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Hey everyone. Here’s my first attempt at a sandbox. Any tips for how to make it more depressing are appreciated. Hope you cry.

A lone foal wanders the alleys of a bustling city. Her little stomach growling in hunger as she huus sadly. She desperately needed to find nummies for her family. Being the strongest of her siblings it was her job to go out and find anything, but she didn’t know where to find nummies or even what nummies looked like. The only nummies she knew of were her mummah milkies but she didn’t see any milkies around anywhere.

She saw the humans walking around and remembered her mummah telling her some humans were meanies so she wasn’t sure what humans were nice and which ones weren’t. But with her stomachs much deeper and more guttural growl called out. She built up what courage she had and went put into the open and towards the nicest human she could see.

A young punk with pink dyed mohawk sat at a bus stop with a lit cigarette in his hand. As he took a drag he heard a small peep at his boot and looked down to see a dirty feral foal using her hoof to bat at his shoe.

“Pwetty nice mistah pwease hewp bestes’ babbeh?” The foal asked.

“Help? I’m not a fluffy exterminator shit ball.” The punk said and was about to put his cigarette out on the foal’s face.

“Pwease nice mistah babbeh famiwy nee’ nummies! Fwuffie mummah sickies an’ nu can get nummies huuhuu!!” The foal tells and begins to tear up.

The punk scowls at the useless creatures cries. He’d much rather just stomp the little pest and be done with it… but these boots are new and he doesn’t want to have to clean them… so he gets another idea. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a pack of gum. He then proceeds to peel off the wrapping off the sticks and quickly sticks them together into a ball.

The foal sniffles as she hugs the punks boot watching him make a pretty pink ball out of strange sweet smelling squares. He then holds it to the little feral foal.

“Her take this, it’s magic food or some shit it’ll make your mom feel better.” The punk said not believing he’s putting this much effort into getting this thing to leave him alone.

The baby foal gasps out in shock and then chirps in joy as she hugs the magic nummies.

“Tank 'ou nice pwetty mistah! Babbeh take nummies to mummah nao!” The foal peeps.

The punk lets the little shit machine take the ball and watches her push it along the ground with her nose. Seeing the gum quickly picking up bits of dirt, glass, shit, paper, and anything else littering the ground as she takes the ball back down the alley she came from.

The lone foal happily shoves the ball quickly. So happy that she met one of the nice humans and she even got magic nummies for her mummah! Once her mummah eats it she’ll be all better and can get nummies herself again and then she will get the best milkies again!

The foal approaches an awful smelling dumpster and squeezes herself and the gum ball behind it to an open vent in the wall and into a crawl space of the building. She goes towards the sounds of soft sobs of her hungry siblings and the more painfully cries of her mother.

“Mummah mummah! Bestes’ babbeh find magic nummies it make mummah feew bettew!” The foal calls out.

The four malnourished looking siblings all chirp and peep happily at their sister’s return. The mother fluffy smiles at her bestest baby as she tries to sit up but screes in pain as she falls back to her side.

The mother whines as she looks at her mangled leg and torn side. Both leaking green thick stinky wawa. It had been bitten by a barky monster some time again. But that was not her only injury as her eye was ripped out by the same barky monster and the stinky green wawa leaked from there too.

“Mummah bestes’ babbeh huggies make bettew!” The foal cries and hugs her mothers face.

“It otay’ bestes’ babbeh, magic nummies make mummah bettah wight?” The mother cooed and licked her baby.

The foal nodded and quickly nudged the ball towards her mother’s face. The sweet scent of the food seemed to only add to the supposed magic of it. The mother quickly took bite after bite out of it. The baby foals all watched as their mother greedily munched at the ball so quickly she didn’t swallow any of it. Her cheeks filled quickly, the softening gum became mush and slowed her speed of chewing. In the next bite the mother suddenly let out a muffled scream of pain as a shard of glass stabbed into his mouth.

The babies all looked confused at their mothers sudden cries of new pain as she tried to spit out the glass and gum. But in the pursuit of getting healthy quickly, she over-stuffed herself and was unable to spit out the large soft wad of gum. Her one functional eye tears up as she tries to call for her babies to help her.

