The Ballad of Buster The Alicorn Stud by Transcendenz

Buster lived a charmed life as a fluffy. He had just enough toys and regular good tasting kibble. He always did good poopies and pee-peeies in the litter box. Generally, he was comfortable. A mostly happy and good fluffy. Buster used to have a daddeh and a little mummah but after the “dee-vowce”, he only just had a “mummah” now. Mummah didn’t play with Buster. But she did say she had a new “Job”. See, Buster wasn’t just a fluffy. He was an Alicorn fluffy, or a “Pointy-Wingie fwuffy” as Buster would say to the mirror in his room. When Buster looked in the mirror, he saw a large pointy wingie friend. Midnight blue with a sparkling magenta mane. The mirror was in the room so mummah could pretty Buster up before he went to his “job”

Yes, unlike many other fluffy ponies, Buster had a “job”. His job was pretty simple. Mummah would put a sweater on him to hide his wings. She told Buster she was putting on the sweater to make him look pretty for the mares. She never told him that other fluffies would freak out about a “Monster” if they saw his wings and horn. Then he would meet a pretty mare who wanted “Babbehs”, and soon after, Buster would indeed help them on their quest for foals by giving them special huggies. Buster was always gentle and took care not to hurt his new friend when giving them special huggies and was a caring fluffy.

Afterwards they would lie and cuddle till Mummah picked Buster back up and put him in the crate to leave. Buster always wished he could have a bit more time with the mares. But he had a job to do. And he was always rewarded with a treat. Though Buster being Buster, he always asked for his new friend to get a treat too.

Leaving was always the hardest part for Buster. Mostly because he was always alone. Mummah was always too busy to play with him. So he had to make do with his toys. But occasionally he would look out the window of his safe room and see fluffies in the field playing and wished he had the company of other fluffies too. He especially felt envious of the families. Buster wished he could have a family of his own. A special friend and some beautiful babbehs. That would make Buster’s life complete. Buster often dreamed of it. Though he understood he still had a “Job” to do

One day, Buster was brought to another house to do his “job”. Mummah placed the sweater on him as usual and brought him into the safe room. As he was placed on the A Beautiful unicorn with a striking violet coat and a golden yellow mane. Mummah whispered into Buster’s ear “You know what to do Buster.”. But Buster, Buster was absolutely smitten with this new fluffy. “Nyu Fwiend?” the mare enquired? Buster tried to regain his composure, “F-Fwuffy am Bustah. Who am yu?”. The mare giggled “Fwuffy am Pwimwose! Wan pway!”

Buster and Primrose played and played. First it was huggy tag, then blookies, and then everyone. But all the while, Buster was falling madly in love with Primrose. And it turned out, the feeling was mutual. Eventually they stopped playing ball. And started talking. And talk turned to “Babbehs” as it normally does. And talk made way for special huggies. And boy oh boy did the huggies feel special for Buster. After declaring “GUD FEEEWS” both fluffies hugged each other, panting and sweating. Deeply, madly in love with one another

“Bustah wan be Pwimwose’s speciaw fwiend”

“Pwimwose’ wan be Bustah’s speciaw fwiend tu!”

The two joyously hugged tighter. Unaware two furious owners were entering the safe room after hearing the conversations outside.

“Hewwo Mummah? Tweat fow bestest speciaw fwiend Pwimwose?”

Buster looked expectantly at his mummah. But instead of the usual lukewarm demeanor, he saw pure cold in her eyes.

“Buster. You are not allowed to have a special friend. Your job is to give special hugs and that’s it” she hissed.

Buster protested back “Nuuuu! Bustah is Pwimwose speciaw fwiend. Bustah need tu’ be daddeh for babbehs! Bustah nee- HUUUUUURK”

“Bustah, nuuuuuuuuu! Nu huwt speciaw fwiend!” Primrose cried out after till she too was picked up by her owner

Buster was quickly grabbed by the scruff of his sweater and slammed into the back of the carrier.

“Speshaw Fwiend! Nuuuuu!” Primrose cried out as Buster was forcefully taken away from her.

Buster cowered in the back of his crate as the tone of voice of his mummah changed as she addressed Primrose’s owner

“So sorry about this. This is the first time my stud fell in love. He needs a bit of education. Just remember the bucket trick I told you when she foals. Tell her to put the “Monster babies” into the bucket so you can get rid of them. A soft fluff rug and the fake mare teats from Fluffmart filled with milk at the bottom of the bucket and the Alicorn will be fine. And I suggest sorry boxing her for an hour after I leave just to reinforce that she’s not allowed to have a special friend. Then escalate it to the sorry stick if she continues”.

The ride home in the metal monster was tense. Buster cowered in his carrier some more. He didn’t know what he did wrong. He did what all fluffies were supposed to do. He was supposed to have a family. Soon after, they arrived home and mummah dumped Buster out of the crate. Buster looked into her face and saw white hot rage in her eyes.


