The Aberrants: Marlyn [Thebitz]

Lenore groaned softly as she sat in her car, it was a beat-up no name brand sedan, sitting in a filled out parking lot, trucks coming in and out of the fenced off premise at a rapid pace. It was drop off day at her research insitute, too help with the overpopulation in local shelters they took in as many as the could for various experiments or at the very least it provided stock for the rage room.

It was Lenore’s least favourite day of the week however, she could handle fluffies, infact she could handle alot of fluffies, hence her line of work. But trying to get work done as hundereds of crying fluffies oanicked as they were moved through the tight hallways of the building always gave her a migraine. Glancing down at the clock on her dash she took a deep breath before making her inside.

She had barely msde into the lobby when the trademark ‘huu-huu’s’ of fluffies in distress could be heard, workers carting them in on trollies. Flashing her badge at the scanner Lenore made her way inside propee, making a beeline for her office. Only to be met with thw sight of a small fluffy family on her desk, a new mummah and 3 foals resting on a pee pad, next to them stood a co-worker of Lenore’s, a woman named Samantha.

“Suprise!” She chuckled softly, unlike Lenore Sam was very much a morning person. “Now before you get all grumpy i’ll cut to the chase. The boys in intake spotted this cute little lady…” She spoke whilst extending a finger to softly pet one of the foals, a wine coloured one who had quite the ample amount of fluff despite her siblings being still rather bare, perhaps only a day or two old. “Anyways, Bossman wants you to run some tests on them, specifically the filly, figure out why her fluffs growing so fast and y’know, it’ll do you some good to be around some fluffies without putting them through one of your weird experiments.” With that Samantha was out the door before Lenore could say a word.

Lenore had said nothing, she had intended to hide in her office all day working on paperwork but now she had to try and figure out why this fluffy’s fluff was growing in so fast. Grumbling softly she sat down into her chair, staring at the mummah, singing her mummah song.

The fluffy slowly trailed off, her gaze meeting Lenore’s for just a split second but that was all it took. “Be nyu mummah? Chirpy babbeh’s need huggies and wub and mummah needs nummies fo’ bestest miwkies!”

Lenore snapped, her trademark cold demeanour snapping at the poor bio-toy. "Shut up! You’re lucky i don’t have you vivisected. Just take care of your babies while i run some tests on you and your children. This left the fluffy in a stunned state of ‘huu-huuing’ but it acomplished what Lenore wanted, stopping the thing from babbling.

A few blood tests and mouth swaps later Lenore was back in her office, watching the mother sleep with her chirpy children. The doctor slowly reached out, grabbing the purple one, the one her boss was so interested in. It almost instantly began to peep and cheep but fhe doctor gave it a finger to suckle on as she began to softly pet it with another. It was strange, it’s siblings were only just starting to grow in their coats and manes but here this one was already showing a beautiful wine coloured pelt and the wisps of a dark purple mane.

— One week later —

Lenore watched as the babbeh ran back and forth on her desk, giggling and babbling happy as it played. She offered a finger to gently scatch it’s chin, earning a cute coo from it. “I guess if i’m going to have you around you need a name…”

“Babbeh git nyu namsie?!” The little burgandy fluffy screeched to a stop, sliding on her leathery hooves as she spun and twirled to look at Lenore. It had quickly been discovered that whayever was causing the increased fluff growth wasnt present in any form in her family members and as such they were seperated before the babies even opened their eyes.

“Mhm, if i’m going to be forced to look aft- I mean. If i’m going to be your Mummah you need to have a name. What about… Marlyn?”

Her eyes filled with love and bliss as she got her name, excitedly shaking her butt while raising her front hoofsies in a cute little dance. “Marwyn wub nyu namsie mummah! Tank yu! Tank yu!”

Lenore couldn’t but help out and let out a honest chuckle at the display, using two fingers to playfully knock the foal over before starting to tickle them all over. This was primarily a excuse to inspect them, feeling how dense the fluff was getting while also giving a little bit of affection the fluffy had earned for being so well behaved. Her fluff was nearly thicker and mire dense than a fully grown fluffies at this point and she wasn’t even two weeks old yet.

In time it was discoveres that Marlyn’s fluff growth was tied to a mutation she had developed in the womb, a new recessive gene that led to imense fluff growth from right out the gate, fluff that would not stop growing, leading to the animal needing to be shaved quite regularly. Still the info found had some uses for Hasbio gene scientists and led to quite the fundung increase to the research institute.


Were Marlyn’s mummah and siblings vivisected later on? Was Marlyn?

I hadn’t decide for the family so it’s really up to the reader, i don’t really have intent to being them back. As for Marlyn she’s going to be showing up in future stories so for now no, she’s safe!