The Best of a Bad Situation (H83R)

When life gives you a shitcan, eat glue.


Not Elmers brand edible paste i am sure.

When you are about to die from dehydration, and the only fluffy who could help you is having a glue break (he shared with you (it just sealed the can))


Well they wont die alone at least.

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It isn’t.

For legal reasons.

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Walmart’s own brand then.

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Not walmart’s.
Also for legal reasons

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Homemade edible paste in a previously used bottle.

Everybody in this thread does know that horses used to be used for making glue, right? It’s Fluffy Edible Glue. Made from Fluffies, for Fluffies. Water washable in case they get it in their fluff.

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Was glue eater trying to create the perfect home made glue? :hmm:

Why does the glue lore keep expanding?


Including edible non toxic paste ?

Something,something, boredom and autism.

Apparently the community has been recycling tropes for a while. We’re helping develop fresh new story hooks. I’m honestly staggered that there isn’t a trove of Fluffy-glue-factory stories.

For anybody who likes to maintain realism in their stories:

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I wonder how hard he failed

Probably better off then Gluestick.
Gluestick would lose parts of himself or be turned in to glue.

It may yet happen.
And realism with fluffies ?
Don’t be silly

I’m going to assume that the collagen in fluffy-joints used in glue making is narratively-special enough to be used to make non-toxic paste.

Works for me.

Does this make glue eater a cannibal?

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I was waiting for someone to comment on this.