The Bad Babbeh Bunch Ch. 1 [By BFM101]

Written from an idea by @Gal-with-pastels

Dee Dee slumped into a chair, fighting back the tears as she dropped her heavy head into her hands. At her feet, her beloved Fluffy family Paprika, Mustard and Cloudberry hugged her, trying to tell her that it wasn’t her fault.

In her lap, the corpse of a mare, her face still stained with the shit that suffocated her.

“It ok mummah.” Mustard soothed Dee Dee as he hugged her legs. “Nu yuw fauwt Dan-dee-wion gu foweba sweepies.”

“But it is Mustard, Dandelion trusted me to look after her, and I failed her.”

“Dey bad Fwuffies mummah.” Paprika piped up. “Yu nu bad, jus dem.”

“They are bad, but I could’ve made them good. I just needed… I need a drink.”

Slowly Dee Dee stood up from the chair, placing Dandelion’s corpse on a nearby table. In a daze she stumbled over to the sink and poured herself a glass of water, her head swimming with a dangerous mixture of exhaustion, hatred and vengeance.

Things weren’t meant to be like this, and it was her own damn fault. Dee Dee had gotten a supply of Grade-A Stallion Spunk from business partners Uptown Fluffies, a Golden Stallion, with a multicoloured mane and enough bulk to dwarf even the sturdiest earthie. Not her usual forte but the partnership allowed her a portion of the ‘product’ at a cheap price, Dee Dee decided to use the opportunity for a round of designer foals with six of her best mares to pay for some renovations.

Then her employee Scott had to take a sudden leave of absence, citing family emergencies. A week before the due date.

Dee Dee found herself alone and swamped, six mares, 38 foals and one poor woman trying to look after them all. In hindsight it was no wonder how things turned out the way they did, but Dee Dee’s second mistake was believing that her training would be enough to offset a Fluffies desire for pretty things.

Her first mistake, was using a Golden Goose as a sperm donor.

Five of the mares immediately claimed the shiniest, most impressive foals as their bestesh babbehs, neglecting the others and spoiling the little shits rotten. Dee Dee tried to keep on top of it, threatening punishments, solitary confinement and physical violence but she was only one woman and Fluffies are fucking stubborn. By the time Scott had returned and the two of them could tackle the situation together, it was too late, the mares had turned into stuck-up bitches, their five fat fucking foals were so pudgy they could barely walk and their rejected foals were struggling to even lift their heads.

What’s worse is that the foals were now old enough to recognise each other through scent, they could sniff out the familiar connection through their shared father and had formed a small clique, bullying and abusing their smaller and weaker siblings with head of the pack Pothos being the meanest of the lot of them.

The sold outlier in all of this was Dandelion, a timid Alicorn mare who had been rescued off the streets, this was her first litter and she has been so grateful for the chance to be a mother than she loved all of her foals equally, from the shiniest Alicorn, to the dullest earthie, they were her children and she loved them.

When Dee Dee took away the rejected foals in order to rehouse them with other mares and removed the bitch-mares for punishment, the Bestesh Babbeh Bunch immediately blamed the munstah mummah for their predicament, the five of them attacked her, brutally stomping her belived foals in front of her eyes before Pothos shoved his ass into her face and shit down her throat.

Dee Dee returned just in time to see Dandelion take her last breath, reaching out towards the smashed remains of her foals in the hopes of holding them one last time.

That was a little over an hour ago, Dee Dee had separated the Babbeh Bunch into their own separate cages but she knew something had to be done about them. Something she DESPERATELY wanted to do but she couldn’t, not in the state she was in. She wanted blood, she wanted anguish but she was scared that in her current mindset she would kill the foals outright, not make them suffer like she wanted them to.

So against her better judgement, Dee Dee had made a call, one she had hoped never to make again. But right now she needed a deal with the devil.

And the devil was happy to oblige.

The front door opened and Dee Dee could smell the cigarette smoke lingering in the air before she even turned around. Taking a deep breath to hold her nerves, Dee Dee spun round to face her new arrival, feeling the air grow cold as she stared into the icy blue eyes of the blonde bitch in front of her.

Victoria Harkness smirked and tossed away her cigarette. “Hello Dee. Been a while.”

“Yes, well… desperate times.”

“Oh you must be TRULY desperate to come to me for help. How long’s it been, 3 years, 4?”

“6. That internship at your brothers was a long time ago.”

“But you kept my number all those years. I must admit I’m flattered but I prefer my women to be a little… older.”

