Stumpy's Torment - by BloodyBoots

Stumpy’s Torment

You are Stumpy; a brown earthy stallion with an amputated front right leg. You are a rescue from a local shelter. Your new daddy brought you home, promising nice things, only to be mean and give you hurties. He punished you by leaving you in the tub with only a couple dishes of kibble and water, and a cardboard box with newspaper in it for a litter box.

It was like that for a couple days. But daddy promised to let you out of the tub as long as you didn’t make any messies or bad potties. You were good and kept your promise, and, finally, so did daddy. He let you out of the tub and let you into the bathroom.

But there was also a new fluffy in the room; a yellow Pegasus with black mane and brown spots. Daddy called her Punky. She was bigger than you, and full of powerful energy. She was almost a smarty, but daddy gave her hurties and kept her in line.

Both of you were in the bathroom together for a couple days and things were ok. You had kibble and water and Punky liked playing. However it was difficult for you to play due to your missing leg, and this frustrated Punky. She also started eating all the food, leaving you hungry and weak.

One night daddy came home and said he was going to make Sketti! You were so excited! Daddy also let you out of the bathroom into the apartment; your new housie! You and Punky both ran out into the open living room and kitchen area and ran around excitedly. Daddy played music and sang songs with you! You were so happy that you forgot about your tummy hurties from being hungry and tired. You were running on pure adrenaline at this point.

Unfortunately, the excitement had Punky very riled up. She began playing with you even though you didn’t want to. She became more aggressive with each attack until finally you were on your back, desperately showing submission and begging her to stop. But the aggression had taken over, she was enjoying dominating you, and she loved using you as her play toy.

To make matters worse, daddy didn’t stop her! He just laughed as he watched your suffering. This made her attacks turn vicious. She was no longer playing, but full on attacking you for daddy’s amusement.

Her favorite move was to grip as much of your skin and fluff in her mouth, then violently shake you like a ragdoll. She would do this until finally you slipped from her grip, either by the grease of drool or by losing a clump of your fluff in her teeth. She would repeat this process again and again. In between these attacks she would give “sorry hoofsies”, stomping you with her hooves. When this didn’t work she went back to biting.

One time she got ahold of your ear, which was especially painful. All of the tender nerve endings and capillaries were ripped and torn between her strong jaws. The pain was horrific, like razors slicing to your brain.

And daddy just pointed and laughed. He enjoyed your suffering like an evil emperor watching gladiators fight. He cheered Punky on while making fun of you for not being able to defend yourself. Why was daddy so mean to you? He had promised sketti and freedom, but all you got was abuse.

That was when daddy finally set the sketti down on the floor. At last, some relief from your torment! Sketti would make everything better. You had worstest hurties, and heart hurties too, but soon your belly would be full of joy.


Punky bucked her back legs, kicking you hard in the face. This sent you tumbling backwards, rolling head over heel as daddy laughed. But you wouldn’t give up! You tried again and again, only to be continually kicked backwards. You could smell the spaghetti, hear it being devoured by Punky as the gobbled it up like a greedy pig. The pile of spaghetti shrank quickly as you desperately tried to reach the plate, there was little time left. Maybe if you could get the the other side you could get some before it was gone!

You limped as fast as you could around the center island of the kitchen and living room, slowly making your way around the other side of the plate.

“Around he goes folks!” Daddy jeered. “Will he make it in time?”

You ignored daddy’s teasing and ran up to the opposite side of the plate, only to be greeted by Punky’s snarling face, dripping with red sauce as she growled.

“Dis my sketti.” She said threateningly. “Go eat poopies, dummeh poopie fwuffy.”

Daddy laughed again. “She just told you to go eat shit, hahaha!”

Your heart hurties grew worse as daddy refused to help you. You begged him to make Punky share the last remaining bites of sketti, only to have him deny your request.

“It’s not my fault you’re so weak and pathetic.” Daddy sneered.

You finally gave up. You returned to the bathroom and ate what little kibble there was left before drinking some water and laying on the rug, defeated. There would be no sketti for you tonight.

Daddy was soon asleep and Punky was “playing” with you again, gripping your fluff in her teeth and thrashing you back and forth. You had given up on trying to stop her, now your main focus was on trying to run away, but she was relentless.


She hammered down on you with her hooves.


She tore at your bruised and battered loose skin, shaking you again.


She bucked with her back hooves and kicked you hard across the floor.

