The Ballad of Stormy Part 17 FINALE (HurtComfortBox)

Author’s notes: Thank y’all for hanging in there with me. This is the final part of Stormy’s story, but there’s going to be more with Brun and the foals. I’m also going to start uploading side stories now that the main one is done- I figured that it’d be less confusing if the main start of them was finished, lol. Anyway, this one’s pretty dark and gorey, so maybe don’t eat during it. stay safe out there.

The Ballad of Stormy Part 17 FINALE

Brownie was sat in his usual place on Daddy’s lap. It had become a routine- after Daddy had come home and washed off the strange sharp smell and ate his dinner, he would come to the living room and watch the fluffies. Brownie would come to the edge of the pen and make the “upsies” pose, and Daddy would oblige. Brownie wished he could stay with Daddy all the time. The other fluffies were beginning to irritate him more and more. Coffee still trembled, flinched and cried constantly, even weeks after the sorry-box. He hadn’t even lost any parts! Brownie looked at mummah. She was currently batting the dog ball back and forth with Coffee, and Brownie felt a hot, sick, jealous rage flare up inside of him. Brownie loved playing catch-the-ball, but mummah always just told him to play with Leaf and Grape, because Coffee was always needing her attention. He scowled, his little muzzle screwed up in distaste.

Grape was so happy! It had been a really good day! She had played huggy-tag with Leaf and Brownie, and she had won! And mummah had given her another secret lesson in pushing things around, and told her she had done a good job, and Daddy had filled up the kibbles again! She did a happy little dance to let off some excitement. She loved her life so much- she didn’t really remember the scary things that happened, because she was a Good Fluffy and therefore had nothing to worry about. Grape looked over to the couch and beamed up at Daddy. Daddy was big, and his face didn’t move very much, but he never hurt her and was always nice to her, so she loved him dearly. She ran over to the edge of the pen, and began to dance just for him and Brownie. “Wook, Daddy! Gwape am dancin fow Daddy! Wuv Daddy!” Brun grunted. “Good girl.” Grape clapped her little hoofsies together- she would never, ever, ever do anything to make Daddy sad, because she loved him so much!

When it was time for bed, Daddy carefully placed Brownie back in the pen and refilled their water and kibble a final time. He turned off the lights and went back to his bedroom. Grape watched Daddy go to bed sadly. She would have to wait a whole dark-time to see him again! She sighed and turned to go join the fluffpile when she noticed that the gate was unlatched, cracked ever so slightly open. She remembered what Mummah had taught her, and she dashed over, tapping her front hooves in excitement. Mummah was sleepily humming her siblings to sleep. Grape pointed- “Wook, mummah! Gate open!” She puffed out her little chest in pride, happy that she had done a good job. Stormy’s eyes widened, and all trace of fatigue had gone. It was finally time.

Stormy leaned in, and her voice was hushed and filled with barely-restrained hope. “Otay, wisten cwosewy. Weaf, yu push gate open, otay? But nu make noise!” Leaf did as he was told. He didn’t understand what was happening- he thought this was just another funny secret game that Mummah was playing. He pushed the gate open by leaning on it, all three of his legs shoving hard against the carpet. It swung open slowly, and he hopped back to Mummah. “Otay, mummah!” Stormy nodded, a strained smile on her face. She had to make sure her babbehs didn’t make any sort of noise that would wake Daddy. “Gud job! Otay, now is BESTEST SECWET GAMESIE, otay? It cawwed uhhhh… Nu noise woww!” The little foals made small, excited murmurs- except for Brownie. He sat quietly, saying nothing.
Stormy angled herself so that it would be easier for her babbehs to roll her out the gate. “Otay, da wuwes awe dat yu woww mummah to odeh woom, otay? But nu make noise!” She pointed towards the kitchen, just past the living room. She knew that that was the way to Outside. Once they were Outside, she could look for Snowball and her old babbehs, and they could be safe! Leaf, Coffee, and Grape all dutifully got behind Stormy and began to push her, soft grunts and hushed giggles the only thing that broke the silence. They rolled her past the gate, and got halfway to the kitchen before Coffee got too scared to continue. He crouched low on the floor, shaking. “Huuu! Scawies and dawkies! Cawfee nu wike… can gu back to pen? It am sweepietimes…”

Stormy shook her head vigorously. “Nu! Nu, babbeh. Must pway game untiw mummah say, otay? It am im-pow-tan game.” Coffee sniffled and shook, but began to help push his Mummah again. The four fluffies continued towards the kitchen, not noticing that one of their number had strayed.

