Stoplight's Secret Mission! (Fluffsploder)

Stoplight is a bowl fluffy with a very special job and a daddy who loves them very, very much! They’ve been practising for many forevers, and now’s the big day! Let’s see how Stoplight does!

Had this idea knocking around for a while - forgive the roughness! Wish I had time to make it fancy!


The best part is, because Fluffies are 43% shit, the amount of methane released from their body during the initial explosion actually sets off a secondary explosion, albeit a much smellier one.


That’s why Daddeh took Stoplight to Taco Bell before the job. Yum yum!


I’m surprised booby trapped fluffies is such an underutilized concept it just seems so obvious, I’ve only seen it like three or four times


The Russians did the same thing with dogs, but with tanks and they succeeded but they trained them with Russian tanks soo you can guess how that went.


Seems like a bit of a waste to raise a fluffy just for a short one-off role but

You did good, Stoplight. You did good.


Good. Let’s blow up some more and get loot from it all.

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Stoplight, you did your species proud.

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When I saw the guy in the mask I thought this was going to be about S&M.

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Aww man. Fluffies being told they’ll go to skettiland if they do this… The possibilities. Oof.


“Wha’ Ess an’ Emm, daddeh? ‘Ou mean sketties an’ mummah?!”

[Motorized dildo sounds] Uhhh, sure sure sure.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I love fluffies with jobs they are the best :slight_smile:

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Best use for the shitbags

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I imagine IRA, Isis, Hamas and other terrorist organisations using bowl, and regular Fluffies alike this way. Wery good idea.

What probably would happen if fluffies existed in the Payday universe.
Bain:okay gang! The armored transport is approaching, prepare to deploy the over fed shitrat and don’t forget to arm the C-4!