The Charlotte Family [Part 4] by Papa_garp

Over the next 9 days, Linlin slowly reached the penultimate stage of fluffy pregnancy. Quickly becoming immobile, the fluffy took to messily consuming vast quantities of soon-mummah kibble mixed with sugared whole milk whenever she wasn’t fast asleep. Her body was finalizing all the small details of subtype and coat colors, while simultaneously powering the brain development of 5 separate creatures at an artificially enhanced rate.

The consequences on Linlin’s body being a perpetual wasting unless she was constantly supplied with the ingredients as her body used them. Along with several vitamins he had purchased and mixed with the kibble, specifically designed to be given in the ‘final push’ of the pregnancy. These crunchy, flavored gene editing bombs would make the wasting a little worse for the mummah. With the end result being a stronger, hardier foal with a better grade of quality throughout.


Sam swam up out of sleep and rolled sideways off his bed, his feet catching him by instinct as he stumbled and finally came fully awake. “Daddy’s coming Linlin!!” Sam called to reassure her as he exited his small bedroom across the hall and into the larger sink area, newly converted into a light blue tiled ‘prep’ area with a covered drain in the floor.

Grabbing towels from the stainless steel cabinet bolted above the new wash basin sink, he turned on the water as the improved water heater churned out steaming clean water in seconds. Filling a small plastic bucket before turning it off and taking both the bucket and towels through the NFC enabled swinging door, unlocking at proximity to his smartphone to allow him into the safe-room proper.

Linlin had blasted shit in a cone all around her , covering the entire soon-mummah litterbox that sat behind her imoble frame as well as a foot in every direction.making a shit oval as the combination of rancid diarhea smell and first time labor pains sent her crawling forwards in a single minded need for her daddeh.

When Sam entered the room he found Linlin halfway across the room from her nest, curled up in the best fetal position a birthing fluffy could manage while crying loudly “Speciaw pwace hab wowstest owwies! Nu Wan!! SCREEEE! DADDEH!! HEWP WINWIN!!

Sam ran to Linlin and picked her up, carrying her back to the miniature fenced in area in the corner that had the front gates retracted until it was needed. Placing her on the bed right as her water broke and fell down into the spill-tray beneath her as immediately a horn began to emerge from her special place as a Yellow unicorn fell into the wet-wipe Sam held in waiting.

"Whewe am babbeh… Winiwin wan babbeee…gib babbeeEEE!! her back arched in pain as she let out a mix between a goats bleat and a parakeets tweet, her front hooves swinging wildly as two foals crowned together, squeezing out vertically before landing in the waiting wet-wipe once again.

The first unicorn (a male he noticed) lay peeping in a small heated cloth basket by Sam’s knee, calling for anyone or anything to ackgnowledge its existence. After cleaning the two foals he learned one was a Light Purple earthy female and the other, a light gray alicorn male. Both went into the basket and immediately formed a fluffpile with their brother .

“Gib babbehs huhuhu… Winwin wan meet hew babehs pweez…” the new mother begged quietly between quick breaths, she knew herself it wasn’t quite over even if she couldn’t vocalize it. With one final wave the contractions took her, throwing her head back in one final “SCREEEEEEEE!!!HUHUHUUUUUUU!!!NU MOA!NU MOA!!!” as her lower legs kicked wildly, with a final push came a light blue pegasus male immediately followed by a burnt orange earthie male and finally the afterbirth.

After giving them all a light cleaning and checking for physical defects, Sam carefully picked them up inside the towel and brought them to the exhausted Linlin who lay panting, tongue out on the carpet after her strenuous ordeal. Sam noticed to his dismay that she hadnt shrunk nearly at all, but seemed to sag more allover in general.

After finishing the real, full cleaning of the afterbirth to cement the motherhood bonding process. Linlin gave each baby a good few sniffs each, before snapping her eyes up to meet Sam’s . In a deadpan tone, face devoid of expression Linlin stated matter of factly “all babbehs am guud babbehs” before snapping out of it to continue cooing over her new brood with affection.

Sam went about the room, quietly scrubbing the shit from the walls and taking the afterbirth to prepare for a reward meal. Linlin thinking nothing of it while consuming vital nutrients to reinforce the strong start her foals had thanks to the gene editing. “Fwuffy wub sketties fo make bestest miwkies fo babies, tank you daddeh…wub you…”

With an almighty yawn and one final lick for each foal, Linlin curled around her foals in the new-mummah foal & frolic enclosure bed as Sam closed the protective gates, before crossing the room to turn off the lights. They all needed what rest they could get now, while they coul still get it.


It’s always a treat to have a mother holding no fear directed towards their alicorn child. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


pssssst, your human is called Sam, not Scott

amazing chapter! excited to see what will happen next~


holy cow I did it like 10 times, idk why I keep doing that, thank you!


I like how she seemed to revert to “programming” when she said they were good babies.


Well at least grey wasn’t spawn killed. :slight_smile:

Lets see if his luck holds.