The Brave Little Stallion(FluffyChimera)

A little stallion was adopted today by a nice lady looking for a brave fluffy.
When they arrived to his new home it was late and she told him to stay out of the basement until she could introduce him to her other fluffy in the morning. He was a good fluffy and listened to his Nyu Mummah, that is, until he was awoken later in the night by mysterious crying. The little stallion got up from his new nestie to find the source of the sad sounds. Did his Nyu Mummah need him? He followed the soft sobs until he reached the basement door. It was left open just a crack, and with a mighty push of his little front hooves he was able to get it to slowly swing open.

The darkness was scary, but he was a brave fluffy, and he couldn’t leave whoever was down there in need. So he descended the depths as carefully as he could, doing his best not to slip and fall. The crying had grown louder and by now he could tell it was not his Nyu Mummah, but the other fluffy she had told him about!

The bulb of their night light had blown out, leaving the poor fluffy all alone in the dark! They cried for their mummah, wanting their stuffy friend so they wouldn’t feel so alone. It didn’t take long for the little stallion to find a stuffed alicorn toy near the steps. At first he wasn’t sure of what to make of it, disturbed by the combination of a horn AND wings.

Who on earth would ever want that thing as a stuffy friend? Maybe this new friend was a monster just like this toy? Gross. Despite his obvious discomfort, however, he picked up the stuffed toy. His mind drifted to memories, remembering how his mother’s lessons on how ‘all babies were good babies’ were what would help keep him in a good home and make him braver than most other fluffies. And he was most definitely the bwavest. Besides, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. They were clearly a Scaredy Babbeh that needed someone brave, otherwise they wouldn’t be crying right now! And if he couldn’t be friends with a dumb scaredy monster, he could easily be his Nyu Mummah’s favorite by comparison!

A shuffling came from the crate. The sniffling cries died down at the little stallion’s call. He approached with the stuffy friend to show he meant well. He puffed up his chest in bravado to show he wasn’t afraid of the silly old dark. The mystery fluffy shuffled closer, crawling out of the crate.

The sight struck the little stallion like a truck. The toy stuffy dropped from his mouth with a soft squeak. All his bravado was gone in an instant. He stumbled backwards, struggling to crawl away as scaredy peepees ran down his leg, soaking his fur. Frightened tears welled up in his eyes as his little heart hammered in his chest. He struggled to breathe.

This monster was not like any other monster he’d seen. It was far much worse. It was a regular pegasus, but broken in so many places. It’s dislocated jaw hung loose, it’s mutilated tongue hanging over blood stained teeth. Bloody tears oozed from it’s good eye while the other hung loosely from it’s socket. It’s left wing was spread out and broken; the bone piercing through feathered flesh. Large gashes littered it’s body, the flesh of it’s front left hoof all but torn and rotted away. It’s back left leg looked as though it were twisted and the flesh hung loosely as the lower quarter was twisted multiple times, forcing the bottom of the creature’s hoof to point upwards. It’s fluff was clumping in unclean tangles.

“NyU FwEn…”

It repeated, over and over. The sound was pronounced through a movement in it’s throat instead of it’s dislocated mouth. It’s head moved like a bird’s as the monster mimicked the words. The little stallion didn’t realized when he had started screaming, crying for his Mummah at the top of his lungs. The monster dredged closer, dragging it’s twisted leg with a sickening squelch.

The little stallion didn’t feel very brave anymore…


Broo probably fell asleep


Will there be a sequel or is that the end cuz i gotta know what happens to the two of them. Also does that mean the woman is an abuser or something?
Sorry for the questions this was a good readcpairedcwith great art


I would like to read the continuatio

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Holy shit, did a cat get him? I love the little guys, but I also know I have to drug my TumButt if I want to trim her claws.

Need more!

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This was originally meant to be a one-off, but if there’s enough interest, I suppose I could work on an epilogue or make more monster fluffies!

I guess the woman could be considered an abuser in a nontraditional sense? I think she genuinely likes her fluffies, but warps and deforms them into the monstrous forms she prefers


if this doesn’t end in pure hugbox where the brave fluffy calms down and actually ends up best friends with the hecked up fluffy I’ll be upset.
Like I really think a fluffy is too dumb to identify something as being uncanny or wrong and would just see an injured fluffy and would only be able to think “This dude needs huggies stat or he’s gonna die”