’s the backstory of the big milk mare with four teats?

don’t know much because the commissioner just revealed a few details. Basically she was breeded like that and produce milk non-stop. However only have a single batch of foals and the breeder doesn’t want to waiste the chance so no babbehs for her.But to appease her he lets her adopt abandoned foals.

Ah, so he bred her to be a milkbag mummah.

it was more an experimental thing I believe, but went kinda wrong and she was the result. Can’t really remember what was the breeding objective tho.

I am guessing she was bred to be a milkbag that accepts even the munstah babbehs.

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At least the rejected babies get a chance to live and be loved. Would’ve been nice to see karma strike down the blue bitch.


Maaaaaaan, that baby’s mama is gonna be pissed that not only he survived, but he also has a home and a happy family…

If SHE survived, which 10:1 says she didn’t.

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