The Big Trip (EzPete)

Sequel to: The Field Trip

I said I didn’t like second person stories and then I went and wrote one.

Part 1

You are Cindy. A Brown unicorn filly with a blonde mane. At least you used to be a unicorn. Your horn snapped off when your new daddeh shoved you in sorry bag and dropped you. Daddeh’s mummah took you to a place called the Vet. They tried to fix you but didn’t even try giving your big owies any huggies, the fools. Now you had trouble walking, and eating, and talking.

Usually, you spend all day laying in your fluffbed in his room. Occasionally you would call for him and he would move you to the litterbox or the food bowl and water bottle. He would flick your nose and say something about how you were a dummy that didn’t impress Suzy.

You had to pee badly. “Dahtheh?” you chirp up at him. You bit off the tip of your tongue when the books landed on top of you. “Not now Cindy.” He went back to playing his teebee game. It was bright and flashy, you liked watching it, it was like FluffTV except that you didn’t know what was going on. Except for the dancing. You recognized that at least. You used to be a dancey baby, it was the only time mummah gave you attention.

Maybe daddeh would give you attention too if you could dance again. You began desperately to stand up. Your legs barely move. The strain takes all of your concentration (Concentration for a fluffy works much like concentration spells in D&D) and you void your bladder. “Dahdeh?” you chirp again. Not now Cindy.” After trying to stand a few more times, you consign yourself to laying in a pool of your own peepees.

Daddeh’s Mummah comes into the room a few forevers later to check on you. “How is Cindy?” “Fine mom!” “What’s that smell?” “Probably my gym clothes.” She walks over to check the clothes basket. Then over to you. “Thomas Jeramiah Taylor! What did I tell you about taking care of this fluffy!? We had to spend over a grand in vet bills before the store would let us buy her! You almost ended up in juvie! For what? Shoplifting a foal you say you didn’t even want?”

“It’s fine mom, I’ll just throw her bed in the washer.” Daddeh moaned. “No! You need to learn responsibility! If this happens again I’ll take away your computer for another month! Now give her a bath.” “Fiiiine!” He tosses the remote on his bed and picks you up carrying you in front of him so that you can see where he is taking you.

It feels fun like you are flying when he does this, not that you are a Pegasus, but it is still fun to pretend. He puts you in the sink and runs the hot water. The noise scares you a little, but you’ve gotten used to it. He pulls the stopper the sink starts to fill. It reminds you of licky cleanies. You coo with joy at the attention as he rubs your fluff with a rag.

Your legs instinctively stretch out with happiness, and you realize you can stand in the wawas. You aren’t heavy like normally. “thimdeh am wahgies!” You chirp excitedly, splashing your front hooves to stomp in the water. Daddeh’s mummah comes in to check on you. “Oh, she can stand in water? Maybe you should take her in the bath for physical therapy. The vet said exercise might help her.”

“But Moooom!” “No buts! And think about it this way. The sooner she can walk on her own again the less you’ll need to watch her.” “Fiiiiiiine.” Daddeh’s mummah reached over and scratched under your chin. You coo’d again.

Daddeh took you to take baths every day. You loved it, he wore swim trunks and sat in the tub with you. “Wuth wawa pway-eeth wiw dahthah” He held you while you stomped around in the water. “This is only until you can walk on your own.” He frowned down at you and added “Dummie.” His words hurt but he was still playing with you and petting you in the water.

This continues for some time and before long, you can crawl all the way to the food bowl by yourself. You try crawling around all the time now, hoping to strengthen your legs. You feel like a chirpie babbeh but that’s fine. Chirpies learn to walk by crawling all the time! Anytime you aren’t sleeping or in the bath, you are crawling. Finally, it happens. Straining, you push your front hooves underneath yourself and stand up.

“Woog Dahthah!” You practically scream, your legs furiously trembling to hold your weight. “Thimdeh am WAHGIES!!!” He looks over at you. “Yes!” he shouts. “Mom come look, it’s Cindy!” Your legs are on fire, but you hold on, for her. It feels like a forever, in actuality about nine seconds as you hear stomping on the stairs.

Daddeh’s mummah rushes in with a look of concern. She sees you standing, and her face turns to relief. “Good Girl! See Timmy, all the work paid off.” He agreed “Yep, now I don’t have to give her any more of those dumb baths.”

Part 2

You had finally gotten to walking regularly. Your legs no longer trembled when you walked. You had some trouble keeping balance. According to Daddeh’s mummah, the Vet said you might be derped from the broken horn. You didn’t know what that meant but you weren’t a dummeh babbeh.

It was cold times outside. Several forevers ago your family had a big party called crizmis. You got a set of foam blocks, a huggie friend, and little pads for your hoofs to keep you from slipping on the tile downstairs. You were instructed to always ask for help if you wanted up or down the stairs and you never tried to climb them on your own.

