Spontaneous Bonko Sketch (maggot_clown)

it seems every time im about to start a new school year i return briefly or not to this wonderful pit of horrors (boutta start british college babyyyyyyy).

anyway heres my funny guy. i keep forgetting how to draw him and idk if i made it harder on myself to colour him in by not doing any of the proper lineart.


wait that means you are in what grade? i am not familiar with british schools


Quite the funny guy. Good luck with british school.



i dunno, grade 11??? i think??? not sure innit

what do you mean you are not sure? you don’t know how your school work?

year 12 by british standards, when i looked up how that translated into american grades it said grade 11. i dunno how american school works considering im not from the US of A.

well i am not from US either, so you converting for me certainly didn’t help

so if you are in 12th grade, does it mean you are 17 year old right now?

17 in a couple months, though i dont know why we’re talking about this here, lol. look at the clown boy

my friend, this is an 18+ site

ok just one more question: in what month is your birthday?

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did they change that recently? ive been on this site for a couple years and nobody informed me of a specific age range.

it was always like that. we just only now started actively searching out underaged users

riiiiiiiight thought the age limitation was only for that other thing, lol. i’ll try to steer away from being here too often then.

you forgot to tell me when is your birthday. how am i going to know when to stop reminding you that you should stay away? would be quite annoying for the both of us