You just lay there, not even trying to run anymore. You give up. You curl in a ball for defense and simply let the mare attack you. This frustrates her.

“Pway!” She demanded! “Wun away, dummeh poopy babbeh!”

She continued to stomp you as you held your breath and tensed up to resist her hooves. Eventually she gives up and goes into the bathroom for some water and potties.

This was your chance!

You quietly limp into the back bedroom, looking for a place to hide. You see a dark place under the bed. It’s a tight fit, but you’re just barely able to squeeze underneath. You slowly pull yourself forward inch by inch until finally you’re under the bed. It’s uncomfortable, but with some careful positioning you’re able to curl up and get some much needed sleep.

You awake to the sound of daddy yelling at you. You’re still so tired you barely hear him at first.

“Get out here right now stumpy!” He screams at you.

You struggle to move but your panic overwhelms you. You tell daddy that you’re stuck and he lifts up the bed for you to come out. You’re greeted by Punky who sniffes you eagerly, ready to attack. You cower away as you try to get the the bathroom so you can make good potties in the litterbox, but Punky attacks you.

“Let him go potty, Punky!” Yells daddy. You’re saved! For now at least.

You limp to the litter box and go potty like a good fluffy. You notice that daddy is following you and watching you closely. Are you in trouble for hiding? What could it be?

Suddenly daddy picks you up after you finish going potty and he puts you in the tub with scary water! You try to explain your fear, but daddy hits you and warns you to stay quiet or he’ll give worstest hurties. You do your best to remain silent as daddy scrubs your booboos, which are all over your body. Your ears are especially tender, but daddy scrubs them hard anyways, ignoring your wincing and whimpering.

He then scrubs your backside, rubbing are you poopie place and pulling yucky clumps off of you. It hurts but you make sure to stay as quiet as you can; daddy’s hits are worse than these ouchies. Soon he is rinsing you off and wraps you in a big warm towel.

For a moment you feel a little better! Your all clean now and you smell pretty! Daddy rubs you all over with the towel and it feels almost like huggies! It’s so nice to not have hurties, although you’re still sore from Punky’s attacks.

Daddy then trims your mane and tail so that they are much shorter. You are sad to lose your tail, but you make sure not to complain. Finally daddy blows hot air all over you with some kind of blowy thing and it makes you feel hot and dry.

Once the hot air is done, daddy sets you down and tells Punky not to fight with you! He even helps protect you while you get some kibble and water! Daddy was being so nice, it was wonderful!

Soon daddy picked you up after putting a leash on you and explains that you’re going outside. He warns you to be good, listen, don’t make messies, and stay quiet. You made sure to agree without any argument.

You were so tired, and the combination of the warm bath and being in daddy’s arms made you sleepy. You decided it was safe to sleep since daddy never said not to. You were soon napping in his arms as your troubles melted away.

You woke up to daddy rubbing your snout. You look around and see other humans and fluffies around you on a big blanket at the park. You smell the fresh air in your nose and feel the sunshine on your face. It’s amazing!

But you’re still scared. Daddy warned you to be quiet, so you stay still as another fluffy comes up to you. She was a tan Pegasus, would she hurt you like Punky does? No, she starts licking your face! You feel a tingle in you no no stick as she keeps licking your. She’s so pretty and nice!

You find out that her name is Sandy. Her human gives her some blocks to play with! You’re so happy, until she notices your missing front leg. She licks the stump where your leg used to be and asks you where it went.

You explain that it was broken and then gone the next day. This meant you couldn’t hold and stack blockies like she could. This made Sandy sad and she started to cry! You had heart hurties as she crawled into her humans arms for huggies and love. You were so upset that you couldn’t play with the blocks! Daddy stacked them for you and you poked them with your hoof to knock them down. It was fun, but not the same as stacking them yourself.

You crawled back in daddy’s lap and hid your sadness away from everyone, feeling ashamed about your handicap. You wished so hard to have your leg back, but no matter how hard you tried, you were still a crippled, three legged, poopie fluffy.

Your heart hurt so much, you hated your life, you tried not to cry as you softly whispered to yourself… “Wan die.”

Soon you fell asleep again; your only escape from the cruel reality you were trapped in. You didn’t wake up until you were back home. Daddy set you down on the floor and you tried to run and hide quickly before Punky came out of the bathroom, but daddy stopped you for some reason. You cowered in a ball and waited in terror as daddy released Punky from her saferoom. She came out and immediately started sniffing you, curious about all of your new smells.

