That's life. [by SilverOwl]

Hi everyone. This is my first story on here. I have been lurking and enjoying fluffy content for about a year now. I am a big fan of Wolfram Sparks, his story Millie brought me into our community.

Michael, a 42 year old college professor stared out his office window. Sitting at work he started to think about the previous day when he got home from work and found most of his valuables, his girlfriend, and all of her things gone with no note. He had kissed her goodbye the previous morning and thought everything was fine. She had run out on him about a dozen times before due to her personality disorder, and Michael just about had enough. It’s a shame, he thought, she was very attractive, but it seems everyone has some fatal flaw. Every woman he had been with in years past had some fatal flaw that killed the relationship. Michael himself kept his blood lust and psychopathic desires under wraps. Nobody is perfect. Shrugging, he got up from his desk and walked out of the building to his car, when this high pitched annoying voice caught his attention. Looking down, he saw this obnoxiously pink fluffy with a yellow mane and tail. There were three foals on its back, one was bright green, a blue one, and a pink one, and one brown one that was just laying on the concrete.

Be nu daddie and give fluffy an babbehs nice warm housie an sketties an toysies?

What an obnoxious invention, thought Michael. Why in the world would Hashbro make such a parasitic thing? Clearing his throat, Michael says

“no sorry…I don’t want a pet and I have a lot going on right now”.

Pwease be nu daddie and give fluffy an babbehs sketties an safe-woom!!

Jesus, these things are demanding, he thought. This thing reminds me of one of my many ex-girlfriends some with or without kids, coming into my life demanding I use my resources on them. What a fucking parasite.

The fluffy continued ranting about sketties and nummies as Michael’s internal monologue began to make him see all of his failed relationships in this fluffy creature. This thing wants into my house, it wants to consume my resources and spend my money on toys…what fucking nerve this thing has…so entitled…what a parasite. Suddenly Michael felt a cold pleasure as he thought about how good it would be to kill this thing. He couldn’t just stomp it on campus, people would see, and public opinion of him was too high for such a thing. No this would need to be done secretly, and in private. Clearing his throat Michael says,

“Umm…ok fluffy…you can come home with me” and with that a dark smile washed over Michael’s face. The fluffy mother and foals all let out excited exclamations.

“Yay nu daddie!!!”

“Babbeh wub daddie”

One of the foals starts to dance around waving its arms around like its having a seizure. “Babbeh am dancie babbeh. Dancie fo you!”

Michael grimaces at the sights and sounds before him in disgust but tries to muster a smile. To anyone with an IQ above 50 its obvious that the smile is not genuine but the fluffies all continue their celebration babbling about “wub daddy”, “dancie babbeh is gud babbeh fo you”, and the mother “daddy take fluffy to nice housie noa?”

Michael puts them in the backseat of his car and starts the engine, causing all of the fluffies to void their bowels immediately with

“vroom vroom munstah scary!!!”

And a chorus of “peep!!! Chirp!!” from the foals.

Michael nearly vomits from the rancid smell and then realizes he will probably have to buy a new car if he doesn’t want to drive a 4 cylinder litter box around, and rolls his eyes and exhales in frustration. “BAD FLUFFIES!! NO!!! DON’T SHIT IN MY CAR!”. This causes an outcry of

“Fluffy sowwy daddy make scardie poopies from vroom vroom munstah! Am gud fluffy!” as the foals all cry out “am gud babbeh!” and “make besties poopies am bestest babbeh” from the pink one. Michael took note of that and thought 'I’ll have to kill that one in a special way.

Michael pulls into his driveway with all the windows down and makes a note to himself to clean the car before driving to work tomorrow morning…what a fucking pain. He motions for the mother to get out of the car, but she takes too long, and he grows impatient and picks her up by the scruff of her neck with two fingers roughly.

“Nuuu bad upsies!!” as Michael plops her on the pavement of the driveway as two of her foals fall off. The brown foal just lays on the floor mat not protesting like the other foals, and Michael gently picks up the pathetic creature and puts it down.

Once inside the house, Michael says “what are your names?” The fluffy looks sad and replies “Nu has namsies daddy am fluffy am gud fluffies”. Michael grimaces again, he hates the way these things talk. “Ok I’ll give all of you names so I can address all of you”. This causes an eruption of “fluffy am has namies now?! wub daddeh best daddeh eba!!”

Michael decides to name them after his ex-girlfriends to give the upcoming abuse more meaning for him. He smirks knowing that of course they have no idea why he has chosen those names for them. Ok fluffies, pointing at the mother first, “you are Katelyn”, then points at the foals and says “and you’re Laura, Vanessa, Mary, and Madison”. The blue foal is obviously a boy but Michael thought “who the hell cares?”. The fluffies all stupidly accepted their names with declarations like “bestest namsies eba!”. Katelyn teary eyed says “Katewin wub namsie daddeh bestest daddeh eba!”