Buster was scared out of his mind. “B-B-Buh Bustah need special fwiend foh babbehs and huggies and wub”

“Is that what you think Buster? You really think I care about you having a family?”

Suddenly Mummah grabbed a sorry stick from a chest on a shelf in the room. Buster tried to waddle away but Mummah caught him and started furiously raining down blows on his rear using the sorry stick.


“B-B-Bustah nu have speciaw fwiend…”

“Good. I want you to remember one thing Buster. I don’t love you. I love the money you bring in when you fuck mares. That’s your “Job”, you fuck mares”

Mummah grabbed Buster by the scruff again and deposited him in the sorry box at the side of the room.

“You can think about what I said while you spend the night in the sorry box. How dare you embarrass me in front of a customer who paid good money for your sperm”

Mummah shut the sorry box on Buster, eradicating the light.

Buster could only “Huuuuuuuuuuuuu” sadly through the night. Scared of the dark in the sorry box. But also scared he upset Mummah. Was he really only good for special hugs? It was at this time he really missed little mummah and daddeh. They always played with him and gave him hugs and love. Daddeh promised Buster he would have a special friend when they could find another pointy-wingy friend. But it was never to be.

The next morning Buster was taken out of the sorry box by Mummah and given a wash in the bath. Like all fluffies, he was scared of the water, but he was too depressed to even be scared. Not soon after Buster was placed back in the travel crate and taken to his next appointment.

Buster had his sweater put on. But this time, mummah was in the safe room and had the sorry stick to hand. Buster didn’t really want to play and give special hugs. But he knew he’d get another beating if he refused. And so, he played and gave the nice mare special hugs whenever she asked. Even though he didn’t really want to

And then Almost every bright time. Buster would go through the same routine

Meet the new fluffy. Give special hugs when they ask. Repeat

Enf, enf, gud fewws. Repeat
Enf, enf, gud fewws. Repeat
Enf, enf, gud fewws. Repeat

But the feels just weren’t as good as before. Mummah didn’t even give Buster a treat afterwards any more. She just shoved him in the crate when he was done.

Every time he’d be just shoved back into the crate and taken back to his safe room. No hugs, no love.

One bright time after giving good feels and being returned home. Buster look wistfully outside the window in his safe room again. He could see a fluffy family out in the fields again. They had four beautiful foals with them and they were joyously jumping around and playing in the fields. If it was quieter, he’d hear a blissful mummah song from the mare. Oh how he envied them. How he wished to have his own family. How he would never get the chance to show his daddeh and little mummah just how good he would be as a father. That would make them happy too…

Then one bright time, Buster was taken back to a familiar place. The smells were familiar to him, the room almost came to mind. And there in the middle of the room, he saw a familiar but wonderful sight

It was Primrose! But, she was different. Oh no, her legs were taken away! Primrose cried on the pillow as her owner talked to mummah

“Why did you need to pillow her?”

“Dumb bitch had two alicorn foals and stomped them in a panic instead of placing them in the bucket like I told her. Had to get her pillowed because she’s an Alicorn machine but I can’t have her hurting the foals”

Primrose sniffed and made soft "Huuuuuu"s as the owner recounted how she lost her legs.

Mummah then looked at Buster. “Go on, mount her and give her special hugs. Don’t even bother asking her this time”

Buster shed tears and wailed. It was unfair! How could they do this to his special friend!

“Bustah nu wan. Wan give huggies ad wuv. Nu wan speshul huggies”

Mummah was angry. She took out the sorry stick once more and pointed it at Buster “Mount her and give her special hugs, now”

Buster, in an act of defiance, stomped his hoof and declared “Pwimwose wuv Bustah! Bustah wuv Pwimwose!”

“Oh really, you think she loves you?” Mummah spat out at Buster. Mummah reached over and grabbed his sweater before yanking it off. Exposing his wings. Mummah then placed him right in front of Primrose

Primrose could only watch wild eyed in shock and fear “B-B-Bustah am munstah? Bustah am munstah! Nuuuuuuu huuuuuuu huuuuuu! Nu wan! Nu waaaaaan!”

“Nuuuuuuuuu! Nu am munstah” Buster cried out as his wings shook in fear

“Give special huggies now”

Both fluffies yelled varying versions of “Pwease nu huwt fwuffy”, fearing the worst. Buster being scared of mummah hurting Primrose. Primrose out of fear of the monster who she thought she loved

Mummah then asked Primrose’s daddeh “Do you mind if I encourage them by hitting your fluffy”

“Hit the bitch. It’s the least she deserves after what she did” her daddeh responded

Mummah immediately started slapping the sorry stick against Primrose’s rear, hard.


