The American Dream (Part 31) by DreamMLP


Your last baby was in your mouth, no doubt screaming for milkies. Milkies you didn’t have.

The sun was gone, darkness was over the city. With the darkness the monsters would come. What were you to do? There was no way you were going near a human, just the sight of one now almost made your heart stop.


“Nu noisie, babbeh!” You muffled to him. The last thing you wanted to attract were monsters.

It was hard to see much now, but you had to keep moving. Your tail hurt where you had pulled with all your might, your hooves hurt from scraping them against the ground, your mouth was still leaking blood where two of your teeth used to be

“Oh my god!”

You froze.

“Is he eating that poopie!?”


It was a woman, a young one. You knew it was the blood in your mouth, flowing over the foal and onto the ground. But after your experience, you weren’t about to try and explain that to her. You darted into the nearest alley, as fast as you could.

“Feral fucks! Eating babies, what’s wrong with those things!?”

You kept going until you couldn’t hear her anymore. Your body was on fire, and your brown babbeh was still chirping.

Chirp!” It was weaker now.

You didn’t have much time. Looking around, you tried to think back. Lollipop! You remembered chewing up the grass, feeding it to him. You didn’t know if it had actually worked, but it was worth a try. You looked around.

Only trash and concrete. You kept thinking.


How did you save Lollipop?

“Mummah wuv babbehs… babbehs wuv mummah…”

It was coming from up ahead. You remembered Flutter. You remembered leaving Lollipop with her.

You approached a box at the side of the alley, stained with water and whatever else, it was clearly a desperate dwelling.

“Dwink wots o’ miwkies… gwow up big an’ stwo-“

You jumped at the mention of milkies. Stepping into her view, you saw her. She was a unicorn, her coat green, her mane yellow, sucking at her teats were two foals, one red and one purple. She stopped her singing when she saw you.

Needing to speak clearly, you quickly set your babbeh on the ground.

“Is Dweam’s wastest babbeh! Babbeh nee’ miwkies! Mawe pwease gib babbeh miwkies?”

Her eyes darted down to the foal, and back to you. Her face turned to disgust, “Mummah onwy gib miwkies to mummah’s babbehs! An’ mummah nu at all gib miwkies to dummeh poopie babbehs!”


“Gu ‘way!”

You stared at her for several moments. She was your last chance, your last chance for your last babbeh. Now she was going to deny you. You looked down to your starving babbeh, his shut eyes, his pointy horn, he could barely move his legs now.

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I know its harsh but fuck that bitch ! Threaten her to give some milk ! :triumph:


Hit her and force her to feed the baby.

She is a bitch anyway.


Threaten HER if Lollipop dies so do her kids. That simple.


Pffff and now hugboxers scream for bloody murder just because a mother denied a nother baby to feed from her and I could full heartedly support them if she was a house fluffy but she is a feral and Dream did not mention how good her health or that of her Baby’s were she could have worked hard for all that milk she has for her own brood not knowing if she can feed Tham tomorrow but just because she is also bios against runts and brown colored foals all does hugboxers are going apeshit its hilarious those double standards pfff god I love being more on the dark side here and see it as a win win situation. Fluffys will suffer either way.


Good point about Dream not mentioning the condition of the mare. And yes it would be a dick move to steel milk from the mare that she possibly worked hard to find food to make, at the same time, since fluffies usually have litters of foals; the fact that she only has two likely means that she is producing more milk than she actually needs at the moment.

So it is entirely possible that the mare does have enough milk to spare but is too preoccupied with her babies and predigest against off color foals to help; hinting that she could have bitch-mare disorder. This is supported by her very fist response to being asked to share milk and help a baby was disgust.

If she were a good fluffy, her first response would be concern for the little baby and want to help but if she really was short on milk or food for herself, she would say that her babies need the milk and she cant spare any.

That would have also added a bit more drama to the scene as Dream would have to choose to threaten a good mother who is only trying to keep her own children starving.


Remove mamas babbehs from life and legs from mama. Lots of milkies then

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That would assume that she is not keeping the extra milk for bad days or that the rest of her litter has already starved or Canibalized to keep the healthy ones alive ( I fully understand the concept of nummies Baabeehs and in my heart don’t judge a feral for it because nature is a bitch and other animals do it sooo jeah) and in the end its hers to give or not predjedius or not.

But as the Abusers fuck her and her baby’s and fuck dream and his baby and I’m still laughing about every hugboxers who scream at an abuser in an abuse story but now writes here something about killing her baby’s or pillowing her.