The American Dream (Part 5) by DreamMLP

“Daddeh! Daddeh hewp!”

You squealed, running in circles around your clear prison. This was the first time you’ve ever known true terror. The last drops of brown liquid that ran down the sides were replaced by another brown liquid, yours.

“Wet gow of babbeh cup munstah!” Daddeh said, crouching down in front of it.

When his one and only plan didn’t work, he broke.

“Pweasae cuppie munstah! Wet gow of babbeh!”

But the cup monster didn’t move an inch.

“Huu, cuppie munstah hab babbeh, am bad daddeh!”

At that moment he plopped himself down and began crying.

For a moment you watched him, your strong daddeh now reduced to this. You, however, were controlling yourself. Mostly because any more poopsies would make the inside smell even worse than it already was. Your heart still racing, you looked around frantically for anything, any way out.

In front of you was the wall, and your crying daddeh. To either side was the empty sidewalk stretching on to forever. Behind you, the road and the scary cars. It’s also where the ground just happened to drop off.

No. It was too scary. Daddeh had told you not to get too close to the cars, or they would give hurties. There was no way you would get any closer to them.

A few more seconds in your cramped shit-smelling prison changed your mind.

Lowering your head, spreading your wings, you leapt forward, channeling all your force against the side, towards the road. The cup moved, just barely.

“Wah babbeh doin? Nu gow to woad babbeh!”

Ignoring him, you leapt forward again, and again. Until you tired yourself out.

“Pwease mobe cup munstah.” You asked it, pressing your head against it, crying. Then, the sadness turned to anger.

“Mobe cup munstah!” You beat your head against it, pressing harder and harder. To your surprise, it moved. And so you kept pressing.

“Why yuo gow to woad! Babbeh wan die? Babbeh nu wan die!”

You pushed the cup forward more and more, with your head pressed against the surface and your legs pushing. Finally, your legs slipped out from under you as you and the cup tumbled down the curb. You were free.

“Babbeh nu hab foweba sweepies? Babbeh am fwee?”

Daddeh cautiously peeked his head over the edge, to you.

“Babbeh awibe!”

He smiled and cheered, until a car zipped by. The end of the cup was crushed and flung just as you stepped from it.

“Eee! Daddeh and babbeh nu am safe!”

He bent down, picking you up in his mouth.

“Need to get back to speshaw fwiend!”

The sun was setting, a stressful day was at an end. When you arrived back at the can you both expected to sit back and relax. That wasn’t what happened.

“Why speshaw fwiend poopie nao?” Mummah said.

“Meanie hoomin dump poopie juice on fwuffy!” Daddeh said, letting you down to the floor.

You walked back to where Green and Orange were looking confusingly at daddeh. Yellow was the first of the babbehs to speak.

“Daddeh nao poopie daddeh! Nu wike!”

Mummah seemed to agree, “Speshaw fwiend is poopie nao, nu wuv speshaw fwiend no mowe!”

“Buh…” Daddeh began to respond, “Am nu poopie! Was meanie hoomin! Was wooking fow housie!”

“Nu cawe! Ugwy poopie nu gud fo anwyting! Ugwy poopie need weave!”

With tears in his eyes, Daddeh took one more step forward.

“Am nu poopie! Wuv spesh-“

Mummah jabbed her hoof in his face, “Get sowwy hoofies poopie!”

Unable to say anything else, Daddeh slowly turned around. He took one last look at Mummah and babbehs and you, and left.

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The fuck??? Whats wrong with that mare and his own kid???

He already explain it… Can’t believe this is happening :man_facepalming: what a fuck up brain shit.

And the stallion cant even stand up with that bullying? That’s on hell of a twist.

So whos gonna get nummies? Sure that bitch ever think ahead, will she herself go? :triumph:


Feral mothers in an urban environment almost NEVER think ahead.


Some stories need smart (ish) fluffies. Assume need dumber ones. Some need both.


Hope the foal goes with his father, if he can eat mushed grass or something…


that is one extra-plus moronbox mummah


lol starve bitch, hope you watch your entire brood except smart boy wither away in front of you one by one.


I remember an art (by Quickhorn) bout a kind and friendly stallion bring nummies for his fat bitch mare

as food are stack she then told her to “fuck off” doesn’t need an “ugly” stallion after all he done for her, he left with a heavy heart.

And few days later karma hits as the bitch doesn’t have food anymore and too dumb to look have her brood dies one by one and she cried like a moron. :man_facepalming:


oh yeah I remember that one, hopefully this one suffers the same fate.


I think most stallions that are not written as fuck or rape mashines end up being written as useless pushovers that get shit on aka beta male trope.


Hope she and her crotch goblin get skinned alive. She is so fucking stupid.
Love the story so far