Something is wrong with Minty[Part 2] by Papa_garp

Andrew carefully opened the door to Minty’s new saferoom, the oiled hinges gliding smoothly allowing the door to softly bump into the padding that lined the walls of the converted spare bedroom. Stepping heel-to-toe, he slowly crept over to the opposite corner and lowered a bowl of ‘Chef boyardeeznutz premium soft sketti’ kibble onto the rubber feeding mat next to the shallow water bowl.

Standing upright, Andrew took the stuffed frog the same shade as minty and laid it face up in the middle of the padded floor. The sound machine on a shelf along the left wall played a loop of ocean waves and seagull calls, covering what little noise he made as Andrew crossed the room in the same manner and gently closed the door, the only audible sound being the click when the latch he’d forgotten to oil popped back into the plate.

BANG SKREEEE! a deafening boom shook poor Minty out of what little sleep he could get, making bad peepees in his new beddie. Immediately, his heart was thundering as Minty rose with trembling hooves to take in his surroundings. Gone was the seafoam green tiles, gentle ambience of the sea, and the warm saferoom.

The waves of filthy water lapped against Mintys hooves, as the birdie munstas circled overhead hungry for fluffy meat. NUUU! SCREEE! HEWP MINTY! he cried before hunkering down, rump in the air and hooves covering his face. Waiting, tiny heart hammering away as the ending never came Minty eventually stood up, his seafoam green saferoom swimming in and out of reality as the bad wawas disappeared.

Huuuu…Minty am su hungwee… the foal edged over to the kibble in his bowl, smelling the delicious sketties but not seeing them anywhere. Looking down at the kibble, it sprouted weggies! The spiders all fled from the bowl as Minty backed up into his waterbottle, knocking it from its base as he screamed in terror. SCREE! Buggie munstas! screee! , the loosely secured lid came off the bottle, dousing Minty as he fell underneath it, the edge of the metal base pressing into his leg as Minty kicked and screamed.

Buggy munsta nummies! munstas! wun way! Minty turned to run before the bad wawa suddenly swallowed him whole. Screaming, Minty watched the surface slip away from him as he sank deep into the ice cold wawa. Suddenly, something grabbed on to Mintys weggie! He looked down to see a horrible munsta with sharp teeth gnawing off his poor weggie! SCREEEEE! SCREEE! NU NUM WEGGIE! HEWP MINTY!

Andrew had just enough time to get down the hall before it started again. That goddamn screaming, the absolute terror filled full bodied screaming of a child being murdered. With a deep sigh, he went and made his coffee as Minty carried on screaming about whatever-the-fuck was wrong THIS time.

Coming back up the hall, he put an ear to the door and heard SCREEEEE! SCREEE! NU NUM WEGGIE! HEWP MINTY! before opening the door to see what the hell was going on now.

BANG Minty was thrown out of his delusion completely, sitting up and kicking the base of the water stand off of him as he shot upright. Looking over at his daddeh, the gentle smile and soft hey there Minty of his owner was overlaid by the BIGGEST,DARKEST, SCARIEST MUNSTA MINTY HAD EVER SEEN! SCREEEE! MUNSTA! NUUUHUUU HUUUU!

Minty broke down in helpless sobs, shitting and pissing himself where he sat as Andrew looked on in absolute horror at the mess. All he had done was crack the fucking door open and say hi to his goddamn fluffy…

Closing his eyes and taking a deep breath, he slowly walked up to Minty and knelt down to his level. “Hey there little Minty, you’re okay little fella its just me. Its just daddy you’re alright…” he cooed at the foal , reaching out to rub its ear the way he knows they like.

BANG BOOM BANG BOOM ROOOOAR the munsta stomped up to poor little Minty, getting right in his face before breathing hot, rancid breathing a cloud that filled his vision. I WANT FLUFFY FOR DINNER it howled before biting down on his ear and ripping it off!

SCREEEE! SCREEEE! EAW HUWTIES! MUNSTA! MUNSTA! SCREEEE Minty howled and throwing himself on his back, shitting even more before beginning to roll in it. Andrew yanking his hand back, disgust written on his face from the smell of it all. He was goddamn done. It’d been two weeks of this, he couldn’t talk to it, couldn’t play with it, couldn’t even be in the room to enjoy its company without it freaking the fuck out.

Turning on his heel, he left the room and came back in with a cardboard box. Throwing a few green blankets and the frog inside before scruffing the screaming mess and dropping it inside, the screaming becoming more and more frantic until he shut the box and got it in his trunk.

Minty rolled back and forth, feeling the wound from his super sensitive ear being ripped off sting as he cried and screamed. HUUUU! SCREEEEE! SCREEEEEW! HEAW PWACE SU HUWTIES before the munsta picked him up! I’m GOING TO TAKE YOU TO MY MONSTER HOUSE AND FEED YOU TO MY MONSTER BABIES!

Minty pee’d himself as he was fed to a square brown munsta, landing in its tummy as the munsta laughed and laughed. The walls began to move as it taunted him.



Euthanasia is looking less and less cruel with each passing interaction here.

I mean I wish the best for Minty but death might be what is best for him.


For some, that would be a feature, not a fault.

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Right you are my friend! Someone in mintys future is going to be very fond of his fear


At least he will be appreciated.

I normally read shit through and through and I know I read the first story in this series. But idk what’s happening so I skimmed past and came through to the comics. What’s happening here?

Permanent visions of things he’s terrified of

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The way I interpreted it, he’s not actually having literal visions—he’s just making up delusional explanations in his head to go along with his ridiculously over-sensitive experiences and then interpreting those as reality because fluffies aren’t good at separating fantasy from fact.

But I’m not the creator and you are so I defer to your interpretation obviously

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how long do you think Minty will last before his heart bursts from fear?

Please just end that poor foal.

do they make psychiatric meds for fluffies? i’m leaning no on account of hasbio being like, completely evil and fluffies being pretty easy to replace if you view them as disposable. still, little dude could benefit from something to help him find a little stable ground.

Was that the end for poor Minty?

Nah I just kind of forgot about this unfortunately. Will get back to it one of these days