Souls Are Hard To Come By Pt. 2 [By MuffinMantis]

Part One

[Origin for the blue fluffy referenced in Souls Are Hard To Come By part one.]

Lavender was upset. Her dummeh mummah wouldn’t let her have any babbehs, even though she’d asked so many times. Why was she such a meanie? Why couldn’t she understand that Lavender needed babbehs?

Lavender sulked in the back yard, which was fully fenced in and had a net strung overhead to protect from birdie munstahs. She considered running away, but she couldn’t find a way out, and besides, she was too scared. She’d heard stories from her mummah about all the munstahs that lived outside, and how they’d give fluffies the worstest hurties or even forever-sleepies!

A movement caught her eye. Crawling under a small hole in the fence, no doubt made by a squirrel or other small animal, was a fluffy. She could tell from his scent that he was a stallion, and she became excited. Maybe now she could have babbehs, whatever her meanie mummah said!

She marveled at his colors; he was so pretty! He had pure-white fluff that seemed to almost shine, despite the dirt that clung to it. His mane was also pure white, but the ends of each hair were golden, and shone even more than his fluff. He was the prettiest fluffy she’d ever seen, and he could give her the prettiest, bestest babbehs ever!

He crawled the rest of the way through the hole and she suppressed a scream when she noticed he had wingies and a pointie. He was a munstah! She wanted to run away, to get mummah, but this was her chance. Her fear fought with her need for babbehs, and ultimately the babbehs won out.


“Hewwo. Am mawe otay?”

“Wut mun-wut fwuffy mean?”

“Mawe wook wike mawe hab wowstest heawt huwties. Am mawe stuck?”

“Nu am stuck. Wavendew wan babbehs, bu’ mummah sae nu can hab babbehs. Wavendew am saddies fow nu hab babbehs.”

The stallion looked shy for a moment, then spoke. “Fwuffy can gib Wavendew babbehs. Fwuffy wan speciaw-fwiend.”

This was what she’d been waiting for. “Pwease gib Wavendew babbehs!”

The stallion didn’t need any more encouragement. Moving forward, he mounted Lavender. After a few minutes of “Enf enf enf!” he cried out “Gud feews!” and Lavender could feel the babbehs in her tummeh. She was so happy! It had been worth not running from the munstah!

“Can fwuffy wive wif speciaw-fwiend?”

“Wavendew nu wan dummeh munstah speciaw-fwiend, onwy wan babbehs! Wun 'way befowe Wavendew caww mummah and gib munstah wowstest huwties!”

“Bu fwuffy nu am munstah! Onwy wan speciaw-fwiend and famiwy!”

“GU! NAO!”

Sobbing, the stallion crawled back under the fence and left. Lavender was pleased with herself. She’d gotten babbehs and scared away the munstah! She was such a smart and brave fluffy!

Lavender was careful to not mention the tummeh babbehs to her dummeh mummah. She pretended everything was normal, and kept asking “How wong 'tiww babbehs?” to keep her mummah from suspecting anything. She knew she couldn’t hide it forever, but maybe if she hid it long enough mummah wouldn’t be mad.

Today was sketties day. That was Lavender’s favorite day, since she got delicious sketties instead of the nu-taste-pwetty kibble she normally ate. She felt even more hungry than normal for sketties day, so she waited impatiently for her mummah to give her the sketties.

After a while, she couldn’t stand it anymore and called out “Mummah! Wewe am sketties? Wavendew hab wowstest tummeh huwties!”

“You’re going to have to wait a little while. I need to let them cool so your mouth doesn’t get burnie-hurties again.”


LAVENDER! What did I say about making demands?”

“Wavendew need sketties fow tummeh babbehs!”


Lavender’s heart dropped into her stomach in a sickening knot as she realized what she’d said. This was not good.

“Did you get yourself knocked up?”

“Fwuffy mean dat fwuffy need sketties su wen mummah wet fwuffy hab babbehs fwuffy can maek bestest babbehs.”

“You little piece of shit! You get pregnant without permission, then you try to lie to me? That’s it, sketties night is cancelled forever! No more sketties for you ever again!”

“NUUUUUUU! Wavendew need sketties!”

“Too bad. Complain again and I’ll take your tummeh babbehs away, too. Don’t test me.”

Lavender burst into tears and ran to her bed, curling up and sobbing into her fluff. It wasn’t fair! Mummah was just being a dummeh meanie! Lavender was being a good fluffy making the prettiest babbehs!

“BIGGEST POOPIES!” Lavender cried as she felt the babbehs coming. It hurt, oh it hurt so much! She strained and strained, then heard a soft chirping. Her mummah rushed to her, placing the babbeh in front of her so she could give it lickie-cleanies. "Nu taste pwetty’ she complained as she cleaned the mess.