“B-Bab glaag, heff… ba- ummies!” She attempts to speak.

The four frail foals all renew their chirps and cries of fear at their mothers distress.


“Nummies, nu magic?”

“Waaaaaaaaa wan’ mulkies!!!”

One foal just hacks and coughs harshly and wobbles in place.

“Nu nummies am magic! Nice mistah say su!” The best baby says in distress.

As their mother wiggles helplessly on the ground her front hooves attempt to pull the gum out of her mouth to no avail as she huffs air into her nose and tries to push it back out her mouth. In doing so the gum starts to inflate out into a small bubble. The one healthy foal sees the gum push out as she rushes over to her mother and watches the inflating mass growing.

“Mummah make pwetty baw! See nummies am magic!” The foal chirps happily.

The bubble then inflates larger before her as she stares at it transfixed, but then a loud pop is heard.

“Screeee!” The best baby cries.

The mother fluffy huffs and puffs as with the bubbles pop she can breathe with her mouth again. She still had the pain of the glass in her mouth due to the amount of gum she had, some of it still clung to the roof of her mouth. She sobs softly but then notices the new cries before her.

She looks with her eye to see her one healthy baby squirming in a sticky mass that was the bubble she blew. The baby was stuck not just to the ground but also to itself in an odd twisted angle. The gum having made her fur matted to itself as she cries.

“Mummah mummah Waaaa bestes’ babbeh stuckies!!!”

The mother huffs and tries again to get up to help her baby but the pain from her wounds again causes her to slump over. She tries again and again only causing her more pain as her eyes swell in tears at her inability to help.

“Waaaa mummah hewp babbeh!!!” The gum baby cries.

“Cheep cheep babbeh hab tummy huwties!” One of the other babies cries.

“Milkies… milikies…” one baby gasped harshly.

The third baby sucks at their mothers nipple, sobbing as they still got no nourishing milk from the flat breast.

The fourth baby just lays on the ground breathing harshly as it then vomits a mix of crimson and green bile and just stares off.

The mother begins to cry more heavily from her eye as she then yells out in anguish.

“Am bad mummah bad bad bad mummah! Waaaaaaaaa mummah hewp babbeh waaaaa huuhuu huuuu!!”

The mother fluffy keeps calling for her own mother for help as her own cries drown out the cries of her babies.

A day passes as the stuck baby still squirms in the dried stuck gum to her fur. Being far too weak as a baby fluffy to pull herself free. Her three remaining siblings lay around as their mother laid on the ground, her one eye red from sobbing so hard. Her face slack from the overwhelming depression of her failure. She just stares off knowing what is to come for her and her babies, and knowing she is unable to do anything to stop it.

One of the babies has crawled to the remains of the gumball their mother didn’t chew up. It attempts to eat. But it has no teeth to properly chew and just gums at the ball, making it slightly soggy but not much else. Its tears drip off its face as it grows too tired to keep trying to eat and slumps where it lays. Too weak to even call out for help.

The second baby keeps batting at its mothers breast for milk trying to lift its heavy head to get to the nipple but unable to. It peeps and tries to pull itself up but the smooth skin of the tit doesn’t give any grip for its tender hooves and it slips down. As it falls down it flips and lands on it’s back, it’s spine not cushioned by fat and muscle snaps. It cries out as it helplessly wiggles it’s front hooves and head. Now unable to move it’s back legs as it lays stuck on it’s back, confused why it’s back legs don’t work now.

The third baby breathes in heavy gasp as it looks at the body of its fourth sibling that went forever sleepies yesterday. Its mouth waters as it then tries to bite down on the face of the stiff body. But just like it’s other sibling and the gum, it has no teeth and can’t tear anything off the corpse. The baby mushes with its gums trying to break off anything for it to eat. It has a look of fury on its face as it can only think of how all of this isn’t fair! Why did it’s mommy have to get owwies and get sick? Why did it never get milkies? Why did its dummy sissy bring back dummy nummies that didn’t help? It kept chewing at the body angry and scared to go forever sleepies.

