TEd AnD FlUFffiEs! Byby bic*, hello @kathi s ex fluffie! By:eded_ted

Thankyou @Kathi for this!


i really hate to grammar nazi, but if you see an L in your fluffy speech, always change it to W. they can’t pronounce at all
also great art


Ok, thankyou!


Waking up to see this great comic, really an amazing way to start the day!
Glad you are enjoyin’ the lil’dude!

This fellow is falling into fluffy hoarding…

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Well, you cant blame a guy that loves fluffies!

But honestly 8 adult fluffies is the max

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SGT. Dookie! I still miss him :frowning:

Now you are stuck with the small red ball of pure hated. What are you gonna do with it?


I am making a whole new story and she’s in it, the demon spawn is gonna be pillowed and turned into a milkbag after a month so the mild infection she got from being a pin cushion and shipped in a box which she shat in that got all over her causing said infection.


I didn’t know that fluffies had a weak immune system, before you told it.
Could be cos fluffies heal so fast that the bacteria gets trapped inside.


I mean, fluffies are a mix of a lot creatures, stuffed into something that is suppose to be weak and not fight back, another possible way for Hasbio to make more money by having Hasbio vets or something I bet. Vet bills cost SO much money

Probaply yes

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Depends on canon.

In some Fluffy anatomy is “adaptable”, you can tape (not even sew) new legs from any random Fluffy onto pillow stumps and leave it for a few days, come back and they’re reattached. You can shove more organs into them to create some kind of abomination, or just make them survive better with backup organs. They’re immune to disease and mostly immune to infection. They’re like Manglors.

In others, Fluffy bodies break down asthey age so an elderly Fluffy’s legs may spontaneously break off and become a pillow. Almost any surgery to help them fails, and they can get an infection by just looking at something rotting. They’re born with every disease, EVERY disease, and the only reason none spread to humans is Fluffy diseases are as robust and dangerous as a Fluffy. Unless the canon has disease from Fluffies wiping out humanity anyway.

Because there isn’t an existing name for these types and because toy industry satire, I dub the latter as “Gold Fluff Syndrome” after Gold Plastic Syndrome. The former is “Manglor Syndrome” after Manglors obviously.

There are a few things that the community in general agrees on fluffies, and then there are the details, that everyone does differently.

There are people that will tell you that “a fluffy is whatever you want it to be”. But the fact is that there are a few established things that most stories have in common. Like the fluffspeak, immobilization of pregnant mares, child-like naivity, fear of water, fear of the dark and that they are pre-programmed somehow by Hasbio and some more…

(Inb4: It all depends on your HEADCANON)

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Your fluffy naming convention is the best.

I know! Lol!
I am bad at names, so i like to keep it simple!

I’m late as hell, but you forgot your name in the title! And while @Mr_Owl is being a (grammar) Nazi, I might as well too! Fluffies usually pronounce their Vs as Bs (love=lub, give=gib, etc.).

To be honest they have a high turnover rate.

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