The sight of Coffee huddled on the floor and crying had disgusted Brownie. The little unicorn had had enough! That hot, sick, angry feeling inside of him made his decision for him, and he trotted away. It was dark, and scary, but Brownie knew he had to tell Daddy what was happening. He made his way past the scary room where Daddy had taken his badness out, and followed his nose to the part of the house where Daddy’s smell was the strongest. He squeezed through the crack of the bedroom door. To Brownie’s surprise and joy, Daddy was already awake, sitting on the edge of his bed and facing his door in the dark. He ran up to him. “Daddy! Daddy! Mummah and bwuddahs and sissy am bein BAD FWUFFIES!” Brun grunted, picking him up and giving him a scratch behind the ear. “Good boy, Brownie. Daddy already knows, though. We’re going to teach them a lesson, but we need to wait.”
Brownie was confused, but he felt a sort of shaky, fierce joy wash through him. Daddy was so smart! Of course Daddy already knew! Daddy said they were going to teach bad mummah and Coffee a lesson! Brownie hummed contentedly as Daddy continued to pet him. “Bwownie wuv yu, Daddy.” Brun nodded, the corner of his mouth tilting. “You’re a Good Fluffy, Brownie. You’ll get to help Daddy later.” Brownie felt so proud and so happy, but it was dark, and Daddy’s hands were warm, and he was sleepy, and so he drifted off.

Stormy let out a tiny shocked gasp when the cold kitchen tile hit the part of her belly where no fluff grew. Her babbehs stopped pushing her for a moment, plopping down heavily on their haunches and panting with exertion. This was much, much farther than they had ever rolled mummah, and while she rolled easily, she was still much heavier than they were! The kitchen itself was simple, clean, and well-kept. A well-made table and chairs sat on a woven rug, and beyond that was the FRONT DOOR. Stormy nearly cried out in celebration, but managed to bite her tongue at the last moment. They were so close! “Otay, babbehs! Awmost thewe! Keep pushin!” The little foals grunted and panted as they pushed her again, before finally, with a bump, they were at the front door. It was sturdy, with a window that looked out onto the front yard. Stormy maneuvered herself, and then placed her hoofpads firmly against the door and shoved as hard as she could. Of course, nothing happened. She pushed again, and again, nothing. She began to panic. “O-otay, babbehs! Now jus… jus pushy doow, otay? Push weawwy hawd!”

Grape, Coffee and Leaf did as they were told, bracing themselves against it and shoving with all their might. Nothing. The kitchen door, of course, was latched, and naturally locked against the cool night air. There was no way that Stormy could have ever managed to open it. Stormy looked at the door- it was the only thing standing between her family and freedom. The cool tile against her naked lower half made her shiver. Her babbehs had given up pushing, exhausted. They sat heavily on the floor, panting. “Mummah,” Gwape said softly, her sweet little voice dry and strained- “nu wan pway pushy game nu mowe! Am tiwed!” Leaf nodded in agreement. He was laying on his side against the cool tile, grateful for the break. His sole front leg burned from exertion and threatened to cramp. Coffee said nothing, only weeping quietly and straining his wide eyes around at the darkness, sure that at any moment a monster was going to come and num them.

Stormy’s patience broke, and she swatted Grape on the nose. Grape’s eyes went wide and filled with tears. Mummah had given her sorry-hoofsies! Mummah had hurt her! She began to bawl, rubbing her poor little nose with her hooves. Stormy hugged her immediately, a hot sick wash of guilt ripping through her. She had promised herself she would never give any of her babbehs sorry-hoofsies again, and yet here she was! She hummed softly to Grape until she calmed, and then she sighed. “Nu hav to pushy, but stay hewe, otay?”