Kaitlyn then arranges her foals in front of her and says “Lauwa is bestest babbeh am pink like mummah…an Vaneffa is blu babbeh he smartie, and Mawy is green babbeh, and silly daddeh give namesie to poopie babbeh. Poopie babbeh nu haf namsies”

Michael ignores her rant and says “yeah yeah…ok go into the bathroom while I get the house ready for you…it’s tile and easy to clean”.

Michael locks the fluffies in the bathroom where they can’t destroy much and goes online to read about supplies and keeping fluffies. “Well looks like I need to run to Fluffymart”. He gets his keys and gets back into his rancid car. He had almost forgotten, until the smell punched him in the face. Rolling all the windows down he drives to the Fluffymart and picks up a litter box, kibble, a sorry stick pack, a ball, and some blocks. The Fluffymart employee made mention of a pillow station and Michael said “maybe later thanks”. Michael thought ‘I will have to research what pillowing entails later’. Getting back to the house he sets up their safe-room in the guest bedroom. The room didn’t look like much but the fluffies acted like they had just been let into a palace when they saw it.

“Bestest daddeh gib bestest safe woom to fluffies. Wub daddeh!!”

The foals begin to play with the blocks and dance around like idiots as Kaitlyn looks at them all with this smug proud mummah face that tempts Michael to smash the creature with a hammer.

Michael cleaned out his car and then went to the fluffy safe-room to check on his new house guests. “Ok fluffies listen up! Do not make bad poopies, you need to use the litter box! I will punish you if you make bad poopies do you understand?” Looking scared Katelyn says “Katewin understan daddeh only make bestest gud poopies for daddeh”. Michael rolls his eyes at this and signs trying not to let his mask of “good daddeh” slip.

Michael brings a tv into the room and puts on fluffy TV for the fluffy idiots. “Ok I am very tired so put yourselves to bed, and I will leave fluffy TV on for you.” With that Michael went to bed leaving the fluffies up to their own vices.

The next morning Michael awakens to Katelyn demanding “nummies” to make “bestest milkies for bestest babbies”. Jesus Christ, Michael thought, I can’t kill these things fast enough…but I need to take my time if it is to be satisfying. Kaitlyn sits there humming some stupid song for her foals.

“Mummah wub babbeh, babbeh wub mummah, gib bestest milkies babbeh grow big an strong”. Michael watches as the pink and blue foal greedily drink, followed by the blue one trading places with the blue one. The brown foal then tries to get milk which is immediately met with a hoof from Kaitlyn crushing half it’s body.

“Dummeh poopie fluffy get foreba sweepies!!”

Michael watched the display mildly amused and thought ‘well…I suppose I should care about this…now there are blood stains on the carpet from that foal’


"Nuuu daddeh!! Am gud fluffy!!! Dat am dummeh poopie babbeh!!

“I’ll deal with you later Kaitlyn! I have to go to work and when I come home you four had better be good!”

“Ams gud fluffies daddeh”.

Michael picks up the dead still twitching foal and chucks it into the kitchen trash, takes a last look at the fluffies, and leaves the house.

Michael grimaces as he sits in his car that still smells like a zoo. Getting to work he hopes his clothes don’t smell like the “scardie poopies” from those worthless shit-rats.

Bored on a Friday afternoon, sitting in his office Michael researches what pillowing is that the Fluffymart employee mentioned last night. He laughed out loud to himself as he read how tortuous the procedure is and how damaging it is to the fluffys that can’t run, play with blocks, or give hugs. Chuckling Michael thought, even with legs fluffys are pretty useless. This is going to be funny and give me a lot of stress relief. I just have to wait until the fluffys do something to warrant a punishment.

Getting home he opens the door and hears a chorus of “daddeh ams homsie!!” and “wub daddeh!!” Immediately Michael is hit with the smell of shit as he enters the safe-room. Several small piles of poopies lay scattered around the safe-room. “Katelyn! What did I say about the litter-box?! These are bad poopies!!”

The yelling causes two of the foals to make “scardie poopies” all over the floor making Michael sigh and groan. After clean up he picks up Katelyn by the scruff of her neck and begins to scold her as he notices the flat-screen TV is on the floor with a cracked screen. “I just fucking bought that TV!!! What the fuck happened?!” Internally Michael thought “and I thought I would have to wait for them to do something wrong. Silly me”.

