Survival of the Foal-ist 2: The Journey Part 1 (by Nundevwizer)

“Whu Dat Scawface?”

Sun asked as they stood atop the pile of garbage overlooking the alleyway.

“Awone mawe. Nu babbehs wit’hewe.”

They both looked down at Lemon Tart as she fell asleep in her box. After a few moments, Scarface breaks the silence; he turns to Sun.

“Wha Smawtie wan Scawface du?”

“Wait.” Sun said. “Sum fwuffy ben steawin’ nummies fwom hewd. Dat mawe mai be da cuwpwit.”

Scarface raised his eyebrow with uncertainty.

“Awe yu suwe?” He asked.

In recent days, Fireball, Sun’s special friend and colonel in charge of keeping the herd fed and healthy reported that some of the herd’s food has gone missing, and an encounter the previous night has led Sun and the rest of his colonels to believe that someone has been stealing from the herd’s food stores.

“Eidew she tae nummies owa she attwact da weaw nummie steawew. Weew see! Kee’ an eye on hew.”

Scarface winced as when Sun said the word ‘eye’ it briefly reminded him of the horrible pain when that cat scratched his left eye.

Sun immediately caught his friend’s discomfort.

“Sowwy. Aye mean tu say tu watch hewe an see wha she does

Scarface sighs and gives a small smile. “Tank ‘ou.”

Sun gives him a nod and briefly looks back at Lemon Tart before turning to leave.

“Wet mi knu when she dus sumting. Am guin back tu sweepies.”

“Otay Smawtie.”

As Sun took his leave, Scarface remained on top of the trash pile to watch over Lemon Tart.

Minutes pass and nothing happens. Lemon Tart was fast asleep in her box. Suddenly, a light blue Pegasus with a white mane wandered into the alleyway having only managed to escape getting neutered the previous day.

“Haha! Skywaw gea away fwom dummeh mummah. Skywaw keep speciaw wumps. Skywaw gun habe aww dah speciaw huggies in da wowd!”

The first thing he sees as he turns the corner is the lone sleeping mare in the box only a few feet away.

“Ouuu…” He said softly. Lemon Tart’s tail was off to the side, giving Skylar a very good view of her special place. The sight was too tempting for him to resist as his member immediately became erect, about as hard as a rock and dripping. He climbs on top of her and positions himself.

“Tyme foa moa speciaw huggies!”

Skylar wasted no time and penetrated her.

Lemon Tart stirred a little, but never woke.

Scarface, who saw everything so far, stood there with a look of slight disgust.

“Das… nasti…” He shook himself out of his slight stupor and continued to observe as he was instructed.

Skylar was having the time of his life as he repeatedly thrust into Lemon Tart, the ecstasy becoming ever greater as with each thrust his desire, his need, to release intensified.

Lemon Tart never stirred as she was too tired to either shake him off or help him along with filling her womb with more tummeh babbehs.

“Gud Feews!”

As he got closer to release, Skylar shook his hips faster and faster and no matter how much he started to shake, Lemon Tart was out cold.

“Gud feews! Gud feews! GUD! FEEEEEWWSSS!!” His hips kept speeding up and then…

The door to the restaurant opened and a middle-aged Chinese man stepped out with a cigarette in one hand and a bag of garbage in another.

“Stupid Americans.” He said in his native tongue. Hei Wong was not happy. Business had been slow thanks to the city forcing people to hunker down over the coronavirus and a customer who came in earlier accused the restaurant of selling rotten food.

He threw the trash bag to the side and took a drag of his cigarette. As he stepped down from the steps, he heard the sounds of Skylar making a deposit in Lemon Tart’s baby bank. Looking down, he saw Skylar reeling from the orgasm. A small stream of cum flowed from Lemon Tart’s thatch as Skylar lay on his back basking in the dopamine flooding his brain.

“What is going on here?!” Hei said in Mandarin which caused Skylar to come out of his ejaculation-induced pleasure coma.

“Hewwo mistah! Wan speciaw huggies?” He was still high from the sex and couldn’t think straight.

Hei didn’t understand what Skylar was saying, before he could say anything, a voice echoed from the restaurant’s kitchen.

“Hey, Dad!”

It was his son.

“What?!” He called back in English.

“The last of the beef in the cooler spoiled! What’re we gonna do for lunch hour?!”

Hei groaned. The walk-in cooler has been giving him a headache for months. Now he had to buy more beef, pushing back his plan to get the cooler fixed… again. Unless he could get some beef for free, then he could keep his appointment with the repairman. But where was he going to get free beef in the middle of Chicago?


The answer to his problem called him. Hei looked down at the light blue fluffy standing below him.

“Wan huggies?” Skylar sat on his haunches and spread out his forelegs waiting to be hugged.

