Table top session 0 pt 3 (TheBigBrother)

So I’ll get into it more next comic but I’m thinking I’ll do something like this.

One fluffie is controlled by a ai. Two are controlled by me and one is controlled by a vote.

This could be an awful idea because it requires a lot of input. And it may not be worth it. As it’s just better to tell a story.

Alternatively the foals could be controlled by a
Certain community member and it could be a real table top situation!
If 1-4 people would like to volunteer say here or message me and I’ll gladly set that up it would be a lot of fun!

Or I could just control them all and tell a little story.

Let me know what you all think?


I somewhat like the idea, but not sure how it’d playout. Like would it be a Discord thing where it’s done in one go, or by post?


I like it tbh, i love CYOAs

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  • Telling the story would be easiest as you can control when it starts and ends.
  • Having a vote decide what a fluffy does will allow the story to continue no matter who is reading it.
  • The community version requires people to commit for an unspecified amount of time, so will probably be the hardest.

This also reminds me of another comic where fluffies have to play a tabletop game but I cannot find it.


ohhhhh! if you need players im willing to be a fluffy! oh this looks like fun!


Would it be this?

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Yep, that’s the one.


If the rules are too complicated, the fluffies might end up breaking them through simple forgetfulness. This can be good if the human wants an excuse to slap them with penalties, or bad if he just wants to keep moving the game forward and constantly gets stalled by the fluffies picking up too heavy or too numerous drawbacks.

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A brown babbeh eating sketti ABOMINATION DOES NOT COMPUTE!

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Yes, “Angry Tanjiro” IS an abomination. What does that have to do with fluffies? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

i was expression my disgust at the idea of a poopy eating sketti as it is born to be a runt and not experience the joys that any other fluffy may get to experience and to treat a poopie like a normal fluffy is a hate crime.

If its brown stomp is down

as for the anime i dunno sure tanjiro doki doki onichan hiroshima godzilla :shrug:


You have hurt me and I will cry now