The trembling fluffy in his grasp begins to explain “Fluffy see babbehs on tee-bee and wanna give huggies to babbeh they am gud babbehs and tee-bee fall down”.

Michael took a deep breath and silently counted to 10, otherwise he would have snapped the creature’s neck then and there. “You are obviously not able to be left alone the way you are now. I cannot afford to have you breaking things and being foolish when I am at work. Do you understand? I am going to need to take drastic action to make sure you never break anything again.”

The fluffy just stared at him and replies with “Katewin wub daddeh am bestest daddeh eba! Katewin prowmis daddeh neba bwek anyfin eba again”.

Michael sighs and says “so that’s a no…you don’t understand…ok…well you will soon enough. Do you know what a pillow fluffy is Katelyn?”

The fluffy looks confused “wat am piwwow fluffy daddeh?”

Internally laughs…oh it doesn’t even understand what is going to happen, it’s a surprise. This is too good. “Well Katelyn pillow fluffs have their arms and legs cut off. So they can’t run, or play with blocks, or give huggies anymore”.

Katelyn looks confused for a few seconds until the reality of Daddy just said sinks in, and the confused look is replaced with a look of terror as she lets out some scardie poopies. “Buh buh daddeh fluffy am fo huggies an wub an pway an wun! They is gud weggies”


“Nuuu daddeh am gud fluffy! Fluffy need weggies for run an pway an huggies! Am gud weggies!!” Katelyn lets out more scardie poopies when daddy just smiles back at her after hearing her pleas about “gud weggies”.

“Well first thing in the morning we’re going to Fluffymart, they have a pillowing station there. Why don’t you enjoy your leggies while you have them”

“Nuuu daddeh am gud fuffly huhh huhh huhh!!!” Katelyn begins sucking on her hoof in a desperate attempt to comfort herself. “Am gud fluffy daddeh, Katewinn wub ou! Gib Katewinn huggies and wub?”

“No I don’t think so Katelyn. Only good fluffies get huggies and you are a very bad fluffy.” Michael turns to leave the safe room and shuts the door behind him hearing KAtelyn’s “huh huhhh huhhh” through the door as the foals notice mummah is crying. “Mummah look am dancie babbeh. Dancie fo ou!!”…“Ams mummah give babbeh huggies?”

The foals all watch this scene horrified in the corner as they say things like.
Vanessa: “Daddeh ams scawy munstah?”
Mary: “Babbeh am gud babbeh keep weggies?”
Laura: “Mummah sabe bestest babbeh fwom daddeh”

Michael goes to bed trying to daydream something equally horrible for the foals, and then it hits him and he goes to bed with a smirk on his face.

Michael’s alarm goes off on Saturday morning, and after a few seconds he realizes what he had planned this morning and smiles. He gets dressed and ready to go before entering the safe room where the fluffys are still comforting their huh huhhing mother. God I hate these things, he thinks. This is going to be so satisfying ripping Katelyn’s world apart.

Entering into the safe room Michael puts on his biggest grin and says “Lets all go to Fluffymart!! It’ll be fun!!”

“Katwin wub ou daddeh. Katwin can keep weggies?”

“Oh no haha but good try. Besides I think you will look better and be happier not breaking anything as a pillow fluffy. Nobody wanted to give you huggies anyway Katelyn because you’re a bad fluffy. So bad fluffies don’t need leggies”

The fluffy’s tiny brain started to work out that she was a bad fluffy for breaking the tee-bee…and she did make bad poopies more than once…maybe she really was a bad fluffy!! Maybe daddeh was right and nobody wanted to give her huggies…after-all she IS a bad fluffy.

Daddeh loaded up the foals and Katelyn into a fluffy carrier and put them in the car. They ruined his car once with “scardie poopies” he wasn’t going to do that again.

Driving there he hears Kaitlyn sing to Laura, Vanessa, and Mary.

Mummah wub babbehs, babbehs wub mummah, bestest milkies fo babbehs…

Michael turns up the radio to drown out the nauseating song, feeling a adrenaline rush knowing how fun pillowing Kaitlyn will be for him.

Arriving at the Fluffymart Michael walks over to the pillow station and puts a dollar in the machine. The screen on the control display lights up with a number of options and four holes open on a platform with a visual display of a fluffy being placed in the machine with their legs through the holes.

Michael places Katelyn on the platform and four clamps lock onto her hooves. Katelyn is all out of scardie poopies and lets out noxious gas as she trembles in the machine crying asking daddeh for “fluffy can keep weggies cuz fluffy wub ou daddeh?” Michael ignores all this nonsense and turns his attention to the display screen that is full of options.

Pillowing Station
Select number of Leggies to remove

Michael selects 4 and a new screen comes up.