Brownie roused when Daddy gently shook him awake. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes and smiled up at him. “Hewwo, Daddy!” Brun grunted. The barest hints of sunlight were beginning to show through the blinds. “Ready to help Daddy?” Brownie nodded, suddenly serious and awake. “Weady, Daddy! Dey wewe BAD FWUFFIES.” Brun nodded. He brought the little colt into the bathroom and set him on the counter. Remembering the loss of his lumps, Brownie couldn’t help but cower slightly and bring his tail between his legs. Daddy scratched his ears again. “You’re not going to lose any parts. Just wait here.” Brownie nodded.

Brun went to the closet and took out a large plastic tub. He had gotten it specifically for this purpose, as it was easy to clean and impossible for a fluffy to get out of. He moved silently into the kitchen. Stormy was still desperately pushing against the kitchen door- her face fluff was matted and stained with tears. Behind her, Coffee, Leaf and Grape huddled together for warmth. None of them noticed as Brun placed the tub on the floor. Stormy hit her hoofpads against the door over and over in frustration. Stupid door! She knew it opened, and she knew this was the way to Outside! She knew also that there wasn’t much time before Daddy woke up- she had to figure this out before- she was yanked suddenly upwards, and she let out a squeal of terror and a volley of shit, which covered her unfortunate foals. “SCREEEEEEE!”

Brun said nothing as he dumped her unceremoniously into the tub. He picked up the sobbing foals (“Huuuu! Why sowwy poopies? Nu smeww pwetty! Huuuu!”) and placed them in the bin with her. Stormy’s eyes were bugged out in abject horror. She was Too Late- Daddy had found them. She was a Bad Fluffy- the Worst Fluffy. She pleaded desperately for mercy as Daddy effortlessly picked up the tub and took them to the bathroom. “Pwease, Daddy! Nu huwties! Nu take weggies! Pwease wet Stowmy and babbehs gu!” Brun stopped suddenly at that last phrase. He looked down at Stormy, and the little wrinkle between his eyes was there. Stormy let out another choked sob. “What was that, Stormy?” Brun’s voice was as emotionless as always, but there was a chill undercurrent of danger underneath. Stormy nearly gagged from sobbing so hard. “P-pwease wet Stowmy and babbehs gu?” Brun let out a soft sigh. A pity. She had just broken the most important rule. He continued to the bathroom, and he set the tub on the counter beside Brownie.

Brownie looked into the tub and caught his mummah’s terrified eyes through the clear plastic. The confusion on her face made it clear that she hadn’t even noticed that he was gone, and he felt what little love he still had for his mummah shatter as his heart did. Brun went and retrieved his tools, washed his hands, and prepared his work area. Finally, he reached into the tub and grabbed the first fluffy his hand fell on- Leaf. The small green colt was shivering, covered in rancid fluffy shit and sobbing. “Nu smeww pwetty, Daddy! Mummah gav sowwy-poopies and-” Brun dunked the foal beneath the running faucet. The water itself was just slightly cooler than room temperature- not cold enough to kill a fluffy, but enough to be severely unpleasant. Leaf jolted in shock and coughed as he accidentally inhaled water. Daddy roughly scrubbed the poopies off of him, before holding him by the scruff of his neck before Brownie.

“You decide, Brownie. Is Leaf a bad fluffy?” Brownie looked closely at his brother. He was dripping and shivering, coughing up water. Leaf had always been nice to him, and always tried to include him in games and huggies. Brownie shook his head. “Weaf am jus dummeh, Daddy, nu bad.” Brun nodded, and he dried off the little colt and set him in the tub, where he hiccuped and shivered. At least he smelled pretty now. Brun grabbed Grape, next. Grape hugged Daddy’s hand as he picked her up. “Daddy! Daddy! Mummah gav sowwy-hoofsies and poopies and made us pway nu fun wowwy game and-” Brun was slightly more gentle with her, keeping her head out of the water steam, but still roughly washing her clean. She shivered and peeped as Daddy held her in front of Brownie. Brownie considered her, then shook his head again. “Jus’ dummeh, nu bad.” Brun dried her and set her with Leaf, where they hugged each other for reassurance. They could no longer see the top of the counter, only the broad, hulking form of Daddy’s back.

