Štěpán & Mammoth by (that1hugboxer)

This is a continuation of A slower life by (that1hugboxer)

You are Štěpán Biskup, today you are taking your patina green foal named Mammoth to fluffmart for the purpose of getting a collar and name tag. As you browse the selection you hear a flamboyant scoff behind you.

You turn around and see Mrs. Cora Schultz standing behind you in full business attire.

“Am I in way?”

Cora gives you a look of disgust as if hearing you speak is some form of degeneracy.

“Keep your mouth shut cabbage eater! You’re stinking up the place.”

You genuinely double over laughing at that remark.

“What the hell is so amusing Hunky?!”

You just laugh even harder.

Cora gets flustered as everyone in the store comes over to find out what’s so funny.

You manage to recompose yourself.

“Twice!! Twice you insult my Heritage!!! And Twice you use wrong slur! (Bursts out laughing). I not even mad, just impressed by stupidity. (cackles like a hyena) oh that made day for me!”

You pick out the collar and tags, pay the clerk then leave the store.

On your way home You swing by Cisnero’s a family owned gun shop and gunsmithing business

The shop is owned and run by Bonafede Cisnero (Fede for short) a short Cuban man in his early 50s ,with skin like polished amber.

You see one of Duncan’s friends Mr Kukatja being handed a Greener-martini shotgun.

“There you go Mr Kukatja good as…. Well not quite good as new but she runs safely and that’s really all that matters.”

Mr Kukatja smiles.

“Thank you fede, one of my few pleasures in life is keeping this old thunder pipe cracking.”

Fede chuckles.

“Now if you could only find 12/14 gauge shells “

Mr Kukatja smiles

“Yeah that’s a bit of a problem these days.”

Fede looks at Mr Kukatja

“It’s kind of weird that you have one of these.”

Mr Kukatja tenses up.

“Well I’m a weird guy so it fits”

Mr Kukatja hands Fede some cash and leaves the store without a word.

Fede turns to you.

“ hey Biskup what can I do for you?”

“ a box of the cheapest 5.56 ammo you sell.”

“Coming right up “

Your curiosity gets the best of you.

“Fede what makes Mr Kukatja’s shotgun strange?”

“It’s not so much the shotgun itself but rather the shells it takes. 12/14 gauge was designed for use in prisons. The shells are non standard making it nearly impossible for a prisoner to escape and find ammunition for them. It’s not that it’s illegal to own them, it’s just strange for someone to use a collector’s item for hunting when he could buy a really nice 12 gauge shotgun for half of what he pays to fix that one.”

Fede rings you up and bids you farewell as you leave the shop and head home.


This is a picture of a genuine 12-14 gauge shotgun shell


Man, Cora’s a bitch. At least she’s a stupid one.


Yeah she acts really odd almost like she’s been exposed to cast iron for long periods of time , usually you would have to eat food cooked in old cast iron skillets your entire life to get this kind of unhinged whiplash of personality. Perhaps she’s been breathing it in? But where would she find a place with so much cast iron that the particles would be airborne?

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It’s a mystery

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Gee, I wonder.

Also, do I need to stop using cast iron? I love my comal. :pleading_face:

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I’m not sure but definitely look into it. It’s one of the reasons people get dementia. It eventually flakes off into the food . It could only be a problem with older cast iron cookware

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Oh, good. Mine is nice and new. Can’t say as much for the antiques I use, but the cast iron is safe.

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