The Ballad of Chocolate Chip #2 (By Chocowate-Chippy)

Part 1


Wonawd gonna BE the sketties. :smiling_imp:


They say the best revenge is a spaghetti dish made of your enemies

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Make him eat spaghetti with a poop sauce made from Chip’s poop… or derp him into a worthless poop munching paralysed slug… no longer able to move his limp limbs

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Oh you mean Nuggetifacation and a lobotomy , nice


No not nuggetification… just derping via pushing his horn inwards so all thats sticking out is a small nub of the tip, turning them into a derped dummy… also no amputation, just a needle or pin jabbed into the base of the neck severing the spinal cord making them paralysed from the neck down and no control of their bowels.

Also shave their mane and fluff off their body too.

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Turn bestest bitch into food. Make the others suffer for fun.

There’s a more fun and brutal way , just like another drawing i commented on 3 ways to do just that , most just ram a long needle up the nose till it scraps tge back of tge skull or pokes out the other end , either way you end up with what you’re looking for a lobotomized fluff unable to move or control body functions win win

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hmm…I had plans for Ronald but I kinda like that better