Sprinter the pegasus part 2 (avoiding_mare)

Follow-up to my previous Sprinter the pegasus image, looks like he didn’t try hard enough to fly away.

Still slowly working out stylistic choices.


That’s one hella allergic shock.


shoulda flown away if you didn’t want to suffocate while in a pool of your own shit


Fuck you, fluffy. Learn to fly or, you know, sprint. Live up to that name.


did he fall or is this after he was let down?

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Let down, i dont think a fluff would survive an 8 foot sheer drop, although that is a good alternate ending for next time i fire up the tablet

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Noo sprinter. Hang in there buddy!

Yeah, hang in there. Hopefully with a broken spine and legs that need to be amputated. He can keep his wings, but good luck using them after being put in a litterbox for life.

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