Thank you a thousand times by(that1hugboxer)

Why ? Why did they throw you in the trash?

For the first time since birth you thought someone finally loved you

You thought maybe someone actually gave a shit about you

They bought you

Then not 2 minutes afterwards


Someone approaches the trash can

Probably someone here to gawk at the misfortune of your existence

To your surprise he picks you up out of the trash and cleans you up

You think it’s too good to be true

And silently wait for life’s next curveball

He…takes you home…and feeds you?

He gives you a name….Jaingo

You must be dreaming nothing this good ever happens to you

You watch his every move
He removes the milk feeder from your mouth

It takes a few moments for your brain to register that it’s gone

The man gently pats your mane

You tap your hooves at the first display of genuine affection you’ve ever felt

He stops the look on his face tells you that he can’t tell if you are happy or distressed

You’re hooves keep tapping ,

you’re so happy you can’t control yourself

The man says

“I’m so sorry little one. I don’t hate you

Zoey is going to be a wonderful mom I promise!”

The man takes you to a farm

A beautiful woman named Zoey becomes your new mother

If you had the ability to cry

You would most certainly do it now

She loves you

She genuinely loves you

If this is a dream you don’t want to wake up

You genuinely fear closing your eyes

Because you might still be in the trash when you open them

Whoever that nice man was

Thank you!

a thousand times

thank you!




So short and so beautiful


Where bleakbox?

Oh crap I must have hit the tab by accident