Storm's first day at Daycare: Chapter 1 (Story by FalloutToonLink)

Today was Storm’s first day at a daycare. Link wanted Storm to meet new friends and play with other fluffies. Also, Link started a paranormal investigation agency called the Midnight Sons: Paranormal Investigation and Elimination Service. He even made a hotline and everything. paranormal investigating is no place for a fluffy, so that’s also why Link is signing Storm up for daycare. “Whewe am daddeh takin’ stowm?” asked Storm, looking confused as Link carried her in arm to the Slipgate. “I’m taking you to you first day at daycare.” said Link with a smile. “Daycawe? wha am dat?” asked Storm. “Daycare is where fluffies are dropped off for the day and get to play with toys, and meet new friends, until their owners come put them up at the end of the day. I’m hoping you might meet some new friends.” Link and Storm passed through the Slipgate portal and were transport to a rather nice looking building. Carpdime’s Happy Fluffy Daycare, which was an entire franchise of fluffy daycares created by Carpdime, a prominent member of the Fluffy Community and creator of the Carpdime fluffy breed. “Am dis daycawe?” asked Storm, with widened violet eyes. “Yep, this is daycare.” said Link. Link walked into the building and went to the front desk to sign Storm in. A nice lady at the front desk was on the phone, she was short and cute, most likely in College or Highschool. “I’m here to drop off my fluffy.” Link said to the young woman. “One moment, Sir.” The lady finished her phone call. The lady looked up and stared in fear, she’s never seen anyone that tall before (Link was 7’3"). “H…how may I h…help you today s…sir?” asked the lady. “I’m here to drop off my fluffy.” said Link. The lady gave Link a clipboard with signup forms.

Fluffy’s name: Storm

Owner’s Name: Link Jason Flair

Breed: Carpdime

Fluffy’s gender: Female

Fluffy Type: Alicorn

Fluffy’s age: 2 Months

Link finished signing the form and gave it back to the lady. “Ok, looks like everything is in order. Please leave you fluffy here and I’ll take her to one of the rooms here.” Said the lady. “Ok. Oh, in case of any emergency, call me.” Said Link to the lady. “Bye Storm, I’ll see you this afternoon ok. Be good and have fun.”. “Otay’, daddeh.” said Storm. Link left the building.

Author’s note: I decided not to continue the storyline, The Slayer and the Alicorn. So, I’m writing a new story, which is this one.


Chapter 2 is now out