Mummah kept on striking Primrose and looked at Buster

“I don’t stop till you start mounting her” she threatened Buster. If you really love her, you’d mount her and give her special huggies” she snarled as she repeated striking Primrose on the rear

Buster, sobbing and hiding behind his hoofs eventually relented “Yus, mummah. Bustah gif speciaw huggies”

Buster mounted the sobbing mare and began to thrust. If only to protect Primrose, even though she didn’t love him any more

Enf, enf, enf, enf, enf………gud fewws……

Buster was shoved back into the crate after he was finished. Only to hear his mummah talking about Primrose again

“Get a home milkbag kit from Fluffmart and mount her against the wall after she gives birth. You already know pillowing her means you have to train foals to use the litter box yourself. But it will stop her from getting any ideas of crushing them with her body if she gets more Alicorns” mummah said as she left the home with Buster in his crate.

After another metal monster ride. Buster was once more deposited into his safe room. Mummah had nothing to say to him. She just filled his bowl with kibble and left.

Buster looked into the mirror once more. His face was a tear stained, snot filled mess. He wasn’t a good fluffy any more. He was a terrible fluffy. More than ever, he missed Daddeh and little mummah. He wished he had a little family of his own. But he didn’t deserve any of them. All he deserved was sadness.

Melissa looked at her calendar and tallied up her profits for the week. Ever since getting the shitrat in the divorce settlement. He’s been a consistent income generator. Working at a fluffy breeder prepared her perfectly for turning that alicorn into a business concern. Even if the damn shitrat wanted hugs and love. He wasn’t going to get any since her former husband loved that thing as much as their kid.

How ironic the judge gave her the part of the property including the fluffy to her in the settlement, even though she was the one who cheated on her husband and instigated it. The bastard judge gave custody of their daughter to her husband, the one thing she wanted most of all. So pimping his precious alicorn fluffy out to whoever wants, that will do for now. That the fluffy was now a broken hearted mess who fucks on command was delicious icing on the cake.

The ringtone of her phone signalled she got another booking. As she answered the phone, she immediately put her best saleswoman voice on.

“Don’t worry. I’ll schedule you in. I’ll make sure he performs, don’t you worry about it”


Bit dumb of Melissa to put Buster through that much emotional strain, once he hits that ‘wan-die’ loop then he’s basically worthless.

Of course I guess she could ‘milk’ him and work out a deal to take one of his sons as payment, depending on how far she wants this breeding income to go.

Man, life really does not give a shit about Fluffies.


Borderline bleakbox here. I love it!


Theres alicorn complications for you.
At least Melissa gets rid of her own familiar frustrations, though it may cost her down the road.


Very sad. Therapists are needed.


Or hitmen. Or both!


Melissa seems like the type of person that would kidnap her daughters and ex husband’s fluffy just to spite. Shit if she gets visitatuon yry to set up for them to buy a new allicorn (not with her money) then have it go missing. (In to Melissa’s basement.)


Man sorry to think the judge gave a bitch cheater the thing the husband and daughter love most.

Im not sure if the judge don’t care or its a “punishment” she have to live through and if she “might” kill her money maker that added her own punishment just a theory :thinking:

No wonder she doesnt care but money alone.


Think her motivation may be a bit more personal than pecuniary gain, or has become so. Note at what point she suffers a sudden decrease in manners.


Hey this is just like all those “Lonely mares watch Babies! and then want foals” situation

Who knows that fluffies with absentee owner would want interaction with other fluffies, since their owner are so neglectful. Really made you think!


I do have to at least wonder if she was deliberately setting him up to fail, long-term. He’s more an instrument of tormenting her ex, it seems.

I like the idea as well that Alicorn’s in particular get depressed and lonely because other fluffies can’t be around them. Old stories used to even talk about fluffies being literally scared to death thinking about them. Plus the idea that Buster was told he would get a mate and he could have a family weighed on his mind, now he was never going to get it.

Its a combination of spite and that the fluffy is an object with no rights in the eyes of the law so she can do what she wants with it to make money. Turning it into a sad sack depressed mess only good for breeding is just icing on the cake.

Life doesnt tive a shit about anything. Humans don’t give a shit about fluffies lol.

When I saw ‘the ballad of buster’ I was like “FLUFFY SPAGHETTI WESTERN!?”

:frowning: Sadly no buster skrugs shenanigans.

I only remembered that film’s title a few minutes after I posted the story. Should get around to watching it some time.

Can’t do a fluffy spaghetti western either since the fluffies would be too busy wondering where the Spaghetti is, then shitting themselves in fear when a gun goes off.


It’s a nice movie if you watch it just to watch something silly. :slight_smile:

I watched with no expectations and watched it a few more times at later dates after because I enjoyed it that much.

Please write this.

Man, ever since reading one of the backstories of Josef Mongola written by BFM, I have this absolute adoration for seeing kind, loving Fluffy studs get put into a miserable cycle of relentless breeding. Something about ruining something that all Fluffies universally love, special huggies, combined with the fact of crushing the dreams of the most desirable thing in any Fluffy’s life, a family, is just peak.

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Fun fact, that was Crimson father who got his heart and his balls broken.

Which means I should probably look into the fact that Crimson has about 127 half-siblings out there

I see Buster commiting suicide pretty soon by drowning in its water bowl.