The second day. The baby stuck in the gum sobs to itself as her growing hunger was getting unbearable. Beside her she knew her sibling was now forever sleepies laying next to the mean magic nummies. At her mother’s milky place the baby with the broken back just stares up as its last few breaths gasp out. At it’s back end was a pile of what little waste it had staind its paralyzed legs. The baby that attempted to eat the body was crawling very slowly and with great effort towards the exit of the crawl space.

“Peep! Peep! Pwease hewp babbeh!! Nee’ milkies peep cheep!” They called out not even yet outside for anyone to hear them.

The fluffy mother is still as she was the day before. Having accepted that this was it. This was the end. The stinky wawa from her wounds flowed heavier as she felt her whole body was now too heavy for her to move.

“Mummah, pwease hewp babbeh…. Why no hewp?” The gum stuck baby asked.

The mother’s eye doesn’t even look at her baby. She dares not look and see the sorry state of her bestest. Fearing to see her as she looked just like her special friend. He went forever sleepies from a meanie human. She didn’t want to see her baby in pain and sadness. She wants to keep the vision of her baby before all this happened. Happy and healthy… happy and healthy.

The third day. The baby who crawled for the exit seemed to have made it out. But didn’t make it far as it’s half eaten body lay in the alley, being nibbled on by a stray cat.

The gum baby cries still as she felt her body was painfully stiff from being stuck in this twisted angle for so long. Having little strength left to try and break free she still looked to her mother to save her.

“Mummah….mummah pwease…. Nu wub babbeh nu mo’?” She asked.

The mother didn’t respond… she just kept breathing softly. Her mind long lost to her daydreams of a false happy life. Thinking of her babies all playing and her special friend and her shared sketties…. Yes, this was reality to her… nothing existed besides this… nothing.

The fourth day. The gum foal wakes from a restless night of sleep as she looks around and sees she is still stuck in her cruel fate. She peeps as she shits and pees what last bit of waste out of her body, it being trapped against her due to the gum and causing cockroaches to begin to crawl all over her smelly yet sweet prison.

But the cockroaches weren’t just on her. They were all over what was once her home as they ate the bodies of her three dead siblings, and began to feed off her mother as well.

“D-Dummeh buggies! Mummah nu am nummies!” The last foal yelled.

She looked at her mother expecting her to kick and squish the bugs. But she did nothing. The baby was confused why her mother didn’t do anything to save her. She peeped out to try and get her mothers attention. But then she saw a cockroach crawl over her mothers open unblinking eye and started to eat at it.

“Mummah?.. mummah buggies nomming see pwace!!... Mummah?” She called out.

The realization began to come to her… her mother was gone… she went forever sleepies, She was alone… alone. No one was going to save her. No she doesn’t want to go forever sleepies too! NO NO NO NO NO NO!

she began to sob heavily and uses what very little strength she has to try again to break herself free.


She yelled out for anyone to be her savior… but no one hears her pleading for mercy. Begging anything to save her. She is alone.


@I_might_be_weasel right up your alley


Oh that’s the stuff and that the bestes baby had to suffer the longest just perfect

Well she was the most healthy. Felt right she be the one to outlive everyone even her own mother.

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This was amazing. Sad box nah straight up bleakbox. I have no sympathy for the mother tho maybe if she fed her babbehs equally they may have had a chance at survival but no she had to have a bestest so it got to eat more mature faster talk and walk. Love the fact that one wanted to go cannibal to survive. I gotta say you have donee very well for your first sadbox. Well done.

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Thank you. I guess the whole bestest baby thing being the most well fed was just my use to writing abuse stuff. I feel like it’s easier to enjoy abuse stuff when the fluffies do little corrupt things like mistreat a baby cause it’s bad colored or an alicorn. It’s that feeling of karma coming back on them that I like about abuse. And I do enjoy sandbox but feel like whenever I try to write it it never comes off as sad to me.

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As a fellow abuser I completely understand. That sweet sweet karma, that righteous indignation feel oh I completely understand it. And yeah it’s hard to do sad box if you’re not a hugboxer but bleakbox definitely yes. Something so sweet facing the cruelty of this world is so good. Also nice touch with the mare escaping reality really did sell it for me. Hope to see more from you!

Thanks. I actually have a few stories posted already if you didn’t know. If you meant more bleak or sandbox stuff then I for sure want to make some more.

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