Spoiled Tori ( Gal-With-Pastels)

This is a fluffy for the community to toy with .

Spoiled and fat. Doesn’t gonna lie, I wanna punish her with pleasure.

Haha like let her first getting pregnant and then when her “tummeh bebbehs” are big enough in her. So that she is fat and big enough for bbqing her.


Try it.

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You mean a football instead of a soccer ball?

hey do you mind if I use this fluffy in an upcoming fluffy clinic series? Its not just gonna be 40k crossovers on my end with me and gr1m.

e: nm i see the OP. This one’s getting used. Stay tuned.

she looks very squishable

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you can use her ! she is a fluffy i made for the community after all

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No no, soccer ball, the ball shaped ones

You’re like the little devil on my shoulder and I am so listening.

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Let her get knocked up by an alicorn…then feed her sketti topped with parsley.

Shes for the community to use, Originally i was gonna name her princess , But that names honestly been used ALOT.