Victoria grinned at Dee Dee as she sauntered over to the front desk, Dee Dee gulped at the chilling air Victoria brought with her as the older woman eyed the store.

“I must say you’ve done well for yourself. I bet Vincent would be jealous of what you’ve done, he was so AWFULLY disappointed when you cut your internship short.”

“Well maybe if your brother didn’t use Fluffies like his own personal punching bags I would’ve stayed.”

Victoria shook her head and tutted. “Don’t do that Dee. Don’t take the moral fucking highground. If you truly believed that, I wouldn’t be here.”

“Your brother hurt good Fluffies. Innocent Fluffies. The ones I need you to look at… they’re anything but.”

A cruel glint shone in Victoria’s eyes as her eyes glanced at the door towards the back room.

“Very well then, shall we get right to business.”

Dee Dee nodded and led Victoria through to the back room, as the door opened the two women were suddenly set upon by a small Fluffy family.

“Mummah, who dis. Am nyu fwiend?” Paprika said excitedly.

“No, Paprika this is…”

“An old business partner of your mothers.” Victoria’s silken lies dripped out of her like oil. “She’s asked me here to take care of some VERY bad Fluffies.”

Cloudberry shivered on Paprika’s back and hid behind her mother’s neck fluff. “Cwoudbewwy nu wike wady, am scawy.”

Paprike nodded in agreement and stepped back while Mustard stood in front of his mate and child, ready to protect them. Dee Dee quickly knelt down and stroked all three of them.

“Now guys, don’t worry. Victoria here won’t hurt ANY of you. She won’t even TOUCH you, I’ll make sure of it.”

“Why of course. I wouldn’t want to hurt any… INNOCENT Fluffies now would I?”

Dee Dee glared at Victoria but said nothing as she led Paprika and her family into their safe-room. With her Fluffies safe, Dee Dee motioned for Victoria to follow her further into the store.

“You’ve got them well-trained.” Victoria noted after a few moments of silence. “Was it hard training them?”

“Not at all. They were perfect from the start.”

“Hmm, shame they can’t all be that way. Much more fun when they don’t deserve it.”

Dee Dee said nothing as she pushed open the door towards the final room, an old boiler room that hadn’t been touched with the renovations yet, it was dark, dank and cold with only the sinister whirring of the boiler to break the silence.

Dee Dee flicked the light switch, and the room was suddenly blown up with the harsh fluorescent lighting that caused migrains and bad Monday morning. In front of the two women were two tables, one to the side with a box covered by a dark blanket. And one in front with five cages lined up in a row, each cage housing one shit stained and piss soaked Fluffy screaming about the ‘bwite-wite huwties’.




Victoria turned to Dee Dee. “Charming bunch ain’t they.”

“You don’t know the half of it. Shall we make the introductions?”

Dee Dee led Victoria to the first cage, inside was a shimmering purple Pegasus filly with a yellow mane. She glared at Dee Dee as she saw the woman’s face.

“Bestesh babbeh nu wan tawkies tu Dee-Dee, am tuu ugwy tu tawkies tu bestesh babbeh.”

“This…” Dee Dee said ignoring the filly. “…is Dahlia, stuck-up little bitch who talks down to everyone she deems as ‘Ugly’. And she calls everyone who isn’t her or her mother ugly so you can guess how that goes.”

Moving down the line, in the next cage was a simmering sapphire blue unicorn colt with an orange mane. As soon as he saw Dee Dee he charged the cage and smacked his head off the metal bars of the door.


The blue colt charged again, knocking his head on the bars once more.

“This is Periwinkle, hard as nails and thick as pig shit, he killed at least three of Dandelion’s foals alone.”

Victoria nodded and followed Dee Dee to the next cage. Inside was another colt, an Alicorn but with a broken horn. His Fluff was bright orange with a blinding white mane.

“This is Hibiscus, he was an Alicorn until his mother bit his horn off so he could be a Pegasus like her. He knows about the horn but if you mention it he gets VERY defensive about it. Isn’t that right Hibuscus?”


“Short tempered and with an image problem, bad comination.”

The two women walked to the forth cage, inside was a filly, a ruby red earthie with a Golden mane, she turned to Dee Dee and Victoria and, to Victoria’s surprise, spoke in a calm, quiet voice.

“Hewwo, am yu nyu mummah fow Pop-ee?”

“Um… no, I’m just looking.”

“Dat a shame. Pop-ee wan weave dis dummeh pwace, gu wiv nyu mummah whewe Pop-ee can gib wowstesh stompies an foweba sweepies tu all dummeh poopie munstah babbehs Pop-ee can find.”

