Straight to the meatgrinder. (by: artist-kun)

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Pushes blue one back in slowly-Screee nu nu wan to be nummies screeeeeeeeeeee.
Ok I guess.
Weelllyyy-gives happy hopeful eyes-
Hmmmmmm naaaaahh-punches straight into the face-
Reeeeeeeeeeeee-crunch crunch crunch-…


This is your reminder that throwing your fluffies straight into the grinder makes the meat inevitable. Skin and gut them first! (Whether you kill them before skinning and cutting is up to you.)


What bout foals? Still need to boil dip to remove their fur? Before throwing into the grinder?


But if its dog or cat food they dont really give a shit for people you wanna skin and clean them

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Not necessarily if you have a surgical steady hand you can just skin em as is


Just like peelin a potato :grin:

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Exactly or a onion


In my headcanon it’s fine to throw in newborn chirpies; but anything older than that is going to contaminate the meat with fecal matter (very bad), fur (not actively dangerous but not really great in ground meat), and so on. So with the exception of newborn chirpies, you want to gut and skin foals, too.


( take note ) got it…makes sense too either u press em foals to empty their bowels then dip em on hot and still boiling water to remove fur, then removed the innards before grinning…

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Stener: talking about making a fluffy burger
Quespike: confused as fuck
Questen: confused streech

Just put a foal !

Yeah handy if you doesn’t want your shitrat anymore.

Rise and grind indeed.

I hate meat with fluff/hair.
:nauseated_face: :face_vomiting: