The Bestest Day of the Week - Precious, By AtlanticHillfolk

Precious sat in what was left of her herd, the rest of the having been thinned by the big weird eyed fluffies over the coarse of the night. She fumed at the failure of her previous special friend and the incompetence of her herds toughies.

Now, it was only her and the ugly feral nurse fluffy that Livewire had got her from a different herd.

Still, she had managed to avoid detection for her plan, which was something. She would need to find a new smarty to be her special friend, right after she had this litter of babies, she was sure she could find some idiot to take her in. She was good at that.

Alternatively, she thought, maybe if she managed to follow the dumb humans’ rules for the night, she could convince a new momma to take her in and give her back everything that she had before her stupid other momma threw her out so cruelly.

“Umm… h-hewwo b-big fwiend… w-wan pway?”

Precious became aware of her ugly nurse mare speaking out of turn to another fluffy, although she couldn’t turn to look due to her size.

Her nurse mare, a disgusting unicorn named Misty from a previous litter, was there to clean up after her and tend to her needs while she was a soon momma.

She hated it when she talked and only barely tolerated her as a nurse mare because of her relation to her, her ability to keep Goldie distracted and the fact the she needed someone to clean her when she went to the bathroom.

Other than that, she was barely useful and a stain on her otherwise stellar record for breeding good colored offspring.

“Wai dummeh Misty tawk tu uddah fwuffies! Teww fwuffies gu way!”

Precious shuddered in disgust as she felt something brush up against her side.

“N-nu! N-nyu fwiend nu touch soon mummah! S-soon m-mummah nu wike touchies!”

Precious stewed as she still felt the tough of whatever silent feral was sniffing at her tummy. She realized she’d have to lower herself to get it to go away, but, if it meant not having to deal with a feral sniffing around her;


She shrieked, tapping her hooves against the ground and causing her eyes to water. This routine had worked on her human momma before, but it always seemed to work best on other fluffies who would take her word on most things as long as she spoke with confidence.


Precious stopped tapping her hooves and paused her performance, take off guard by the accusation levied at her. She didn’t expect something like that from most of the humans she had met, let alone another of her kind.

She was about to protest until a form slowly walked into view, but the sight of what it was only made her more disgusted.

The ugliest fluffy she had ever seen walked out into view of her.

It was an earthy, although abnormally large even for that type, with dark grey fluff that was dotted near its back legs with puke green, blood red and even threads of yellow green. Its strange lime green eyes seemed to drift in two different directions.

The creature sat down in front of her and brought itself down to her level and looked her in the face, its tongue hanging loosely out of its mouth, both its eyes and its intention seeming to wander away from her.


“Eeegh… ugwy… gu way ugwy fwuffy, Pwecious nu wike yu!”

The earthies right eye turned from wandering to look directly at her, a pronounced spiral appearing in the iris as it did.

Precious felt an uneasy feeling crawl up her spine as the other eye slowly drifted to focus on her and the earthies expression went from a type of derpy half confusion to something dead serious.

“…Twitch… nu wike Pwecious… Pwecious wike wotten appew… pwetty outside… ugwy inside…”

Precious looked at the strange earthy in the eye, taken aback by its strange talk. It didn’t speak like any fluffy she had ever met, there was something… off about it, and she didn’t like it.


She watched as Misty walked into view and walked up to the ugly gray fluffy, the little pink and grey unicorn gently pawing at the grey fluffy while meekly trying and failing to get it to stand up and move.

“P-pwease nyu f-fwiend… gu way… s-soon mummah n-nu wan yu hewe… pwease u-upsies… huu…”

The grey fluffy looked toward her feeble attempts to move it, before turning back to face the bloated pink soon mumma on the ground in front of it.

She was a designer fluffy, a ‘pinkie-pie’ as the humans would call them, light pink base with a darker pink mane, perfect light blue eyes stained with the type of distain a life of being told you were worth more than anyone you knew could bring.

“Twitch kno it am yu… Yu babbehs smeww wike Wivewiwe…”

Precious looked at the other fluffy in shocked confusion, how could he possibly ‘smell’ that, her babies were still in her tummy?!

“Huu huu… meanie speciaw fwiend… Wivewiwe nu wike wingy pointies… soon mummah say nu hewt babbehs, b-buh, sniff, smawty nu wisten… Pwecious am su sow-”

Her lie was cut off by the grey fluffy opening its mouth;


Precious’ blood ran cold. That was Livewires voice! But it was coming out of the grey fluffy like he was right there, begging for mercy through the horrid grey fluffy before her.

“S-sm-smawty W-Wivewiwe?!” The little pink nurse mare shakily asked, before she stopped trying to push the grey fluffy away.

Twitch stood to his full height, glaring down at the bloated mare.

“Pwecious am wiaw… Twitch nu bewieve anyting yu say…”

She started to feel the heat under her fluff as she looked up at the big grey earthy, she knew that he was going to do something to her if she couldn’t figure out a way to make him not. And she’d seen what the three spiral eyed monsters did to fluffies they didn’t like.


Precious screamed at the grey earthy, hoping against hope that if lies wouldn’t work on this creature, that perhaps the truth would.

She regarded Twitch with a smug grin, he may be able to kill her, but she knew that the human would probably be angry with him if he killed her babies.

Twitch turned up his nose at the smug expression the pink mare shot him, but his expression of ambivalent anger did not crack.

“Yu am wight… Duncan nu wike Twitch hewt babies… An Twitch smeww… Yu hab a few mowe days befow babbehs comin…”

Twitch shook his head while leaning down to bring himself face to face with the mare lying on the ground, causing Precious to recoil as much as her bulbous body could take her.

“Twitch… Nu WaN wAiT dAt WoNg…”

His eyes flared green and the spirals within pulsed with an intensity that set Precious’ on edge, the lime green in his eyes seemed almost to glow as it glared past her eyes and deep into her soul


Precious felt a strange and uncomfortable sensation seize hold of her, struggling against the whatever it was as it wormed its way from her head to the pit of her guts, before turning into pressure. Then into pain.


“B-biggest poopies?! M-misty hewp Pwecious, hewp wif babbehs!”

As she suffered through the agony of labor, Twitch slowly lowered himself down to with a smile on his face as the spirals slowly faded from his eyes and they began to drift apart again.


Twitch suddenly collapsed to the ground, his eyes darting frantically as his body began to spasm and he lost control over all of his functions, voiding his bowels and kicking his legs out in all directions.

Precious smirked at the obvious pain the ugly stallion who was tormenting her was in as whatever was happening overtook him, it almost helped her forget about the labor pains she was going through.

At least, until the other two spiral eyed monsters ran up to check on their fallen companion. The not as pretty as her pink mare gripped the grey earthy and hugged him tightly, tilting his head toward the ground and using her body as a pillow to stop him from striking against it.

The ugly green smarty paused in his concern, sniffing the air for a moment before walking around behind her, right towards her;


She tried to rotate herself around to face the green stallion, before the wracking pain of another foal slipping out of her brought her back to the more pressing matter.

“EEEP! B-b-big s-stawwion nu hewt babbehs, p-pwease!”

“Spike nu hewt babbehs…nuwsie fwiend keep du wah yu du.”

She could hear the big ugly smarty, Spike, sniffing around her babies as they began to chirp. She heard him recoil as whatever he was sniffing around for, he finally found.

“Smeww wike Wivewiwe… Yu am Wivewiwe speciaw fwiend…”

She heard his voice take on a much harsher and more aggressive tone as his temper flared.



Spike paused in response to that statement, and she slowly waddled herself back around to see her babies, but was struck by absolute disgust and horror at what she saw.

She saw five chirpies, the first two, an earthie and a monster, both stained horrible shades of brown and green.

The third was a unicorn that had the same color scheme as her dead special friend, the fourth was a wingy with a horrible shade of brown that formed spiral patterns in its fluff.

But the fifth, the fifth made her blood boil. It was a monster, but not only that, it was a monster that bore the colors of one of the ‘special fluffies’ she had always been told about.

It bore the same trademark of her own creation, but because of that horn and the wings it was more special than her. More special than she could ever be.

Filled with rage that defied her own weakness after giving birth so soon, she reared up at her worst baby, determined to crush it under her hooves.


As her hooves struck flesh, Precious quickly realized that she hadn’t struck her worst baby, but the dummy nurse mare Misty instead. Her eyes darted to the left, to where the little white chirpy had rolled after she pushed it out of her way.

Where it had come to rest at the feet of the green monster, Spike, who was looking at her with a distinctly unsettling smile as the spirals in its eyes became visible enough to be seen in the iris.

He stepped forward toward her, getting close enough the Precious to force her back onto her back legs as the terror of what had happened finally hit her through his words.

“PwEcIoUs Nu Am SoOn MuMmAh Nu MoWe!”

She struggled and flailed her limbs as she was grabbed by the scruff and hoisted into the air by the larger fluffy.


Ignoring her, Spike leapt over the fence that encircled the enclosure, still carrying the wriggling Precious in his teeth, and circled around the back of the woodhouse.

Precious panicked when she saw the bodies, almost a dozen full sized fluffies all missing limbs, organs or just pale and dead from various injuries inflicted by the cannibals when they killed them.

She saw the remains of Livewire piled in a loose heap of compressed gore near the pile, and the corpse of her toughie Glowstick buried under the piled bodies in the stack.

Then she saw the hatch.

It was a metal sliding hatch a little bit bigger and wider than an average fluffy, built at an angle and sliding down into the basement of the old house. Precious could see blood trails leading up to the hatch before being cut off by the door.

When she realized what Spike intended to do to her, her brain quickly started racing, trying desperately to think of a way to convince him not to put her down into wherever that hatch went.

She remembered a time after her human momma abandoned her, back with a herd who was long since dead, she was caught by a human who wanted to kill her and her herd.

She remembered convincing him to sell her to another human so she could make expensive babies for them.

She’d been sold, the rest of her herd at the time had been killed, but she had managed to escape from her breeder daddy after just one litter.

It had saved her before, and she was fast running out of options.

“W-WAIT! Pwecious am de-sign-aw fwuffy! Am wowth wots of munies tu hoomin daddeh?! HOOMIN DADDEH SEWW PWECIOUS TU UDDAH HOOMINS FOW WOTS OF MUNIES!”

Spike dropped the still bloated, but considerably deflated fluffy on the ground, pinning her with a hoof before she could try and run off.

“Wun, Unca Duncan am not daddeh.”

Spike reached out to the wall, tapping a small button that caused the hatch to open.

“Too, Pwecious am bad fwuffy. Nu make gud mummah, nubody pay ‘wots of munnies’ fow bad fwuffy mummah hu make babbehs gu fowebah sweepies.”

Precious could smell the powerful stink of dead fluffies and… something else, something that smelled familiar, but distinctly not normal from withing the dark confines of the chute.

“An thwee, Spike hatchu…”

Spike tossed Precious into the hatch, causing her to bang her head hard against the smooth metal before beginning to tumble down the shaft. She tried gripping onto something as she fell only to find the metal of the chute too seamless to grab on to.



She fell only a short distance, splashing down in a small circular chamber filled with a murky translucent liquid. She rolled on her side and pushed herself up to her feet, standing on the metal bottom of the room, the fluid clinging to her like a thick goo.

Looking around the inside of the chamber she could vaguely see the broken bodies of some of the other captured ferals from the night before, or at least parts of them, floating around near the top of the liquid.

The room itself was lit only by a small clear glass window that let in some light from the adjoining room she couldn’t see out of.

Precious waded in the fluid for a moment looking around for any possible way out of this horrible flooded sorry box.

She walked over to the small window, leaning up against in to try and see if their way anyone who might save her from this horrible place.

“Hewwo? Anywun dewe! Pwease wet Pwesious ou ob wound sowwy boxie, Pwesious am gud fwuffy!”

With no response, Precious tapped her front hoof on the glass…

…Only to notice the streak of darker colored fluid now mixing in with the translucent goo that covered her legs.

That was when she started to notice it. The beautiful pink fluff on her legs was gone, and as she strained her eyes in a panic trying to see what may have happened to it, she started to notice the steady trickle of boo-boo juice that slowly fell from her hooves.

“Wah happen tu Pwecious pwetty fwuff? Wai am hoofies hab boo-boo juice?! Wah am happe-SCREEEEE!”

Precious felt an intense sensation of burning wash across her back legs, like each individual skin cell had begun to boil! She quickly tried to pull her back leggies out of the pool only to feel the same sensation wrack her front hooves as she resubmerged them!


She ran to the edge of the pool, desperately trying to clamber up the side of the wall out of the chute, but she was too short to reach and the metal was too smooth.

She slid back down into the fluid and desperately ran for the window, desperate to try and get someone to let her out!

Only to fall back into the pool of fluid as her back left hoof detached from her leg and floated to the top or the pool, the combination of the burning fluid and slamming her raw nerves hard against the bottom of the chamber caused her to tumble neck deep into the substance.


At the top of the hatch, Spike grabbed a body out of the pile and chucked it down the chute and tapped the button again, causing the hatch to close and begin to mute Precious’ desperate cries for help.


Hello everyone!
So, while I was writing the fifth part of this story, I may have caught the writing bug a bit for the fates of these two. So in realizing that there was absolutely no way I could churn out an almost 6000 word fifth part to the story, I’ve divided Precious and Goldies fates into two side pieces here that I will link together… if I can figure out how.

In regard to this story, I actually had a bit of fun rolling Precious’ foals randomly for color and species. Didn’t plan on any of those little guys and gals, just the luck of the draw that she got mostly poopie babbehs and alicorns.

Question for the readers, what do y’all that do you all think we should do with the chirpies now that their momma is dead?


Is there a mare that lost her kids? If so, then she has kids again. If there isn’t then get them formula STAT.


Sweet melting bitch precious is delicious, she dies in agony :clap::clap::clap: bravo. She wont bitch now as she is ugly as fuck and dead after.

So Twitch have few issue he get that seazure? His eye changing reminds me of IT and its scary.

For me, Misty can be a nurse to the foals have her help mud in their growing lil family.


Good catch! The seizures are the reason why he’s called Twitch, that and the derpy eyes.

And yes, there is something off about him isn’t there? :smiling_imp:


Yeah some sort of special ability.

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Technically, all of the cannibals have a unique ability that I’ve been hinting at throughout the stories, except for Spike, who’s special ability hasn’t been seen in writing… yet!

Chopper uses hers in both stories!


I second Misty joining Mud and River with Precious’s babies. She is obviously a good fluffy. Gentle and sweet. Caring and protective. Mud also could use some help


Add them to the pile of gud babies. Auto feeders may be required. But River and Mud would probably love to watch and teach them. Also gives you the chance to show other parts of your cannibals. That they in there own way care about good fluffys. They are just “creative” about bad ones.

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I am curious about how the colors and species were randomly selected. Is there a small app the community has made or was it another way to get the outcome. I ask because the big money maker was an alicorn Pinkie Pie which is a pretty good gacha pull.


I roll dice for it and compare the result to a semi-completed chart I made for myself for fun one night. I also add in certain factors when I’m breeding from two known characters.

For example, Precious and Livewire:
Livewire - Breed: Unicorn, Primary: Blue, Secondary: White
Traits: None
Precious: Breed: Earthy, Primary: Pink, Secondary: Dark Pink
Traits: Alicorn Breeder (Counts as an alicorn in breeding pairs regardless of base breed), Alicorn Factory (One foal from every litter is always an alicorn, chosen randomly after base breeds are selected.), Designer Fluffy (When you roll a 10 on pattern selection, you get an MLP character pattern, do not roll again for colors, roll instead to see which character and take their colors.)

Past that, its all a game of percentages. Rolling 1D100 for breed, basing chance off of parentage. Rolling 1D100 for colors on normal foals, always a 40% chance of random colors. And rolling 1D10 for patterns and vibrancy, 1 being ‘faded’ or ‘poopie’ coloration and 10 being exceptionally patterned and vibrant.

It’s not perfect, but it works if I don’t want to pick color, pattern or breed for the foals I make.

Good god that was a long winded explanation… But, there you go!


@AtlanticHillfolk is the chute contain acidic properties to dissolved dead fluffies when the trio kills some troublesome fluffiea?

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That’s part of it. The device is called a ‘condenser’, it’s used to render fluffies thrown into it into bio-gel and other useful materials so they can be used later for other things.

Like the Biotic-Restorative-Gel that Duncan uses to keep the white alicorn foal from dying.


Wow interesting substance, nothing was lost all recycable, except for the smell :sweat_smile::sneezing_face:

Guess it goes to filtration and other process before the final product used for use.

Nice idea :+1:

Almost like acid bath assasin used to disposed of bodies :scream:


Sounds like it converts them into loose proteins and amino acids, possibly stem cells as well although that would really only make sense with alive fluffies or very recently dead fluffies.