Poppy giggled and turned away from the cage. Victoria turned to Dee Dee who looked exhausted just listening to the filly.

“Poppy here is a genuine psychopath, she was laughing when she killed Dandelion’s foals. But of course, last but not least, our final cage…”

The two woman walked in front of the fifth and final cage, inside was a hulk of a colt, as large as a stallion already, Fluff a shining gold with streaks of emerald green, mane black as tar and a glimmering golden unicorn horn. Victoria already knew this was the main event before Dee Dee even spoke out his name.

“…Pothos, head shit in charge, smarty extrodinaire and outright fucking murderer.”

Pothos snorted. “Nu cawe bout dummeh munstah mawe, wai munstah keep babbehs bu Bestesh Babbeh nu see mummah?”

Dee Dee ignored him and took Victoria away. “The lot of them are rotten, spoiled and broken, they killed good foals and a good mother. I want you to make them suffer for it.”

“Any particular reason you can’t do the job yourself, doesn’t seem like you’re above this sort of thing.”

“I said I want them to suffer, if I get my hands on them I just rip their little FUCKING heads off.”

Dee Dee took a few deep breathes before continuing.

“Besides, I’ll be dealing with the mothers, can still get some use out of them, but this lot is beyond help.”

Victoria nodded as her attention turned to the lone box of the other table. “And what’s in there?”

“That? That’s the secret weapon.”

Dee Dee lifted the blanket to show Victoria what was inside, Victoria peeked and saw a shivering black Alicorn colt with a silver mane sleeping inside, his front left hoof wrapped around a blanket.

His front right hoof completely missing.

“This is Baccara. He’s the only one of Dandelion’s foals to survive, and even then they took his leg from him. I know how much you enjoy fucking with Fluffy heads so make use of him, treat him with kindness, reward him for being a good Fluffy. Show these monsters what being nice means.”

“You do know I’m not going to let any of these little shit leave here alive, right?”

Dee Dee nodded. “I know, but I still want them to learn. I want them all to know how awful they truly are before you decimate them.”

Victoria looked across at the five cages of bad foals, then down at poor broken colt, the only survivor of his family’s massacre, massacred BY his family cruelly enough, then she looked over at Dee Dee and smirked.

“Where should we start?”

Chapter 2


Poor daffodil


My first thought was “Where do I fit this in the timeline.”

Followed by “I love this setup. Dee Dee has an absolute mean streak, and this is a great way for her to deal with it.”


Poppy sounds like she could have her own show on Fox News.


(Izzy and Ricky are firing up a grill)

Dee Dee: “Not like that!”


Ah. The ego on these ones will surely save them.


Poppy is strangely intriguing. A monster, yes, but she could become quite a ferocious terror against yard invading ferals under the right circumstances. I could see an exterminator making use of that one, once Poppy was properly trained and broken into being obedient. She just needs purpose and a strong hand guiding her.

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Baccara: “Baccawa nu can boogie anymowe; hab wowstest heawt-huwties.”

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Damn hope dee dee is ready for this, calling the “bitch devil” is as scary sunmouning Josef Mignola on a Ouija Board.

With Josef gone that smirk and evil grin of Victoria is just damn irritating and creepy.

Wonder what show she will do on the next chapter :thinking:


Oh boy, I can see Victoria bonding with Poppy and keeping her as an abuse assistant.

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“I fear no Fluffy. But that… thing, it scares me.”

Victoria (probably)


~hums to self 'the baby bunch ~ ~ ~ ~ Bad baby bunch~ ’ to the brady bunch tune in his head~

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Cant get enough of yo stuff, bruh.


Sell them at a reduced price, given their behavioral problems?

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Sets a bad precedent. Act bad, still get to leave to a ‘good’ home (since all homes are good to a Fluffy).

Plus it looks bad for the store, lessens the value if they’re giving out broken products.


Hence price reduction & caveat emptor.
Which should be discussed with the customer in the products hearing. Make it clear to the product that their actions have made them “less pretty”.

But this is not merely a matter of filthy lucre, is it.

There will be blood.

And I am so excited!

Poppy could have an promising career as help with an exterminator…if she could take to the training, which I doubt is possible at this point.


There are plans for Poppy.

They are not pleasant

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Smarty/bitch foals and learn? HAHAHAHA! Sorry Dee Dee, but that’s not gonna happen, those things are lost causes, till the very end they’ll cry “mustas, hurting the guddest bestest babbehs.” They will never understand.

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