The alicorn of parts (carniviousduck)

It must have been jims lucky day, stumbling thru the alley he heard the cries of fluffies yelling at a monster. That ment an alicorn, but as jim approached his dreams of riches were dashed. A shit green alicorn stood it the corner, but then he saw the emerald green horn, skyblue wings and jim new a guy that would be happy to pay for those luscious parts. In the world of fluffy modification one can make alot of money by parting out unique fluffies on the fluff market…


An Alicorn is still an Alicorn, regardless of what they have attached. You could make more money breeding themout and using the kids of a spare part factory.

But if given the option I’d take the wings, less chance of brain damage and you’ll want them functional for the aforementioned kid-parts.


Why disassemble it if you can make it a breeder and use his offsprings as parts donators.

I swear you abusers don’t think on the long run.


I mean fluffies don’t die easily. You could sell the horn and wings, then breed the fluffy.


Are we talking about the same fluffies that can drown on their own saliva for looking a plate of skeetti?


Yeah. Depends on the headcanon really. There’s a comic by Ring of Fire where a fluffy gets turned into a living plushie. There’s Foal-Light by ShaferAraks. And there is no shortage of industrial abuse stories with pillowed breeding mares


Now that is a legitimately ugly, poopie color scheme.
The diarrhea base color on its own is already unattractive, but the way it clashes with the more saturated mane and growths makes it hideous.
Poor little bastard…

Could be a dick and dye it a different colour for a quick buck


Bold of you to assume it’s not possible to still breed them after the horn and wings are removed.

After all will be easier to breed them if the mare’s arent freakin out over the “poopeh munsta” now they’ll just complain about “not wanting poopeh babbehs” :laughing:

Pain, dragged out nice and slow…

Technically you can still breed it after removing these body parts. Provided you gain proof it’s an alicorn before hand.