Coffee was lifted next- he didn’t bother trying to tell Daddy what had happened. He had seen what had happened to Leaf and Grape, and so he just held his breath as he was roughly scrubbed. His eyes opened and the blurry form of Brownie was there, and relief flooded him. That meant this was over, and Brownie would say- “Bad fwuffy, Daddy. Cawfee is BAD FWUFFY.” Coffee’s mouth dropped open in shock- what? “N-nu am b-b-bad fwuffy! N-NU AM BAD F-FWUFFY!” The terror of his mother’s mutilation and the sorry box hit him all at once, and he flailed, kicking and screaming in Daddy’s immovable grip. Brun nodded and set Coffee in a second, smaller tub. “We’ll punish him in a second.” Brun picked Stormy up at last, bringing her to eye level.

“Stormy.” Stormy tried not to meet his gaze, but he held her there until at last, her bloodshot eyes met his. “Y-yus Daddy?” The wrinkle was there. “You broke so many rules, Stormy.” Stormy let out a choked sob and nodded. There was no point in denying it. Brun didn’t bother to wash her clean, merely holding her in front of Brownie. Stormy felt a sudden desperate hope fill her- her babbeh wouldn’t hurt her! Brownie looked up at his mummah, and the relief was clear across her face. For a moment, Brownie thought that maybe she had been worried about him. Maybe he would say that she wasn’t a bad fluffy, maybe- “Teww Daddy dat Mummah nu am bad Fwuffy, Bwownie!” Brownie blinked, and Stormy’s relieved smile faltered slightly. “B-bwownie? Teww Daddy nu huwties Mummah, otay?” Brownie’s muzzle scrunched up in a scowl. “Bad! Bad fwuffy, Daddy! Wowstest fwuffy!” He turned his back on her, crossing his front legs in anger. She hadn’t even pretended to be worried about him! She hadn’t even noticed that he was gone!

Stormy’s world stopped- Brownie had condemned her. Daddy nodded and laid her belly up on the counter. He stopped only to gently pat Brownie. “Brownie, you have to watch. If you want to help Daddy punish them, you have to watch.” Brownie nodded and turned, sniffling. He wiped away his tears and trained his eyes on Mummah. She looked at him with fearful, desperate eyes. “Pwease,” she whispered, “Pwease hewp mummah, mummah wuvs yu.” Brownie shook his head and blew a raspberry at her. “Hatechu, wiaw!”

Stormy saw Trouble and Cloudy in that face, heard Cloudy calling her a monster as he dragged his bleeding brother away from her. She closed her eyes. She didn’t notice Daddy until he had grasped one of her front legs, bringing the scalpel to skin. She began to scream- this was so, so much worse than when Daddy had taken her milky-places, or when she had lost her back leggies! She panted hoarsely as Daddy skillfully removed her front legs, cauterizing the major bleeding with the soldering iron. He didn’t want her to die yet. He set her on the floor. There was no need to contain her- a fluffy without legs can’t go anywhere.

Coffee had broken somewhere along the line and was merely staring into space, his eyes glassy and distant. He barely reacted at all when Brun picked him up and strapped him belly down to the bloodied counter where his mummah had been. It was only when the hot sticky wetness began to seep into his belly fur that he returned to himself. He looked to Brownie, hoping for salvation. Brownie’s face was sickened, but vindicated. Daddy’s deep voice rumbled above him. “What is he going to lose, Brownie? You decide.” Brownie thought for a long moment, then a smile spread slowly across his face. It was obvious.

