The childhood of Toe the Wingie Fluffy (Mr_Anonymous)

Narration: “I am not like the other fluffies” a common thought with many modern fluffies.

Narration: As a foal, Toe, thought it to be true.

Green foal: Wan’ Pway?

Toe(purple and blue foal): Nu! Wingie nee pwa- pwatice fwyin’

Green foal: Bu- found Bwue Baww!

Toe: Nu! Gu ‘way dummeh eawthie.

Green foal: bu… Nu am dummeh…

Yellow foal: Don’ Wowwy, bwudda nu am dummeh! Sissah got’s you, Dewe dewe

Yellow foal: Wet’s pway witout meanie bwudduh!

Blue foal: hmf, meanie bwudduh!

Toe:nu nee’ stupi’ sibwings anyway!

Cyan mare: Babbeh’s!

Cyan mare: hewwo! Was bestes’ babbeh good babbeh!

Foals: Yes mummuh!

Yellow foal: SCREEEEE


Blue foal: Am bestes! Am bestes!

Green foal: hu hu! Owie!

Cyan mare:Bad Babbehs! Babbehs nu fite, ‘member!

Toe:Bu- Bu am bestes’ Wingie babbeh! Am fwy! Fwy!

Posted for @AMDk7’s Fluffy Community Story Challange, Scenario #4!

Note: I decided to use a similar format of my first comic as I assume some people can’t read my handwriting that well and I also tried experimenting with colored pencil(which I haven’t used in a while) so, sorry if it looks like a 7 year old colored it. I Appreciate constructive criticism!


Excellent another one for the masterlist.
Hopefully somebody will pickl the story up and run with it.
It’s open to all boxes the only real rule is don’t kill him right away leave him in a place for somebody else’s to use