But now daddeh was going back to a place called ‘school’ again and was gone all bright time. When he did get home he either went to play on the teebee or he smelled sweaty and went to the bathroom to take a bath. You would knock on the door asking to take a bath with him but were met with deaf ears.

You spent all day stacking the blocks. Instead of making a pyramid, not that you knew there was a name for it, you kept trying to make a vertical tower with all the blocks. You could never get the top block up, until one day you could. You realized your were standing on your hind legs. “wuug dathah!” he looked briefly but ignored you to focus on his game.

You watched the dancies on the TeeBee. You would win him over. While he was at school you practiced standing on two legs without leaning against the blocks. While he was playing games you would try to match the dancies on the TeeBee. He ignored small progress. You were only a fluffy but you knew you would have to wow him with something big. Finally the day came that you felt you were ready.

You sat at the top of the stairs waiting for daddeh to come home. Daddeh’s Mummah saw you and asked “Cindy, do you want downstairs?” You shook your head “muh-uh, an waith fow datheh!” She smiled up at you. “Ok, be a good girl. Momma is going to the grocery store!” You waved goodbye at her and continued to stare intently at the door for your moment. You had to pee but daddy could burst in at any moment so you waited.

Finally, that moment came. Daddeh came through the door and ran up the stairs “dath-” “Not now Cindy.” He stomped past you, smelling of sweat. He went to the bathroom and shut the door. You heard water running and knew you would get your chance once he got out.

You sat there for a forever again. Resisting the urge to go to the litterbox. Coiled like a viper, ready to pounce. You hear the water stop and the suspense becomes unbearable. Finally, the doorknob turns and daddeh steps out. Naked except for a towel around his waist.

You force yourself up onto your back legs. You are finally standing again, like you used to all those forevers ago for your mummah. “Wuug dahdah!” You cry out. You swing your hooves back and forth like you saw daddeh do in his teebee game “Ahm damthie bewbew!”

Your hooves swung too far, and you start to lose your balance. You try to right your self but miscalculate. An abacus has more computing power than your raisin sized brain after all. You can’t keep balance anymore. Your back hoof comes up from the carpet and everything turns upside down.

You are tumbling down the stairs. You try to call out. “DAHTHAH SAWBE BEHBE-” You land on your head, biting the rest of your tongue off. It hurts bad. You do the only thing left to you, let out a long SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE interrupted only by more steps knocking the wind out of you.

Finally, you come to a stop. You try to move but your legs won’t listen. Nuuu! You could finally walk again. ‘Am only bad dream! Am only bad dream! Am only bad dream!’ you think to yourself. But it wasn’t a bad dream, it was a living nightmare, filled with pain.

Your mouth is full of booboo juice. You can just barely move your neck, but it feels like electricity shooting through you and you throw up from the pain. You feel warm wawas pooling under you. Your body was making peepees without you telling it to. You see daddeh standing with a towel at the top of the stairs. Then you hear keys jingling.

The front door at the bottom of the stairs opens up and hits you in the head. You throw up again as the pain from two pounds of impact force punt you across the entry hallway. As you come to a stop. Daddeh’s mummah looks down at you with tons of nummie bags in her hands. An expression of terror formed on her face. You close your eyes, too tired to resist the sudden overwhelming urge to sleep.


Stay tuned for the exciting sequel: Bad Trip


Always good to see a derp suffer, especially a dancie babbeh. You’ve hit upon a golden combo here, I hope things only continue to worsen.


She didn’t actually get mentally derped. Her inner ear got damaged when she was crushed. But between the spine injury and the tip of her tongue bitten off, she basically can’t be physically or mentally assessed and no one is going to pay for that for a fluffy.


Cindy deserves to suffer. Poor Timmy, having to put up with such an ugly thing.


A fluffy’s shitty dancing will never top the glory of Orange Justice


Poor Cindy. She’s trying so hard for someone that just won’t ever love her. :frowning:

I’m too soggy for disabled Fluffies, her building herself up with genuine therapy only to come crashing back down again is such an agonising emotional rollercoaster. As soon as you said she was at the top of the stairs, I Knew.

Brilliant work. Can’t wait for more. :black_heart:


I have two ways this can go. I’m drunk at a con so you may influence the outcome.

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Actually ngl you are a closeted hugboxer. I’m past the event horizon. Act now or she suffers more.

Edit; this edit bought to you by drunk EzPete, I will hold sober me to your judgement.


Ha! I’m soggy in many ways but mostly for disabled fluffs and those earnestly doing their best. The positive traits make the suffering all the more delectable, but I guess I’m a sap for a happy ending!

It’s okay to spite me! Tragedy and conflict is essential. :black_heart:


Shoulda named the kid

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