Style Testing 2 (bMori)

Here we go, style testing round two!

Thank you everyone for the feedback on my first post and the warm welcome.

I think this batch is a bit more polished looking and more easily identifiable as Fluffies than the first group, though maybe it’s at the cost of being a little stiffer feeling. At the very least I have some good references for the two stories I’m working on.


They look so cartoony and dumb, I love it


These are the stupidest looking critters I have ever seen.

Bravo. They are perfect. No notes. 10/10 stars.

Stylistically, I prefer the first batch, they had so much personality. but I can understand why the masses would choose these.


Theyre so cute I want to kick them

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look at this adorable booger. omg.



I am getting a strong memory of Dexter’s Lab and their parody of MLP from those bottom set.

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The chirpies are PERFECTION. No notes.

This style is cartoony brilliance. These fluffies are equal parts lovable, pitiable, and detestable. We will watch your career with great interest.

The first batch was fantastic tbh. These are great too!

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The snoots make me think some mad scientist put rubber bands around them to stop them from developing normally.

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