Southern Comfort. Part 1. [By Biorb_McBiorb]

Clint walked towards the shelter hoping to find some Stock Fluffies for the store. It was currently going under massive renovations and wouldn’t be ready for quite a while, but getting a head start on stock was never a bad idea. Clint had added a few Outside Fluffy homes to his Backyard, hoping to soon move them to the finished Store. Until then, they would be trained, and live in a small colony in his Backyard.

The sign above the store light up {DONNA’S DONE DEAL FLUFFIES}

‘God, I hope I never name my store something cheese like that.’ Clint thought to himself.

As Clint entered the Store, he noticed how small the waiting room was. This shelter was of the Higher end variety. Housing Different Breeds, Colors, Temperaments, you named it, they had it, as long as it was Fluffy Related. Strange enough, Clint had to make a reservation. Serious buyers only?

“Hello Mister! Looking for a Fluffy today?” the Short woman said, greeting Clint in a Southern accent. Clint stopped dead in his tracks as he saw what must have been the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. Her Name-tag read: Donna but it could have easily read as Angel. Her hair was done up like Dolly Parton, and dear God did she rock it. she wore a small plastic Apron over what looked like a tightly fit t-shirt with the phrase, “Fluff Off”.

“Um… Sir?” Donna asked, now a little worried about Clint. “OH-UH I WAS, uh… Yes I’m here to Adopt some Fluffies.” Clint’s face was beat red, completely embarrassed at how easily he was captivated by her. “Well… You came in at the perfect time. I can show you some of the open pens right now, its play time so they’re all kinds of Active.” Donna showed Clint thru a a Door with hoof paint all over. “How Cute.” Clint remarked. “Sir, please keep things at least Semi-Professional.”

“Oh, uh… I Meant the Door.” Donna quckly looked at the door the staff had made with the help of the Fluffies, each inch of paint was a hoofprint.

As Donna put two and two together, her face, now red as Clint’s was, realized her assumption. “… SO ANYWAYS! About them Fluffies!” Donna led Clint thru the door, and was immediately bombarded with the cheers and cries of what sounded like a hundred fluffies. Some played with toys, others with other fluffies. Clint was genuinely surprised at how well the operation was being run, multiple helpers in hazmat suits held and played with each fluffy, sometimes giving them a shot and a treat after, sometimes making sure they followed rules. “What’s with the Suits?” Clint asked. “Those are to keep the Fluffies from gaining any form of attachment to other Humans. Only I and any customer are allowed to be seen, silly I know, but the idea has been working for some time now, so why change a good thing?”

Clint saw different pens for different kinds of Fluffies. Subspecies, Soon Mummahs, Smarties, Babbehs, even micro fluffies had a large terrarium in which to roam around in. “So Mr…?”

“O’Connor, But you can call me Clint. No one calls me O’Connor.” Donna shook Clint’s hand and smiled. “Well Mr. O’Connor, its a pleasure to meet ya, so… How many Fluffies do ya need?” Donna’s Smile turned into a bit of a wicked grin as she said Clint’s last name, causing the large man to cringe in response.

Clint explained his situation, wanting new Stock, hoping to find some interesting cases, not being SUPER picky on colors, or even runts. “Well… We do have a few that might fit your need. I will admit, I didn’t expect a rich fella to waltz in and buy the place dry!” Donna chuckled. Clint wished he could do such a thing, but right now he had to make sure he was getting decent merchandise so he can actually make a profit.

And a few sob story Fluffies could equal profit too… Maybe…

Donna lead Clint over to the first pen a small sign on the toy walls read: Mares. “Here are the mares of our little slice of… Well it ain’t heaven, but its nicer than hell.” At the reaction of words, the mares swarmed the wall that Donna and Clint were near. Expecting to hear a massive amount of pleas and demands, Clint was surprised how Donna raised a single finger, and the mares quieted down to whispers. “See any that catch your eye? Just make sure you don’t say out loud which ones you want, else they wont shut up no matter how many fingers I raise” Clint looked over them all, seeing a few nicely colored mares, some younger, some older. two had caught Clint’s eye.

The First mare was a Alicorn. She had a Strawberry Red coat, with a Neon White mane. As soon as Clint met the Mare’s eyes, she smiled and waved one of her hooves silently at him.

The Second Mare had a Turquoise Coated Pegasus, and she had a Deep Blue mane. When Clint met this mare’s eyes, he notice one of her Eyes were milky grey.

"Any of them you’d recommend? “Well… That Violet one? With the Green mane? Shes had two litters here, both decent sets of colors, nothing crazy, but higher quality than were used to here. Then… I’d say that Light Grey one, Orange mane? She’s a real Femme-Fatale that one. She was a Fighting Fluffy, killed almost every colt that came into the Breeding Pen with her. Shes had a litter here as well, two ended up smarty, and the other died of Kennel Cough, Buuuuuuttttt, Those three were all great colors.” The Grey Mare raised her head, showing a massive amount of scars along her body. “Next Pen?” Clint asked.

“Next pen!” Donna repeated, leading him away from the Mare Pen.

The next pen Donna brought Clint to was the Colt’s Pen. Same as before, Donna raised her finger up, and every colt became silent. “How do you do that?!” Clint asked, thoroughly surprised. “Years of practice, and a little bit of subliminal messagin!” Doona responded. “Same verse as the first! Take a look and pick out the ones ya like… Just- silently.” Looking over the group of Colts, Clint saw a few real diamonds in the rough, type Fluffies.

The First Clint saw was a Signal Yellow Coated Unicorn. He had a Jet Black mane. As Clint looked him over, he noticed he was very… Large, or at least very fat.

The Second, a Light Pink Alicorn, sporting a Brick Red Mane, and a White Horn. The Alicorn took one look at Clint and pissed himself, ran to the farthest corner and tried to hide.

The Third was a Bright Red Colt with a Cobalt Blue Mane, Clint watched him come over to the Alicorn and comfort him, giving him huggies. “Siwwy bwuddah, nu nee’ hidies, Hoomin nu hewe fow huwties!”

Welp, You were going to take both of them together now.

“So, these are all the regulars, the rest are Subspecies, and what-not. Any of them you take a shine to?” Donna asked. “Yes, actually, but I’m sure we can go over that at the end of the tour. After all, there will be plenty of paperwork for all of them.” Clint chuckled. He was happy he had found some strong first picks, one or two out of pity, but honestly, that was the Hugboxer in him. He couldn’t save them all, but he knew the use of a Fluffy depended on the Fluffy itself. Besides, not all were meant for breeding, some would be Nurses, some dispensaries.

“Shoot, sound like your just making a excuse to stay around and talk with lil’ ol’ me, more!” Donna says with a slight blush. “DONNA STOP FLIRTING WITH THE MAN!” cried out one of the helpers from behind Donna, he was moving inside the Smarty Pen, it was much farther away to the Mares and Colts pens.

“JED IF YOU DON’T GET BACK TO WORK YOUR CLEANING FLUFFALO SHIT AGAIN!” Donna barked back, honestly more vicious than Clint had expected. “… Hehe, uh, well over here we have the Smarty Pens, you uh… You sure you wanna see them? There mostly just used for breeding.”

“Perfect!” Clint said. “Lets meet these ‘Smartys’.”



Ohhh new character has appeared, Donna! :smirk:

Wow thats alot of fluffies on the tour and check, guess Clint was silently listing down who he wants? Or just whispering it to Donna?


Yep. But Donna and Clint eill be going over each of the fluffies


…and each other lol

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