“Why oo smew funny, poopeh dummeh?” She asked, licking her nose. “Whew oo an daddeh go?”

You say nothing, you just remain curled up and shivering.

Then daddy went into the kitchen and started cooking. Soon the apartment was full of yummy smells, it smelled like sketti! Punky noticed this as well and started heading towards the kitchen. This was good; she was distracted and wouldn’t bother you for a while. You huddle at the bottom of daddy’s big chair and peeked around the corner to watch.

Soon the sketti was done and smelled so good. Your mouth watered and your tummy growled as you watched daddy pick up the plate. You decided to be brave and limp closer to see if maybe, just maybe, daddy would help you get some this time.

But this time it was different. Daddy said something very surprising. He wanted you give special huggies to Punky in return for sketti? Daddy wanted tummy babies!

Part of you was strangely happy. You had never thought about having babies before. You would be a daddy! But with Punky as the mother your joy quickly turned back into fear. You were terrified of her, how would this even be possible.

But daddy was determined. He forced Punky to obey, and made you mount her, holding you firmly so that you couldn’t fall off because of your missing leg. You tried to tell tell daddy that your no no stick wasn’t working and this made him angry.

Luckily this time he didn’t hit you. Instead he started rubbing your special lumps, which made you feel embarrassed and scared. You accidentally told him this and he yelled at you, reminding you that you were his property and must do as he said. You kept trying, but it wasn’t working!

Then daddy reminded you of Sandy, the kind, pretty mare from the park who shared her blocks with you. You did your best to focus your thoughts on her as daddy continued rubbing your lumps. You remembered Sandy licking your face… and it worked! Your no no stick became hard and you stuck it inside of Punky’s special place.

From there your instincts began to take over and you rapidly humped her. You finished quickly and felt your special sticky goo come out of your no no stick into Punky’s warm special place. Daddy made you stay to ensure all of it drained out.

When you were done daddy let you go. He set the sketti down, but Punky hogged it to herself again. You dared not fight her for it and went to the bathroom to eat the last bit of kibble instead. At least you got something in your tummy before sleepy time. You fell asleep on the bathroom rug, hoping that you could get some sleep before more suffering happened.

You awoke the the pain of hooves stomping against your tender flesh. Punky was locked in the bathroom with you, and daddy wasn’t there to stop her. You cried in terror as she began tearing into your fluff and shaking you rapidly back and forth like a rope toy. It hurt so much!

You backed into a corner and curled into a ball in hope that Punky would lose interest like last time. She stomped you with sorry hoofsies again and again before biting and dragging your back out of the corner. She bit your ear and ground her teeth tight as she yanked on it, pulling you out of your corner screaming in agony.

“Pweez stop huwties Stumpy!” You begged her.

She refused to listen and instead shook her head, tearing your poor ear open and causing blood to drip from it. She then grabbed your throat and chomped down hard, making it nearly impossible for you to breathe. She pressed you against the floor as she shook her head with your throat in her mouth, growling as she assaulted you.

This went on for hours until she was finally tired. She had bitten and shook every inch of your body, covering you in bruises and torn patches of fluff. Stomp, rip, tear, kick, chase, repeat.

Eventually you were too tired to move or resist her attacks. You simply lay limp as the mare chewed and shook you as her favorite toy. Your face was wet with drool and tears, and your body was matted and wet from being gnawed.

Finally she grew bored and decided to go to sleep. She kicked you off of the soft rug and banished you to the hold, hard floor. You limped to the corner and laid down. You were in so much pain, both in your body and your heart.

“Wan die.” You whispered to yourself over and over until exhaustion finally overwhelmed you.

Original source: Call of the Jellenheimer - Chapter 1 - By BloodyBootes



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Binch i was late for only 6 minutes. How am i going to do my big scary thing if you have already left?
Anyway, you forgot to put your name in the title.

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Sounds like the recipe for a cosy existence of delightful frolics!

Oh dear, Stumpy still has some self-respect.

A good example of a fluff who might actually appreciate hearing about some of the other abuse going on. Knowing things could be worse is at least something.

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Thank you! Yea sorry I was off to bed lol

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A shitty dad and an abusive mate.

Fuck Stumpy, maybe death is the better way out for you. Just close your eyes, think of Sandy and let it all drift away into nothing.

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