Hei thought for a second. A mischievous smirk grew his face as he realized he just might have found the extra beef he needed.

“Come with me, little horse-rat.” He said in his native Mandarin.

He grabs Skylar and lifts him up.

“Yay! Wub uppsie!” Skylar said with cheer. Hei took the runaway fluffy in the crook of his arm and look back briefly at Lemon Tart, initially contemplating taking her in too, but then decided against it as he remembered that he’d have to clean her up of Skylar’s juices.

“Wub nyu daddeh! Wub nyu housie!” Skylar cheered as Hei closed the door behind them, having no clue what was in store for him.

After Hei disappeared with Skylar, Lemon Tart stirred and finally woke, yawning deeply.

“Gud sweepies…” She looked up and saw Scarface approaching her.

“Hewwo! Nyu fwiend?” She inquired… until she saw the scar over his left eye, all grey from his injury.


“It am awight! Eye’m nu hewt ‘ou.” He said to try and calm her down.

“Munstah! Ugwy Munstah! Web Wemon Tawt awone!”

Scarface was confused and scared. He had no idea what he had done to upset her. She screamed and was about to run.

“Wha ‘ou doin’ tu dat poowa mawe, Scawface?” A voice asked.

The two them looked up on the dumpster and saw a burly light green fluffy with large wings.

“Beefcake!” Scarface said. Beefcake sat atop the dumpster, looking down on them with a mischievous smirk on his face.

“Wah am ‘ou doin’ hewe?” Scarface asked. Beefcake lept down and Lemon Tart seemed to stop panicking.

“Da Genewaw wan yu bak foa da hewd ciwcwe meet’an.” Scarface let out a small huff through his nose in surprise. Sun rarely called meetings out of schedule. ‘Once evewy seben bwight tymes’ was the rule for Sun’s inner circle. No more, no less. Except in cases of emergency or there was something that needed to be addressed as soon as possible.

“Otay.” Scarface said. “Buh wah bou’ hew?” He pointed at lemon Tart.

Beefcake looked at her who in turn looked back.

“Wah am yu namsie?” He asked.

Lemon Tart hesitated. She looked between the two of them, at Scarface in particular. His scar and his grey eye was scary, but he was just standing there. He had a look of pain on his face after her calling him a scary monster. She assumed he was a poopie fluffy due to his poor colors.

She looked back at Beefcake. “Am Wemon Tawt.” She said. “Wah am fwuffy namsie?” She asked him.

“Am Beefcake.” He said before turning to Scarface. “Scawface.”

Scarface faced him.

“Down yu hab sumting tu as’ hewe?”

Scarface nodded and then faced Lemon Tart.

“We been wookin’ foa nummie steawwa foa des pas’ few bwight tymes. Du yu knu-?”

Before he could finish, Lemon Tart rebuked him.

“Gu way, poopie fwuffy! Wemon Tawt nu wan tawkies tu dummie ugwy poopie.”

Scarface felt hurt by all that, but Beefcake stood by his side.

“Daz nu vewy nice.” Beefcake retorted.

“Nu cawe. Nu cawe bou’ ‘ou nummie steawwa. Nu hab gud nummies foa many bwight tyme.” As if on cue, her stomach growled.

Beefcake and Scarface looked at each other; they had no proof she was involved, and her stomach gave her the perfect alibi. Her innocence has been proven, but what now?”

Beefcake made the first move. “Ou wan tu jowin owa hewd?” He asked.

Scarface gave him a slightly disappointed look on his face, but he figured that Sun would figure something out about Lemon Tart once they got her back to the herd.

Lemon Tart wasted no time in accepting the offer.

“Yesh!” She cheered. “Wan hewd! Wan gud nummies! Wan tummeh babbehs!” She glanced at Scarface and recoiled. “Buh nu wan ugwy munstah.”

Scarface decided to reply. “Am otay. Ugwy munstah nu wan ‘ou eida.” He said with a look of irritation.

Beefcake nodded and turned back to Lemon Tart. “Fowwow us.” Beefcake starts walking down the alleyway with Scarface to his side. Lemon Tart followed closely behind Beefcake whilst staying away from Scarface.

Before they knew it, they were coming up on the perimeter of the herd’s camp. Grape, one of Beefcakes Captains, was standing guard.

“Cowonaw Beefcake.” Grape said, offering a salute.

“Captan Gwape.” Beefcake returned the salute.

“Anyting tu wepowt?” Beefcake asked.

“Onwy dat da genewaw wan tu see ‘ou an cowonaw Scawface foa sumting.”

Beefcake nodded. “We hab nyu fwuffy foa da hewd.”

Grape nodded in turn. “Eye’ww wet Fiwebaww knu.”