All and all there were four babbehs, two earthies like Lavender, a pointie-babbeh, and a wingie-babbeh. The wingie-babbeh was a light blue, the pointie-babbeh was a bright green, and the earthies were both snow white. They were so pretty! Lavender knew she’d make the bestest babbehs!

“Wow, Lavender! I assumed that whatever feral you found to knock you up would have bad genetics, but I guess not.”

“Am mummah nu angwy wif Wavendew nu mowe?”

“Oh no, I’m still angry. Just not as angry as before. Those earthies should fetch a good price.”

“NU! Mummah nu taek babbehs 'way!”

“You aren’t allowed to make demands,” her mummah said with a sharp slap, making Lavender’s ears ring.

“Pwease! Wavendew nebah ask fow anyfing ebah ‘gain! Jus’ wet Wavendew keep babbehs!”

“You can keep them until they’re old enough to eat solid food. After that, I’m taking them away.”


“No. You should have thought of this before you broke the rules. Mention it again and I’ll take away the babbehs now.”

Lavender sobbed, but didn’t dare to argue.

Lavender was feeding her babbehs after waking up when she noticed that they’d opened their eyes overnight. She was happy, but at the same time her heart broke to know that they’d be gone soon, that her meanie mummah would take them away.

“Mummah! Wub mummah!”

Her babbehs were tawkie-babbehs now! Her heart soared, only to come crashing to earth when she realized it meant they would be going away soon. Still, she was able to hold on to some optimism. If she taught them to be the bestest babbehs ever, maybe her mummah would let her keep them.

“Mummah! Babbehs am tawkie-babbehs nao!”

“Are they? That’s great news. They sure are growing up fast.”

“Can babbehs hab namsies!”

“Not yet. Their new owners will give them names.”


“No. If they get names they’ll be harder to sell.”

Lavender tried not to cry, but a few tears slipped past, both because she’d never get to tell her babbehs their names and because they’d be gone so soon. This was supposed to be a happy occasion. Maybe mummah would let her celebrate.

“Can Wavendew hab sketties fow cewebwate?”

“No. I told you no sketties again.”

That was it, this was more than she could take. Her mummah was going to take away her babbehs, wouldn’t let them have namsies, and wouldn’t even let her have sketties so her heart hurties could go away.

"DUMMEH MUMMAH! WAVENDEW HATCHU! HAB SOWWY POOPIES! she cried as she unleashed a torrent of filth at her mummah’s leg.

The heat of the moment passed, and she saw the poopies all over her mummah’s leg. Then she looked up and saw the expression on her mummah’s face, and she knew that she’d messed up. She’d never seen such anger before.

Her mummah grabbed her by her scruff, yanking her up into the air, ignoring her cry of “BAD UPSIES!”. She was carried into the kitchen, but not before her mummah shoved something into her poopie place, causing an agonizing ripping sensation. With a painful “whump!” she was slammed down on the counter, on top of a flat piece of wood.

“I was patient with you,” her mummah said, her voice a snarl of rage. “I let you keep your babies for a while when I could have just had them aborted. I let you raise them when I could have taken them away. And now you do this. You’ve probably fucked them up too, you piece of shit.”

With a sudden twist, Lavender’s mummah wrenched one of her legs from its socket, causing her to momentarily black out from the pain. It was only too brief, however, and she returned to consciousness with an agonized “SCREEEEEEE!” A knife quickly severed the leg, and it was dropped into the sink with a sickening splat noise.

One by one her mummah took her leggies away, as she shrieked in protest. After she was finished, she pressed Lavender into a hot pan, cauterizing her legs while also causing her fluff to burn and curl and her milkie-places to sear. Her shrieks of pain turned into quiet sobs as her voice gave way.

“I hope you like this, because you earned it.”

There was a little fenced off area that was used to store trash, as mandated under municipal regulation to prevent fluffies from feeding on trash and spreading disease. With a creak, the gate was opened and Lavender was unceremoniously dumped onto a bag of trash, rolling off it and onto the ground with a groan of pain. Her foals were dumped in front of her, cheaping in pain and fear as they hit the hard ground, an alien sensation to them after living in the padded saferoom.

“Pwease, mummah…pwease nu weave Wavendew…”

“Too late,” her mummah replied as she stalked off, shutting the gate with a click that seemed worse than the cry of any munstah.

“Mummah! Wewe am babbeh? Babbeh am scawed!”

“Mummah am sowwy! Mummah am su sowwy!”

Her milkie-places dried up quickly, being unable to even move to the trash to feed. Her babbehs did their best, but most of the edible trash was in big cans that even an adult fluffy would find difficult to knock over. Fortunately, it was quite rainy, so they’d been able to drink from puddles, even if the muddy water tasted foul.

“Pwease mummah! Babbeh hab wowstest tummeh-huwties! Need miwkies!”

“Babbeh dancie fow miwkies! Pwease gib miwkies tu dancie-babbeh!”

“Wai mummah nu wub babbehs nu mowe! Babbeh am sowwy!”

