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If you shave a fluffy, how long until the hair grows back?

I was writing a story when this question came to mind. I know they are mashed up genetics, but which part of those genes contributes to their hair and fur growth? Is it a slow process? a quick one? I know only like 4 animals to possibly compare to.

Depending on the breed, Horses hair grows .5 inches to 1.5 inches per month

Depending on ethnicity, Human hair grows .5 inches

Depending on the breed, Sheep wool grows 0.5 cm per month

If its a non-shedding breed, Dogs can grow their fur 0.25 inches per week

I’m sorry if this is confusing and maybe I’m just going a bit too deep into detail, but my story needs an idea of when the fur and hair grows back. I also want to know more of people headcannons on this strange subject before i can maybe make my own or go with someone else’s headcannon.


Well, given the nature of the fluffy as being the bioengineering equivalent of a rube goldberg machine, you could pick it to be whatever you want. In my own the fluffiness tends to be designed to be extra silky and also bounce back quickly from injury, including surgeries which would require shaving. As long as there’s no burns or chemical trauma I’d say a fluffy could be denuded and have it grown back again in two months, with some more time for the mane and tail to be full again.


My fluffies grow rapidly, get hungry faster, and poop frequently. Their fluff usually comes back within a month. My fluffies are the first ever bioengineered organisms, and because of that, they are subject to what all new technologies go through. First iteration technologies are often plagued with bugs and lethargic interfaces and unforseen incompatibility with new and old tech alike. Fluffies should be no different. For example, they are not adept at wilderness survival. My fluffies don’t have a diverse diet, therefore their poop is often poorly digested, often greasy like olive oil. They also see everything as a friend, including inanimate objects, which often sees them getting hurt. So in reality, it’s whatever you want it to be. Do you want your fluffies to be the result of rigorous testing and top-of-the-line tech? Do you want them to react hilariously to let phrases such as “Fluffy, what is love?” It depends on you. IMO


“Fluffy, what is best in life?”

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Considering many headcanons have a fluffy go from chirpeh babbeh to sexual maturity having foals of their own in a span of only 6-8 weeks (obviously that’s a generalized estimate), I’d say fluffies probably grow their fluff back extremely fast.

Depending on how big fluffies are in your headcanon, for example, a fluffy the size of a dog that you mentioned could probably grow it’s fluff at a rate of an inch per week. Maybe more. Maybe 0.25 inches per week for smaller cat-sized fluffies.

Looking at the other answers here, it looks like the general consensus is fluffies would grow their fluff back much quicker than the average animal.

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OtherCoraline has a point, fluffys are seen to mature like most small rodents (weeks). So I also say it would take like one week to not be naked and two to three weeks to be fluffy again.

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