“She aweady knus.” A voice said from behind grape. It was Kiwi, one of Fireball’s captains, with Fireball herself next to her.

“Sun iz stawting da meet’an soon. We bettah ge’ guin’.” Scarface nodded in agreement, and she turned to Kiwi.

“Wiww ‘ou intwoduce… um… wah am ‘ou namsie?” Fireball asked Lemon Tart.

“Wemon Tawt!” She said. “Whewe am nummies?” She asked.

“Kiwi wiww show ‘ou.” Fireball replied.

Kiwi walked up to Lemon Tart. “Fowwow me an eye’ww get ‘ou nummies.”

Lemon Tart smiled. “Yay! Gunn hab gud nummies!” She happily followed behind Kiwi as they started going deeper into the camp.

Fireball looked to Scarface and Beefcake. “We bettah gu nao.”

A moment later, Fireball, Beefcake, and Scarface walked into a section of the alleyway sequestered off for Sun and his inner circle. Sun and Nish were already there waiting for the others.

“Sowwy we’ew wate.” Fireball said.

Sun looked up from the crudely drawn map sitting on the ground between him and Nish.

“Das otay.” Sun said. He craned his neck to see Scarface and Beefcake behind Fireball.

“Otay. Nao dat ebewyone is hewe. We can ge’ stawted.”

Fireball, Scarface, and Beefcake came around the map on the ground and all five formed a circle around it.

“Fiwebaww, ‘ou gu fiwst.”

Fireball nodded and gave her report. “Dah nummie piwe is showt by two nummies.” She said as she tapped her hoof on the ground twice. “We fown fibe nummies dis bwight tyme.” She tapped her hoof five times. “Peachy hab poopied thwee babbehs.” She tapped her hoof three times. “Emewawd ish hewpin’ by gibbin Peachy’s babbehs miwkies.”

Fireball sat down on her haunches before continuing.

“An we hab a nyu fwuffy namie Wemon Tawt joinin’ da hewd. Kiwi is teaching hew da wules.”

Sun nods. “Vewy gud.” He turned to Beefcake. “Yaw tuwn, Beefcake.”

Beefcake stood up.

“Da pewimetew is secuwe, nu hoomans, mousies owa kittie munstahs awound. We may wan be cawefuw of da hooman nummie pwace, dough. Dey may nu wike us hewe.”

Sun nodded and turned to Scarface.

“Du ‘ou hab anyting to wepowt, Scawface?”

Scarface stood up as Beefcake sat back down.

“Nuting tu wepowt fwom wit’in da hewd. Dah mawe we fown, she pawt ob hewd nao. Hew namsie am Wemon Tawt. She nu nummie steawew.”

Sun nodded.

“Vewy gud.”

Scarface almost let Sun move the meeting along, but the ting of pain from Lemon Tart’s bullying wouldn’t let him stay silent.

“Dewe is won moa ting. Wemon Tawt am meanie.”

Sun looked at him in concern.

“Awe ‘ou suwe?” He asked.

Beefcake stepped up.

“Eye can confowm it. She caww Scawface munstah an ugwy. She may nee’…” Beefcake struggled at first. “…ed-oo-cay-shon…”

Sun looked to Nish. “Nish?” He said.

Nish nodded. “Eye’ww wooksies I’tu it. In da meantime, we nee’ tu pwepawe da hewd foa when da cowd tymes come.”

Sun and the others nodded in agreement and Nish continued.

“We nee’ moa nummies, a wawm an safe pwace fwom da cowd an pwedatows whewe da hewd can stay tiww wawm tymes come ‘gan an gu back tu oua jowney.”

Nish straightened his posture after finishing.

“Otay. Cowd tymes am comin, su Fiwebaww?”

Fireball looked up at Sun, at attention and ready for orders.

“Habe youwa hewpews wook foa as many nummies as ‘ou can befoa da fiwst snowfaww.”

Fireball took on a stern look and nodded.

“Yesh Genewaw!” She said with a salute.

“Beefcake? Youwa scowt foa pwace foa hewd to settwe in da cowd tymes and stiww wook foa munstahs an hoomans.”

Beefcake nodded and trotted away from the meeting circle to begin his task.

“Scawface? Keep watch oba da hewd. Dewe wiww be sum fwuffies dat nu wike when we habe tu stawt pwepawin foa da cowd tymes.”

Scarface nodded. “Yesh, Smawtie.”

Sun looked around the group for a second before speaking.

“Dat is aww. We aww habe wowkies tu du. Gu an mae ‘ousewbs pwoud!”

Everyone saluted and departed to start their duties, except for Nish who stuck around.

Sun turned to him and said. “Nish, we hab sumtings tu tawkie 'bout.”

“Wead da way, Genewaw.”


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