“Speciaw wumps.” Brun nodded- he had expected as much. He set to work, and before long, there were two tiny lumps next to the discarded legs of his mummah. Brownie’s smile suddenly grew darker. “Make him num wumps, Daddy.” Brun surprised himself by letting out a chuckle- oh, now, here was a Very Good Fluffy. “Why don’t you do it, Brownie?” Brownie looked shocked, but nodded determinedly. He nudged the testicles until they lay in front of Coffee’s mouth. Coffee’s eyes slowly focused, and he felt his stomach churn. “Num dem,” said Brownie, as though he were offering his brother kibble. “N-nu! Nu wan! Nu wan num speciaw wumps! Pwease giv wumps back!” Brownie frowned, and he glanced up at Daddy, who gave him an encouraging nod. Brownie gave Coffee a sorry-hoof to the face, and the tiny pained yelp made the mean angry feeling inside of him do a wiggle. “YU NUM WUMPS WITE NAO, OW BWOWNIE WIWW ASK DADDY TU TAKE MOWE PAWTS!” He stomped his foot for emphasis. Coffee’s eyes landed on Mummah’s lost leggies. He let out a defeated sob, closed his eyes, and began to eat. The burst and salty wash against his tongue made him vomit, half-digested kibble mixing with the blood on the counter. Brownie hit him again. “Num dem! Nu make messie fow Daddy tu cwean!”

Coffee did as he was told, and finally managed to swallow down his testicles and the half-digested kibble. His stomach roiled and threatened to expel the horrid mess again, but he held it down. He didn’t want to lose his leggies. Finally, Brownie was satisfied. “Otay, Daddy. Bwownie fink dat Cawfee weawn wesson.” Brun nodded, and carefully cleaned and bandaged the little foal before setting him in the rub with the others. Brun washed his hands and picked Brownie up, holding him to his chest. The little unicorn hugged him tightly. “Fank yu, Daddy. Wuv yu.” Brun felt something he had never thought himself capable of- affection. He actually gave a tiny, rough kiss to the top of Brownie’s head before carefully returning him to the pen in the living room. He told him to wait there while he cleaned, and Brownie did as he was told.

Brun returned to the bathroom, and tossed Stormy’s legs into the tub, and then Stormy herself. Stormy had no more tears left to cry. She just looked up at him, utterly defeated. He picked up the tub and left the house, opening the front door easily. Stormy blinked as the bright morning sunshine hit her eyes. She was outside? She looked up at Daddy, but he wasn’t looking at her. He walked briskly away from the house and a block over. At the corner of the next street was a small lot that was treated as something of a community-lost-and-found. Usually, it was just old furniture that people were too lazy to move or didn’t want anymore, or odd bits and bobs. Brun looked down at Stormy at last. “You wanted me to let you go. I’m letting you go.”

Stormy’s mind ground to a halt- she was free? She was Outside? But- “But babbehs, Daddy?” Brun shook his head. “I’m not your Daddy anymore. And they’re my babies. You will never see them again.” He dumped her and her legs out of the tub, beside a musty sofa and a few rickety end-tables that had seen better days. Then he turned and left. Stormy watched him go, and the day began slowly to grow warmer.

“Oh, Jesus, that’s disgusting.” The voice was low and muffled, and only reached Stormy through a vague, swimming redness behind her eyes. After Daddy (Not-Daddy?) had left, the sun had kept rising, and without her leggies there was nothing she could do to avoid the heat that began to rise from the asphalt. Brun had placed her and her leggies tucked slightly between some furniture, and that was the tiniest of blessings. The end table kept the direct heat of the sun off of her, which kept her at least from cooking alive in a manner of minutes. Instead, Stormy had begun to get very, very thirsty. She hadn’t had anything to drink since before the escape attempt, and now it was much, much too warm! “Huuu! Huuu! Why Daddy take weggies if wet Stowmy gu? Pwease come back, weggies!” She could see her leggies- they were slightly off to the side of her, and had begun to stink in earnest as the rot began to set in. It was too much, and she vomitted, losing what little she had left inside of her.

