The cookout by (that1hugboxer)

One of your coworkers has invited everyone at work

Over to their place for a cookout

You know that this particular coworker John

Is not really a fan of fluffies

John does not hate fluffies

Nor does he like fluffies

John knows about Odis and his


But out of curtesy

You ask him if bringing Odis would

Be an issue

“I’ve told my wife and daughter all about you and Odis.

They’ve been wanting to meet you both for a long time.

In fact why don’t you bring Atlas as well?”

The day of the cookout arrives

And you pack extra of all the usual stuff

Kibble slushys , diapers, baby wipes
The works.

You also make sure to take Odis’s sock ball , happy hat , extra cotton buds and thunder vest .

You take a litter box for atlas and a couple servings of kibble along with his water and food bowls

You make your way to John’s house

You are greeted by John’s wife Nora and their daughter terry

Terry is a very very sweet 16 year old girl

Terry suffers from the trisomy 21 also known as down syndrome

Terry was followed by large orangish mocha colored fluffy with a whiteish gray mane

This was Khan

Terry upon seeing Odis happily tapped her feet

Terry fawned over him for a while then she went off to play with khan and Atlas

you take the opportunity chitchat with John and Nora

Khan had been a bestist baby that was going to be euthanized by a fluffy shelter

But Terry used what little pocket money she earned from chores and stocking shelves at the local comic shop

To adopt and take care of him

Her reasoning was

That he couldn’t help that his momma didn’t teach him how to be good

And as his new mama Terry would teach him how to be good

The reason Terry named him khan was because she was a huge fan of star-trek

According to Nora

Terry’s room was neatly decorated with memorabilia from across the franchise’s history

Despite terry’s Down syndrome making most academic activities a nightmare to deal with

She held an almost encyclopedic knowledge of the star-trek franchise from lore to behind the scenes trivia

This is the main reason she was hired at the comic shop

As she could manage the shops extensive library of trek merchandise keeping the displays neat while preserving the visual chronology making it easier to browse for the dedicated clientele

Terry was slow to speak and often times had to stop mid sentence to gather her thoughts

But she was a genuinely loving and caring person

Khan was probably the best pet for her because a fluffy can tell you when it needs food or water or if the litter box needs emptying

Khan was difficult at first but Terry would not let anything slide

Eventually khan adjusted to the rules

Khan still had a touch of bestest syndrome

But it manifested in the occasional slightly cocky tone rather than shit spraying tantrums

Terry despite her shortcomings saw fit to give what many would have considered a lost cause. A second chance at life

And in return khan gave her companionship and unconditional love

John still didn’t have the highest opinion of fluffies

But he understood the joy khan brought to his daughters difficult existence

And because of that

He didn’t outright hate them or wish harm upon them

John had seen how patient and kind you were with Odis

He saw you sacrifice a portion of your lunch hour to feed and care for Odis

You were one of the few people who didn’t just pretend to be nice to Terry for the sake of etiquette

You genuinely treated her like a

human being

Affording her the dignity and common decency

So many others couldn’t be bothered to

He was happy to have you not just as a coworker but as a friend

John tells you that he would enjoy just having you over a couple times a month for dinner with him and his family

You look over at atlas playing with Kahn and Terry

“Yeah I’d like that as well”