“Cheep! Chirp! Cheep!”

“Mummah am sowwy! Nu hab miwkies fow babbeh!”

“Pwease, mummah!”

“Mummah nu hab nummies fow maek miwkies…mummah sowwy!”

“Mummah am bad mummah! Nu gib miwkies! Tummeh huwts! Hatchu!”

One of her beautiful white babbehs went forever-sleepies, her chirps and cheeps giving way to gasps and finally silence. Lavender hated herself so much. If only she’d been a good fluffy, her mummah wouldn’t have hated her! Her babbehs could be in the nice housie and have milkies! But she was a bad fluffy and now her babbeh had forever-sleepies.

Knowing what she had to do, Lavender reached for the dead foal and picked her up. Gagging and sobbing, she forced herself to eat the remains. “Mummah am sowwy, bu’ need maek miwkies fow babbehs!”

The milkies didn’t last long.

“Cheep! Chirp!” the bright green foal was too hungry to speak as he suckled for milk, even though there was none to be had. Finally he gave up, crawling desperately towards one of the trash cans. “SCREEEE! Screee! Scree…” he cried before collapsing, barely a few inches from Lavender, and rasping his last breath.

Again, the sobbing and the gagging, but again there were milkies.

“Mummah…pwease…babbeh nu wan gu foreba-sweepies! Babbeh am scawed! Pwease…” her other pretty white babbeh groaned, barely able to speak, Lavender was too hungry to think, and couldn’t even offer a word of comfort.

This time, no milkies came.

“Mummah…pwease nu gu forebah-sweepies…babbeh nu wan be aww awone!” the blue babbeh seemed to be holding up better than the others. Early on, he’d started finding bugs to eat, although he gagged eating them. Still, he was holding on, if barely. Lavender, however, couldn’t respond.

A shadow loomed over the blue babbeh, a human was there. A gentle hand picked him up, and a bottle of milk was brought to his lips, and he suckled greedily. After a moment, he stopped and spoke: “Pwease, nice mistah…sabe mummah!”

“I can’t do that. She ate your brother and sisters. She’s a bad fluffy, and bad fluffies can’t have housies. But I can save you.”

“Babbeh…undastand. Tank 'ou, nice mistuh. Sowwy, mummah!”

“I think you need a name. How about Sky?”

“Sky wub nyu namsies! Tank 'ou, nice mistah!”

“Please, just call me daddeh.”

Lavender’s old mummah was sitting on her back porch, watching the hummingbirds at her new bird feeder. Compared to fluffies, this was much less stressful and more rewarding. Why hadn’t she done this sooner?

A small white figure crawled through a hole under the fence, freezing as soon as he noticed her. She looked him over. A white feral alicorn with gold highlights? How had nobody taken him yet? This was like winning the lottery!

“Hey little guy. What are you doing here?” she asked, as reassuring smile on her face.

“Fwuffy am wooking fow mawe wif fwuffy’s babbehs. Wan see babbehs.”

“Oh, so Lavender was your special-friend?”

“Nu…Wavendew caww fwuffy dummeh munstah. Nu wan be speciaw-fwiend, onwy wan babbehs. Bu’ fwuffy wan see babbehs!”

“I’m afraid Lavender ran away and took her babbehs with her. But you can live here if you want. You can have a nice nest, and all the nummies you can eat.”

“WEAWWY? Fwuffy can hab aww dat?”

“Yes. I’ll even give you a name. How does Apollo sound?”

“Apowwo wub nyu namsies!”

“All right then. Let’s get you inside and give you some food.”

She was grinning as she brought the alicorn inside and fed him. If Lavender had just brought him to her she’d have been more than willing to let her have as many babbehs as she wanted. A sudden thought flashed across her mind, and she took off for the fenced-off trash storage as fast as she could.

Lavender lay there, unmoving, her backside coated in filth and her mouth open, drooling slightly. When she was gently nudged, however, her eyes focused and she realized who was there.

“MUMMAH! ‘CAFF’ Wavendew am sowwy! Pwease taek Wavendew back! Nu wan sketties ow babbehs anymowe! Onwy wan mummah and nummies! PWEASE!”

“Don’t worry, I’m going to take you back. After all, if I’m going to breed out Apollo I’m going to need a milkbag.”

“Wut am miwkbag?”

As what she would become was explained to Lavender, she bagan to scree louder and longer than you would have believed a fluffy in her state could. No! This couldn’t be happening! She was a good fluffy! She needed her seeing-places and her hearing-places and her talkie-place! She didn’t want to be a milkbag!

“Should have died when you had the chance, shitrat. Or should I say, Milkbag.”


Part Three


Serves you right Lavander, because of your selfiness you cause the death of your foals, ate them and now karma hits you as a milkbag! Apollo will have a better life than u shitrat.

Wonder who took Sky. :thinking:


I believe Rob (Robert Boss) from the first Part. He torrtured him/is him.