Pillowing Station
Select mechanism for leggie removal

  1. Scissors
  2. Saw
  3. Pulling/Dislocation
  4. Variety

Michael selects 4 again with a grin. An additional screen pops up making Michael think ‘this thing is comprehensive, I love it’.

Pillowing Station
Would you like to add psychological abuse to your service?

  1. Yes: Please deposit an additional 25 cents
  2. No: Free

Michael fishes around in his pocket for another quarter and smiles at Kaitlyn “I wouldn’t want you to not experience everything this machine has to offer. I am a good daddeh after-all.” Michael chuckles as Kaitlyn huh huhs not even knowing what he’s talking about. Pressing 1 and inserting another quarter, a screen pops up in front of Kaitlyn’s face showing Fluffies running, dancing, hugging other fluffies, and playing with blocks. Kaitlyn watches for about 15 seconds before crying harder and saying “The teebee is being a meanie and show Kaitwin leggie fluffies and am gonna be no leggie poopie fluffy”

Michael looks at the final screen option and grins.

Pillowing Station

  1. Start: Slow leggie removal maximum torture
  2. Start: Fast most efficient

“Well I have no where to be today”. Michael hits 1. and see’s a 10 second count-down start.

“Ready to be a no leggie fluffy Kaitlyn? The leggie monster is going to take them now”.


Kaitlyn’s rant about running and playing is cut short when she feels two sharp blades surround her left hind leg and slowly start to squeeze.


The fluffy no longer remembers its name and just starts referring to itself as “babbeh”. The blades begin to cut through the fluff and down to the skin where Kaitlyn’s other legs twitch from the pain and she begins to chirp and peep loudly. A loud crunch can be heard as the sheers slice through the bone and the first leggie drops into a collection bucket at the bottom of the machine. Robotic arms cauterize the wound and the machine pauses to allow the fluffy to feel the terror of what is coming next and appreciate the pain from the previous leg being cut off.


The fluffy is cut off again in its rant as the sound of a band-saw can be heard inside the machine moving towards the other hind leg as a very slow speed. The blade barely makes contact with the fluff as some of her ridiculous pink fluff can be seen falling to the collection bucket, followed by drips of blood and finally the entire leg.

Kaitlyn is weezing and kaf kaf kafing from the pain of it as the machine heals her second stump.

“Still two weggies to go Kaitlyn…haha ready?”

"Nuuuuuu daddeh huh huhh fluffy has worstest hurties need huggies fo make better. Nee mommah for hurties…babbeh am gud fluff ne hugg…eeeee screeeeee!!!

The fluffy’s rant is again cut short by a pair of pliers securely grabbing her right front leg and twisting and pulling. Michael laughs and goes “wow!!” as the machine twists and pulls the leg off like the leg on a roasted chicken, ripping flesh and creating a more gruesome leggie stump than the previous two.


“Ok! Last one!” Michael thought ‘this is a lot of fun, I wish it wasn’t almost over’.

Kaitlyn is simply letting out nonsensical chirps and peeps at this point when two metal plates flank her final leggie. The plates are thick steel sheets that progressively move closer together into a vice. Michael thought ‘the last one is a crushing device…how clever, whoever made this machine’

The fluffy’s chirps and peeps stop as the plates start to squeeze to the pain becoming unbearable as the leg is crushed so flat that when the plates move downward the leg simply falls off and drops into the collection bucket.

Kaitlyn is passed out at this point and all of her foals in the carrier that have been listening to this have all made a terrible mess with scardie poopies. Michael cleans the carrier out at one of the complementary cleaning stations, gets in the car and drives home with Kaitlyn passed out.

Reaching down he grabs the foals who all now refer to him as “munstah daddeh” and grabs Laura but the scruff of her neck hard,

“Bad upsies nu!!! bad fo fluffy!!” and drops her not so gently into the carrier. Followed by Vanessa and Mary who also yell about “bad upsies”.

Now it was time to have fun with the foals while Kaitlyn was passed out. Michael gets home and it doesn’t take long for the foals to start asking for “milkies” and chirping and peeping for “mummah”.

“Ok babies, it’s time for monster daddy to have some fun!”

Laura: “Nu wan munstah fun…am bestest bebbeh am gud babbeh…”

Michael picks up Laura by her scruff…“NUU BAD UPSIES!!”…and plops her on the kitchen counter.

“Babbehs ams fo wub an huggiies…”

Laura’s rant is cut short by a quick stroke across her face with a thorny sorry stick.







The foal lay on Michael’s kitchen counter bleeding, broken, and barely alive, quietly chirping.

