Story Idea: Chirin No Suzu (Fluffy Addition)

Chirin No Suzu is a story about a lamb who loses his mother to a wolf, becomes the apprentice of the wolf, and grows up to be a ruthless killer.

I’d love to see a sadbox story based on it.

If I write one myself, Chirin will be a white unicorn fluffy and Woe (the wolf) will be a seeker (a revamped hunting friend with elements of Cleveland 'verse fuzzies mixed in).

UPDATE: I’m in the process of writing my version of this concept now.


So I just Googled Chirin No Suzu and sweet merciful God, this story is depressing! I do think a fluffy version would be fascinating to read, so hopefully one of our resident sadbox scribes gives it a shot.

On a side note, I can’t believe this film got green lit for children. Even in the 80s with all the extremely dark children’s programming, even in Japan where there is a much higher threshold for what constitutes a kid’s cartoon, i I cannot believe this got dropped into theaters! It’s stuff like this that makes me unabashedly love Japanese culture.


And here I thought you followed Star’s Story : P

Also: Chirin’s Bell is a frickin’ AWESOME story.


I’ve decided to try and write one myself, but if anyone else also wants to please do. :slight_smile:

First part here: Ringing Bell [Part 1] (by Pushka)