Soon-Mummah BlueMoon [The_Other_Conagher]

Hi all~ Heading into the week, thought I’d share a picture of BlueMoon on her cushions in her birthing pen nestie:

She’s a very-soon-mummah at this point, waiting patiently for her foals while learning to be a good parent from the other fluffies that visit!

Since she has such a great temperament with her beautiful blue fluff and silver mane coloring, we got her one of the interactive training foals that I’ve seen other folks here using~

Those here may recognize her little brown alicorn training-foal model we got her: it’s a @LemonCurds Twerp that BlueMoon just adores. No doubt he’ll be helpful with other fluffies in the future~

Anyway, hope everyone has a good start to their week! O.Con


i’m sorry but the more i look but the more i see fortune cookies under her hooves

now for something more substantive: let’s hope she miscarries!

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awwwwhh Twerp! being a helper awwwh that makes me so happy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hehe, yeah I can see that ~ The blended marker color is more of a green-yellow IRL, but my color settings made the pad a bit more muddy-yellow. Oh well

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It was fun to do your style as a plush huggy-toy! I’m glad you like stuffy-Twerp, I’ll have to send one to give to real Twerp :coco:

oh man, Twerp would be so excited!

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Such a cutie :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

not sure on giving a brown stuffy toy, woudnt want her thinking poopies are worth any sort of time or attention now do we. :shrug:
Foals for the Cash, Poopies for the Trash


I like it. Especially since she is named after my favorite beer

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Excellent work!

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ohhhh she’s so cute!! What a wholesome image <3

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@FreshlyPillowed , aww thanks ~ And I have a feeling that’s why the toymaker decided on a brownie alicorn for the training-foal, LoL :derp:

I do love a good weizenbier, @SpaghettiDave ; thanks bro! (Boulevard Wheat is my fave)

@FluffiesAreFood , thank you! Much appreciated ~

Thanks as always, @Craftyskunk ! May sound silly, but she was drawn with care :heavy_heart_exclamation:
(This was actually a twice-flubbed, twice-salvaged illustration, so I’m happy with the result)