At least now she could cry- it wasn’t like Daddy was around to get mad at her anymore. She finally cried herself dry, and as the sun continued to rise above her, the world swam around her. She was dizzy, and so she closed her eyes- that helped a little bit. She began to drift off…

Dr Fulcrum sighed, washing her hands. She had been very lucky that someone had found Stormy when they did. The newly-pillowed mare had been near the brink of death from heat exhaustion, and now only time would tell if Dr Fulcrum had saved her. She had been brought in by a concerned hugboxer on a jog, and was now resting comfortably in a recovery cage. An IV of life-saving fluids and nutrients was hooked up to her. Dr Fulcrum felt sick. She should have known that Brun was an abuser- she had spent too many years as a vet not to trust her gut instinct. She sent up a silent prayer to whatever god might exist that Stormy’s foals wouldn’t suffer such awful fates- or at the very least, that their deaths were quick. She had no legal way of stopping it. She moved to Stormy’s cage and opened it, stroking her soft grey fur. Poor girl. Dr Fulcrum would wait to see if she would pull through, and then she would take her to the only no-kill fluffy shelter in the city. It wasn’t what she wanted to do for the little mare, but it was better than being thrown into an incinerator. She had told Stacy not to come in today- she knew that it would have broken her heart.

Slowly, Stormy’s eyes opened. “Oh, no. Stormy, I’m so, so sorry.” Stormy’s beautiful eyes stared off in separate directions, and her tongue poked out of her mouth. She blew an experimental raspberry. “Waby! Hubbies. Hugbs.” Stormy was derped, there was no getting around it. The combination of trauma and heat had fried her brain. Dr Fulcrum gave the little mare a hug as best as she could around the IV. Well, she’d survived. That was… Dr Fulcrum sighed. She had to believe that it was a better fate than death, or she might as well hang up her labcoat. She made the call to SunnyDale Farms.

Stormy lay on a small, comfortable cushion on a small shelf with other pillowfluffs. The temperature was comfortable, she was fed tasty kibble on time every single day, her litterbox was kept clean, and there was even a TV with FluffTV playing on it. The employees also would hug her and pet her sometimes. Her mind was a confused muddle, but it was a mercy, in a way. The derping had wiped clean most of her memories, leaving only the vaguest shadows and images. It saved her from remembering her trauma and mutilation, and the pain she had both caused and suffered. It saved her, also, from constantly worrying about the fates of her babbehs. And yet… deep, deep, at the core of herself, those things haunted her. Sometimes she woke up at night crying and screaming, disturbing her friends on the shelf. Sometimes, even during the day, when her favorite show Babbehs! Babbehs! Came on, she would have terrible saddies and heart-hurties. Sometimes, things would scare her and she wouldn’t understand why. Somewhere deep within her was the Stormy that had been clever enough to survive being abandoned, and that part of her screamed at her to do something, anything!

Instead, she would just cry as she watched the little foals on the screen. Still, it was her favorite show, and she loved to watch it. One day, she was happily singing along as best as she could with the mummah-song on the TV- (“Wub babbeh wub mubba wub babbeh wub mubba!”)- and then a little white unicorn appeared on the screen. Suddenly, Stormy went stock-still, her eyes uncrossing for a moment and focusing fully on the foal. It was a colt, but it reminded her of a little white filly, and finally, the Stormy at her core broke through the derping just for a moment- she screamed: “BABBEH!” and did an odd little hop and roll, trying to get to the foal on the screen. She had to get to that babbeh, she had to! She hopped and wriggled on her cushion, and suddenly, horribly, she rolled off of it, and off of the shelf. The shelf that Stormy and the other pillowfluffs rested on didn’t have a front to it, as normally pillowfluffs are incapable of any movement. But, as Stormy rolled forward and the air rushed through her fur and the floor came to meet her, she was proud of herself, that at last, she was going to save her babbehs.

Her head hit the floor with a wet crack, and Stormy was no more.



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