Michael picks up Mary who also starts a rant about “bad upsies” and “babbeh am fo huggies an wub”.

Michael puts her in a plastic tupperware, cuts a small hole in the lid, and closes it. The fluffy can barely be heard through the plastic about “huggies and wub”. Michael puts a kettle on the stove with water and waits for it to boil as the fluffy rants on about milkies and huggies. Finally the kettle whistles and Michael says,

“Ready for a bath Mary?”

"Nuuuu wawa is bad fo fluffy!! Mawwy no likey munstah daddeh wawa…fluffy am…SCREEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Scolding hot water is poured through the hole in the lid as it scorches Mary’s hooves.


The foal peeps and chirps for about 10 seconds before falling silent and just floating in the hot water inside the tupperware.

“Well that was fun…ok last one…Vanessa! You’re up! Time for fun!”

“Nu!!! nuuuuuu nu wan munstah fun! Babbeh ams for wub and huggies…”

“Vanessa do you like sketties?”

Hesitantly the foal says “yus…munstah daddeh…babbeh can has sketties?”

“Sure!!! That’s what daddy is for sketties and love and huggies!!”

The foal immediately forgets watching her siblings die horrible deaths due to the selfish want for “sketties”. This is so typical of my exs only caring about themselves he thought.

Michael gets a pot out fills it with water, and turns on the fire. He takes another pot out and pours some sauce into it and turns that burner on. Once the water starts to boil he puts in the pasta with some salt, and adds some salt to the sauce as well as the sauce starts to boil.

“Vanessa what goes with sketties?”

The foal looks confused and just starts to dance and sing “Babbeh am gud babbeh, gud babbeh get sketties”

“Well meatballs need to be added to it. Otherwise its just pasta and red sauce.”

Michael picks up Vanessa gently not to interrupt the ‘sketties’ song, and holds her over the pot of boiling tomato sauce and drops her in. Her song is immediately replace with loud squeels of pain and nonsensical chirping for all of 10 seconds before the foal sinks into the boiling sauce. Michael tosses the other two dead foals into the sauce as well and stirs it.

Kaitlyn is still asleep as Michael stacks a few blocks in front of her and puts the new TV on in front of her with the run and play fluffy channel on. The smell of ‘sketties’ wakes her up and she immediately forgets about her ordeal chalking it up to a “bad scawy sweepy tyme pictuah”.

“Daddeh!! Kaitwin hab worstest sweepy tyme pictuah that weggie munstah take weggies!”

“Oh that’s just terrible…come walk over here for sketties!!”

“Kaitwin wub ou daddeh, ou bestest daddeh eba gib fluffy sketties!”

Kaitlyn’s stumps wiggle back and forth as the confused creature wobbles side to side trying to get the ‘sketties’.

“Meanie weggies no wisten daddeh…why dey no wisten”

Michael leans down and pinches one of her stumps. “Because you were a bad fluffy and the leggie monster ate your leggies”

Kaitlyn looks down in horror at the ugly Frankenstein stumps wiggling when she tries to move her leggies.

“Nuuuuu need weggies fo wun an pway an huggies”

Michael enjoys the suffering of entitled little bitch, and then moves the skettie plate closer to the fluffy can eat. Between “huh huhhs”, Kaitlyn eats the pasta, with the sound of crunching as she eats some of the meatballs.

“Daddeh where am babbehs? Dey nee mummah fo huggies, an wub, an milkies”

Michael just grins watching the fluffy eat her foals in the pasta as she continues to cry about her ‘weggies’.

“You’re eating them Kaitlyn…I made sketties with your babbehs”

“Buh…buh sketties taste pwetty…likey sketties…babbehs nu am fo nummies…”

“Only a really bad mother would eat her own foals in sketties…you really are a bad fluffy…that’s why you have no leggies”.

A look of defeat and hopelessness washes over the stupid creatures face as it takes another bite of the yummy sketties…even knowing it is made of her own babbehs.

Michael chuckles. “You know what Kaitlyn? I am going to take really good care of you, so you live a long long time with me…unlike the real Kaitlyn who was a bitch and ran away…” Michael pinches a stump and playfully teases “no running away hehe”.

“wan die…wan die…wan die…wan die”

“NO” Michael smiles down at her softly petting her fluff.


other than some mess ups with “fluffspeak”, which frankly i cant fault you on that, fluffspeak is a bitch to write, I think this is a real good story.

anything in particular that inspired you with this story?

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Hey let me say I’ve read some of your work before and I am a fan. Inspiration would be actual horrible exs and the fluffys always reminded me of parasitic exs the way they are.

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Man I can already see ALL the comments saying how much they hate the MC