Tarkah's Fluffyverse (pt.1) (By: TarkOfTheWild)

Tarkah Fluffyverse

Im heavly inspired by Swift-Bitches, FederalChemical, and FallenAngel’s works before anyone asks. (Love yas if you see this!!)

So here is my universe fluffy antamy (easy part) to distinguish from crazy ass to whatever the fuck a drew.

SO there still IS the midget fur balls you all love to hate or hate to love around but theres also my style of hell horses where their almost like horses but still too small and too idioitic.

Will change tags if they dont fit, will ofcourse be adding on to my universe and such. I am just trying to kill my artblock before my next college semester.

It WOULD help if i uploaded the fuckin picture wouldnt it, so ignore last post :skull:

Flavor test says

“fuckin 1ft?” - “Atleast 2-3” (feet, their still incredibly small, my brain hurted while i was drawing. SO i will be edittin in 24 hours.)

3rd pannel “Sharp teeth are for expression”


Yeah my ass will be fixing text, im on several allergy meds after cleaning and im seeing weird shit, see ya’ll in 23 hours.