Stale Cupcakes: A Melted Ice Cream Prequel Part 1 [by FluffySorbet]

A small break from our previous story to introduce the origins of our little pudgy cheeked good boi. Stale Cupcakes focuses on Sorbet’s birth mummah and the events that lead to Sorbet ending up at the abusement park in the first place. Will his firstest mummah show up in later stories? Or will she meet her fate in the next installment of this story? We shall see!

The city was very different from where she had grown up. The ground was hard and scratchy on her hooves and the air was thick with the humidity of a southern Pennsylvania summer.

The streets were no place for a Fluffy like her. But she had no other place to go.

Her daddeh was a dummeh who didn’t love her anymore.

After she asked ever so nicely if she could have pretty babbehs like on the teebee, he said “no, not yet, Cupcake.” Which was the worstest thing he could say.

It meant she had to wait and Cupcake hated waiting for anything.

She threw a tantrum when he said it. Puffing her cheekies and stamping her hoofsies and crying that if she didn’t have babbehs that instant that she would simply die.

Daddeh didn’t like that and very gently explained that he was looking for a very special friend for her. And when he found him, then she’d have all the babbehs his little angel wanted.

That made her happy. At first.

Cupcake was a designer fluffy. With white fluff that sparkled gold, golden hooves and a golden horn on her forehead. Her mane was long and silky and a bright rainbow of all seven colors. She looked like a tiny unicorn that had stepped from the pages of a story book or a little girl’s binder in the 90’s.

A fluffy so pretty couldn’t have babbehs with just any stallion, daddeh had said. But his time spent researching just the right stud meant time that Cupcake was left alone in her saferoom with her teebee.

Every day she watched all the shows on FluffTV that showed mummahs and their babbehs and her heart hurt. They all had pretty babbehs and were so happy.

“When you meet the wight daddeh ou know!” Was what the star of her favorite show always said. And Cupcake felt jealous. She got to pick her special friend. Why couldn’t she?

That was why, one night, while her daddeh was sleeping, she snuck outside of the fluffy door and went outside for the first time. She didn’t go far but, then, she didn’t have to.

The house next door kept fluffies in little housies outside. Cupcake would watch them sometimes from the back deck and that was how she first saw the stallion of her dreams: Glâce.

He was the color the sky turned just before dawkie time. With a sunset purple coat and a mane of soft pastel orange. On his back were the prettiest wingies she had ever seen. And he was smart. He was the leader of the herd next door.

The fluffies her neighbors had rescued had once been a nuisance herd that had bothered the neighborhood terribly. Tearing up yards and leaving messes. But, because of their good colors, Cupcake’s neighbors decided to take them in and rehabilitate them.

Starting a breeding operation that Cupcake’s daddeh looked down on. Since it started, Cupcake had been forbidden to talk to the other Fluffies. But from the moment she’d seen Glâce, she knew he was her special friend. He just had to be.

On the night of her escape, she called out to him, as quiet as possible. Her little heart pounding in her chest and butterflies squirming in her tummeh, she waited to see if he would come to her. She seemed to have waited forever until there came a creaking sound from the loose board in the back fence.

There in the moonlight was Princess Cupcake’s Pegasus Prince.

“Hewwo, Pwetty Mawe.” He’d said, striding majestically into her yard. The wind caught his mane and made it rustle softly. He was perfect. The teebee was right. When you know you know.

Cupcake had run to him, happy tears in her eyes as she told him everything. How she watched him from her house. How she thought he was strong and handsome and so so smart. That she wanted to be his special friend but her mean, awful, terrible daddeh wouldn’t let her pick her special friend.

And Glâce listened to her. Gave her nuzzles and agreed her daddeh was a dummeh. Cupcake should be with who she loves. And, to her heart’s delight, that Glâce loved her, too.

He asked her to be special friends and she said yes. And under the light of a full moon they gave each other the bestest feels.

Cupcake had never felt more loved and beautiful than she did that night. And, come morning, she knew that she had Glâce’s tummeh babbehs.

But when dawn came, Glâce was gone. The fence was fixed and she heard her Daddeh yelling at their neighbor. Using words like “shitrat”, “ugly” and, scariest of all “abortion”.

Daddeh knew she had babbehs. And he was going to take them away from her.

No more babbehs was the saddest thing and she wouldn’t stand for it. While Daddeh yelled, Cupcake found another loose board in the fence and had wriggled out. She just needed to get into the other yard and be with her special friend. If she hid, daddeh would never know.

However, she had not anticipated getting lost

End of part 1


Ah, fluffies. So headstrong, and so fucking stupid.


And Cupcake is stupid. Very stupid. And it’s mostly her owner’s fault.

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Lol how did she figure that word out?

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She watches the news with Daddeh.

Cupcake eaves drops on daddy all the time and asks about words she doesn’t know.

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